Saturday, March 29, 2008

I know it's been awhile but I'm glad you came...

Hey everyone! While I'm going through all of the requests I've gotten lately, I'll fill them to the best of my ability, but just know, I don't really care to edit Dub's that much. I don't really see the point of it. There are some non-vocal tracks that are great that I've edited but that's because as a non-vocal, they go somewhere and have enough variety in the track that I can make a cohesive edit. One of these edits is just that. See below. I appreciate your cooperation with this!

Britney Spears - Break The Ice (Soulseekerz Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**Anyone can say what they want about Brit but she makes music you can't help but sing along to. As soon as I heard the original of this song, I prayed it would be a single so I would hear all the mixes I knew would be coming. Everyone from Soulseekerz to Jerome Farley to The Wideboys and Jason Nevins have mixed this song. Hell, even Razor N Guido got back together to take a stab at it! Without a doubt there's something for everyone. Here though I'll only post my favorite two. The Soulseekerz and The Wideboys edit. Both are amazing (albeit similar) in their own right.**

Britney Spears - Break The Ice (Wideboys Radio Edit) **Official Edit**

DJ Cyrus - Don't Break My Heart (Andy Lopez Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**I love male vocals and this one is slammin! I don't really know much about either DJ Cyrus and the name Andy Lopez is only vaguely familiar to me, but rest assured, the melody is catchy and the hook makes you wanna throw your hands in the air! This is a great summer song and with the nice weather around the corner, this a great in-your-car-windows-down track!**

Erin Hamilton - The Temple (JM's Razor N Guido Radio Edit)
**Everyone knew Erin from her hit songs "The Flame" (which just got a great 2008 treatment/release) and "Dreamlover" but this song never really fared as well as those two. Razor N Guido at the top of their game gave this a much darker feel and with lyrics like "We move in time together/Held within a trance/And as the warmth embraces us/we fall into the dance" it all works perfectly.**

Elena Paparizou - Mambo (Dancing DJ's Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**Elena is a superstar in her own right, but mainly in her homeland of Sweden although of Greek decent. She did step into the spotlight when she won the Eurovision song contest in 2005 with the song "My Number One". However, this song off her 2006 CD "The Game Of Love" fell into the hands of the Dancing DJ's team and they made a high energy track with just enough latin flavor to make anyone shake their ass!**

Jenna Drey - All Out Of Love (Giuseppe D & Kevin Churko Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**I've always wanted Jenna to be at least 10 times as big as she is right now. I love her voice and her music and even though she's had minor hits with "Killin Me", "Why Should I Believe You" and my personal favorite "By The Way", she still never seems to get on peoples radars. Well, it seems like she's going the route that most dance artists are going these days: Covers. Yes, this IS a cover version of the Air Supply song of the same name but it works SO well! I really hope this does good things for her! Two albums in and some great remixes, she deserves it!**

Karmadelic feat Sandy B - Nothingness (JM's Junior Vasquez Synth Radio Mix)
**DOWNLOAD THIS NOW! Haha! This mix is sheer genious. Sandy + Junior = ::speechless::. Junior did two mixes for this but in his "Club Anthem" mix there's a piano track throughout and I always felt like it undermined the fierceness of Sandy's voice and the biting lyrics ("I can flow like the blood bleeding in your heart/I won't drown/You're much too shallow.") this song has. Just another classic by Junior.**

New Life Crisis - Daylight (Tony Moran Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**This is one of my favorite male vocals ever!! The band signed to Tommy Boy records and this song was released on MTV's "Party To Go: Remixed" CD but then Tommy Boy folded before their album could be released. They later released it on an indie label and "Daylight" was covered by European girl group No Angels which sold more than 3 million copies between 2001 and 2002. However, this Tony Moran mix MADE this song. The band is re-releasing a remix EP on iTunes which will include the full Tony Moran mix on April 8th, 2008. The original is good. This is better.**

Paula Cole - I Believe In Love (JM Believes in JP Reworked Edit)
**This is NOT a radio edit by any standards!! Jonathan Peters created magic when he made this track. God bless Paula Cole as well for getting into the studio and re-recording some of the vocals because this mix is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L from start to stop! This clocks in at 7min and 45 seconds because even though I was able to tighten it up, there are just certain parts whether it's JP's synth string work or his vocal tricks or Paula's adlibs that I just can't NOT have. So forgive me for this and enjoy!!**

