Thursday, December 20, 2007

Pop Till You Drop!

So when the pop music scene exploded in 1999/2000 with artists like Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Backstreet Boys and NSYNC, it was only natural that these songs would make their way to the dancefloor and it caused a tidal wave remixes! Some good, some cheesy but of course I've gotta represent them here! Haha!

I'll break these down by remixer for everyone. All of these are official edits unless otherwise noted.

There's plenty more but for now, I only have the time to post two remixers.

Hex Hector:

At the time, there seemed to be no one else around who was really transforming these songs for the dancefloor en masse quite like Hex Hector. Depending on who he was working with, namely Mac Quayle (HQ2) and Dezrok, we would get two totally different sounds. One was a little rough and packed a punch, as was the case with Mac or with Dezrok's influence we got a stunningly orchestrated, slick and trance-like sound that was full of build up after build up.

98 Degrees - Because Of You (Hex Hector Radio Edit)

Britney Spears - Don't Let Me The Last To Know (Hex Hector Radio Edit)
**STUNNING!!!!! I think this version outshines the original ten-fold! The breakdown at 2:50 is my favorite!**

Faith Hill - Breathe (Hex Hector Radio Edit)

I5 - Distracted (Hex Hector & Dezrok Radio Edit)

Lara Fabian - I Am What I Am (Hex Hector Radio Edit)
** To this day I'll never know why her career in the US dissipated like it did. A phenomenal voice and a really hard hitting mix by Hex!**

Mandy Moore - Candy (Hex Hector Radio Edit)

Melanie C - I Turn To You (Hex Hector Radio Edit)
** Does anyone on earth NOT know this song?? All these years later and I never get sick of it. If you get a chance, check out Hex's Dub for this--Also amazing **

NSYNC - This I Promise You (Hex Hector Radio Edit)
** This is one of the cheesier ones Hex has done **

NSYNC & Gloria Estefan - Music Of My Heart (Hex Hector Radio Edit)
** I was very surprised to find out that Gomi actually helped engineer this mix. One listen and you'll see why--CHEESE CENTRAL!! **

O-Town - All Or Nothing (HQ2 Radio Edit)

O-Town - Liquid Dreams (HQ2 Radio Edit)

Toni Braxton - Spanish Guitar (HQ2 Radio Edit)
** I know that Toni's not in the same catagory as these artists but I had to throw this one in. The live guitar in this one takes the song to a completely new level as does the breakdown at 2:24. **

Soul Solution:

Producer Ernie Lake formed Soul Solution around this time and had his hand in producing a slew of pop mixes as well. He seemed to have a knack for taking the pop ballad songs and give them a driving beat.

Amanda - Everybody Doesn't (Soul Solution Radio Edit)

Backstreet Boys - All I Have To Give (Soul Solution Radio Edit)

Shania Twain - You're Still The One (Soul Solution Radio Edit)

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