Thursday, December 6, 2007

Welcome to the Soundfactory

Normally, where I am, people think of Soundfactory and they think of one of the greatest nightclubs ever to hit NYC, but I'm talking about a different Soundfactory, from overseas.

This one comes all the way to us from Sweden (where some of the best dance/pop music is being made these days) and it's engineered by Mr Emil Hellman. Aside from Offer Nissim, this is the hottest sound I've heard in dance music in a long time.

While Soundfactory hasn't turned out remixes for big names like we know them, the quality of the mixes he does do (usually for big Swedish/European artists) are beyond stellar. He has a knack for finding a hook in a song and kicking it up to the next level. His chord progression is perfect for dance music!

Here's a sample of his work! Hope you enjoy!!

Afrodite - Turn It Up (JM's Soundfactory Extended Radio Mix)

Ann Winsborn - La La Love On My Mind (JM's Soundfactory Radio Edit)

BWO - Gone (JM's Soundfactory Radio Edit)

Christer Bjorkman feat Shirley Clamp - La Vie (This Is My Life) (JM's Soundfactory Radio Edit)

**This songs artist is originally listed as just Christer but in the interest of giving full credit where it's due (and mainly because Shirley Clamp has an incredible voice), I listed her here too. Back in 2001 this was the Pride Anthem of Sweden. It's a cover of and original Italian song called "La Vita" which Shirley Bassey covered both in English and in Italian (Thanks Ed!), but here Christer sings in French and Shirley in English. If anyone can transliterate the French here it would be great!**

Magnus Carlsson - Live Forever (Soundfactory Radio Edit) **Official Edit**

Sonya - Etymon (JM's Soundfactory Extended Radio Mix) **This is one of my faves right now!**

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