Peter Rauhofer - This Is My House (JM's Back In The Day Radio Edit)
**While I do have my differences with Mr. Rawfahoovah (as Rosie Perez called him once) this track I do enjoy because of it's back in the day feel. Hence the title of the mix. He did a "Roxy Mix" to this as well but it's boring to me. I was able to have some fun with this and if you notice, I made a new clapping line in the song (about 20 seconds in) with some different placement as well as reversing them 2 min and 15 secs in. It's a simple track stamped with Peter's trademark attitude which is seen in the only vocals "My house is your house and your house is mine. Face it, accept it, don't get out of line". This is another one for all the people who asked for Peter stuff.**

Pink - Don't Let Me Get Me (JM's Juicy Horn Radio Edit)
**This is a request, but who produced this? It was labeled as just the Juicy Horn mix when I got it but it sounds very Ralphi Rosario-esque. While the track itself is kinda nice, I don't feel like it goes with the song at all. This would've made for a great dub. I had to do some reconstruction to make this one flow so I hope you like it!**

Robyn - Who's That Girl (JM's Rex The Dog Radio Edit)
**This song proved to be a challenge and even still I couldn't really get it down past 5 & 1/2 min which is the running time here. I don't know who Rex The Dog is but this simple electro mix he produced is pretty awesome! The vocal tricks are first rate and Robyn sounds great (Hey, I'm rhyming! lol). This was alot of fun to edit!**

Shayne Ward - If That's Ok With You (Moto Blanco Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**I had to post this because at present time I'm a little obsessed with Shayne and his music. I'm not going to go into a whole long story about his life, how hot he is and how he won The X Factor (the UK's American Idol) however I will say that he is addicting. And if you've heard one Moto Blanco remix, you know what this one sounds like already. Give it a go and uh...yeah...I had to put a picture here to justify all this... If anyone has either the FULL mix of this OR any other mixes of his I would be SO happy to get them!!**

Squeeze Up feat Rob Fame & Teishan - La Isla Bonita (Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**In the past week I've found two different covers of this song. This one and another one in the R&B/Reggaeton vein by Christina Antigua feat Don Omar & Rell. Both of them have the girl in it doing the Madonna part while the men in both versions rap around it. Sometimes in spanish and sometimes in english. This version has the english raps with Teishan recreating Madonna's song over some very fun and funky beats. A good time song all around.**

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

House Is A Feeling

I got to thinking today about some of the songs that really started it all. I feel like there was a time when I was just getting into house music when I was stunned at some of the production that was being done in these songs. While there have been some tracks along the way that are outstanding, sometimes you just can't beat the classics.

There's a few requests in here (I will get to all them along the way!) as well as some of my favorites from back in the day...all different days actually!

Alice Deejay - Better Off Alone (JM's Jam X & DuMonde Radio Edit)
**Before Alice Deejay came to be I had always figured trance music to be nothing but really high-pitched nasal female singers with hard hard beats and lots of blips and beeps all over. Alice Deejay opened up that door for me for exploring. DJ's Jam X & DuMonde took this song to the next level with some of the most gorgeous synths and awesome vocal tricks ever. And well, you can't deny that beat and that bass line.**

Delerium feat Jael - After All (JM's Satoshi Tomiie Radio Edit)
**Delerium has made some really fabulous electronic music. You can feel their passion pouring through every single note. They gave us the classic Sarah McLachlan "Silence" track that became the anthem of the year when Airscape got their hands on it and this one is easily just as good. Satoshi Tomiie really ran the gambit on this one. Between live acoustic guitars, dreamy synths and a beat to beat the band, this mix is SLAMMING from beginning to end.**

Deborah Cox - It's Over Now (JM's Hex Hector Radio Mix)
**This one was more of a challenge than I thought! I forgot just how busy this mix is! Hex did a good job on this one for a mainstream mix. The previously posted Retro-Future mix he did Im not a fan of and like I've said--Junior's mix (which I'll edit soon too) is where it's at!**

Cher - One By One (JM's Junior Vasquez Radio Mix)
**All these years later and this one still gives me goosebumps. There really are no words. Both Cher and Junior at their finest. This song is it's own pride parade.**

Elton John - Original Sin (JM's Junior Vasquez Radio Edit)
**The good thing that happened when Junior moved to the Earth party at Exit was that his sound evolved. He went a little bit darker and we got some very eclectic music from him. This was one of them. With low BPM's and what almost seems like half a beat with just a little bit of bass, it seemed like a strange mix to me at first. I love when he mixes Elton and if you listen, the production, though subtle, is beautiful.**

Fanatic feat Deborah Cox - Stupid Like U (JM's KO & Popstar Radio Edit)
**I found this one randomly a few years back and when I heard it, every Deborah Cox remix I heard seemed like a distant memory. This is it for me. For any who don't know, here's the background story:
Deborah had decided to be part of a rock-pop project in Germany called Fanatic and she was only doing background vocals throughout the song. After recording the whole song, the producer went under and the project was scrapped. However, the producer removed all the vocals but Deborah's and leaked out the accapella on a white label vinyl across the UK. It made it's way here and much to Deb's misfortune, mixes started surfacing. This coincided with the then upcoming release of "Something Happened On The Way To Heaven". I got the chance to ask her about it backstage at Beatstock and this is the story she told me. The vocals then got shopped around by her management to Junior Vasquez, Eddie Baez, Guido Osorio & Jason Nevins for a possible release. The release was never seen. While the other mixes are good, this is by far and above the best.**

Gigi D'Agostino - I'll Fly With You (L'Amour Tourjours) (JM's Johnny Vicious Radio Mix)
**I loved it then and I love it now. I was amazed to learn that both male and female voices here are done by the same guy. And btw, where is THIS Johnny Vicious!!?? Classic.**

Jody Watley - If I'm Not In Love (JM's Junior Vasquez Radio Edit)
**I found this on a white label years ago and fell in love with it instantly. The original is a beautiful ballad (which has also been done by Faith Hill as well) and Junior really transformed it into a great house track. I wish Jody and Junior would do a full album together. She's still got it and is so underrated.**

Solange feat Beyonce - Naive (JM's Junior Vasquez Radio Edit)
**This was on the Japanese Edition (as a R&B song) and the US Re-release of Solange's cd "Solo Star" this time as the Maurice Joshua mix. I feel like I might be the ONLY person alive who likes this song let alone this mix lol. I don't know why because I thought Junior did a great job at making what was originally and OK song into something with a melody and a discernable hook. Oh well. You decide.**

Soulsearcher vs Junior Vasquez - I Just Can't Get Enough X (JM's DJ Paulo Radio Mix)
**What do you get if you take a classic vocal with a classic tribal? Well this is the answer. DJ Paulo, genious that he is, decided to take the vocals from Soulsearcher's "Can't Get Enough" and combined it with Junior's classic track "X". The results are astounding. This is a vocal XTRAVAGANZAAAAAAA!!!**

The Beatles - Eleanor Rigby (JM's Hani Radio Edit)
**This proves that ANYthing can be remixed! Classic Beatles and Hani worked this one out with care and precision. Flawless.**

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Randomania: Part Two

Backstreet Boys - I Want It That Way (JM's Bruce Cockburn Radio Edit)
**As cheesy as the pop music was at this time, the mixes were just as cheesy and sometimes even more so! However, every once in awhile you'd get a mix that actually went somewhere and didn't sound like the demo button on a Casio keyboard. This is one of them. I just found this mix again on an 8 year old CD and I've never found this mix since. I don't know who Bruce Cockburn is, but aside from having a name that makes me giggle, he gave us this really high energy and drama filled mix!**

Britney Spears - Sometimes (JM's Thunderpuss Radio Edit)
**What I love about this is it's a perfect time capsule mix. This is both early Thunderpuss (when they were still Thunderpuss 2000 or TP2K) and early Britney. Both have come a long way since this but it's still interesting to hear such a young Britney and a very rough around the edges Thunderpuss production.**

CeCe Peniston - Movin On (Junior Vasquez Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**This is SUCH a great track! The thing that sucks about an artist like CeCe is that once she released "Finally" that seemed to be it for her. She made her mark in dance/pop music and was seen as a one hit wonder after that. She's had SO much great music and back in 1996 she had this song. This is classic Junior right here so grab it while it's hot!**

Francesca Gramm - Time Waits For No One (Warren Rigg Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**I love when the big time remixer collaborators get to step up to the plate and show us what they're made of. 9 times out of 10 they sound just like the mixes they do with the big time remixers, which kinda always made me wonder what their parts are in the mixes? Who really knows? Well, Warren Rigg not only produced this track but co wrote it as well with Miss Gramm (who by the looks of the CD cover looks like a Mrs. Gramm) and it's a really great production! Francesca's voice does leave a little bit to be desired but she's got a husky, Marlene Dietrich-esque sound that works, but it doesn't really go anywhere. You be the judge!**

Geri Halliwell - Lift Me Up (Almighty Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**Geri just never got enough credit in my eyes. While here in America her music was panned, back at home her stuff was constantly charting. Why do we as American's have such terrible taste in music?? I'll never understand it. This was my favorite song from her first solo CD "Schizophonic" and it yielded 3 mixes: This one from Almighty, a mainstream one from Metro and a funky one from K-Klass. I have the first two official edits and wasn't really a fan of the K-Klass so...**

Geri Halliwell - Lift Me Up (Metro Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**While Almighty gave a high energy mix, Metro made it very simple and straightforward. They're the masterminds behind Cher's mega-hit "Believe" so you can take the cue from there of what to expect.**

Rockell - Tears (JM's Dezrok Radio Edit)
**I've always been a fan of Rockell as I've always loved freestyle music. As time went on it was natural she'd end up on the dance floor and she made it in a big way. Her hit "The Dance" was a favorite of mine for SUCH a long time and continuing with that sound, this mix comes courtesy of Dezrok. Both he and Hex Hector produced "The Dance" but this time on his own, he created originall an 11 minute anthem! One thing I love about his work is that they usually have the most gorgeous intro's that tend to get cut when making an edit for a CD single. However, I had to include it here, so I fused the intro of the Club Mix with the original Radio Edit to get this. Enjoy!**

Rockik - Memories (Widelife Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**When I first heard this song, it was the Robbie Rivera Dub which was outstanding and a staple of NY nightlife when this came out. However, since I don't usually edit dubs, I needed a vocal mix and while the original one is a funky upbeat track, Widelife turned it around and kept the energy but made the sound bigger. I love them for that!!**

Monday, March 17, 2008


Taylor Dayne - Beautiful (Hex Hector Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**Hex's take on Taylor's new single! Much thanks to DMVSI for this one and the Speakerbox radio edit**

Taylor Dayne - Beautiful (Speakerbox Radio Edit) **Official Edit**

Paula Abdul - Dance Like There's No Tomorrow (Paul Oakenfold Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**Oakenfold is always a hit or miss for me. This one isn't a miss, but not much of a hit for me either. This is a big gray area. Thank goodness for the Soul Seekerz one!**

Jesse McCartney - Leavin (Solar City Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**Another take on this song from Brett Henrichsen (the mind behind Solar City). A lil cheesy but a good effort.**

Natasha Bedingfield - Pocketful Of Sunshine (Johnny Vicious Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**I really want to like this. I do. But I don't lol. Johnny should be turning out awesome mixes for Natasha but I've yet to be amazed by any of them. This was immediately my favorite song of the American edition of her new CD "Pocketful Of Sunshine" (which is an altered version of her European release "N.B.") but this just didn't do much for me, much like his mix of "Love Like This"**

Natasha Bedingfield - Pocketful Of Sunshine (Stone Bridge Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**While Im still waiting for an amazing mix of this, this one is definitely much better than Johnny's version. A funkier approach of course but much more melodic than Johnny's. As of right now, this is the winner.**

Jennifer Lopez - Waiting For Tonight (Hex Hector Momentous Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**I just love this mix. Hex + Dezrok = Love. Also one of my favorite J-Lo video's ever. This mix is pure perfection.**

Kristine W IS The Boss

Now we all know that I love me some Kristine W but honestly, this was an equation that equalled success from the get go!
Kristine W + Classic Diana Ross Disco Song + All-Star Remixing Crew = #1 Club Thumper!
And it's true, "The Boss" is Kristine's 10th number one single!!! Congrats to her!!
There's something in this package for everyone. Really. There's over 75 minutes of music on the single!! Totally a bargain and a really great purchase! There's also a chilled out bonus track which Im putting up here. She's got two CD's coming out very soon; One called "The Power Of Music" which will be dance music (which this is the lead single from) and the second called "Straight Up With A Twist" which is more of a lounge CD which will also have "The Boss" on it and that's the bonus track version here.
Here's the breakdown (All Official Edits):
Kristine W - The Boss (Jamie J Sanchez Frisco Radio Edit)
Kristine W - The Boss (Johnny Vicious Radio Edit)
Kristine W - The Boss (Love To Infinty Radio Edit)
Kristine W - The Boss (Paul Goodyear Funky Downunder Radio Edit)
Kristine W - The Boss (Tracy Young Radio Edit)
Bonus Track:
Kristine W - The Boss (Mark Matson Emoticon Chill Mix)

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Random Isht

One day soon I'll get back to my themed posting but for now...It's Randomania :-D

Celine Dion - Shadow Of Love (JM's DJ Gabriel G Radio Edit)
**For me, Celine's "Taking Chances" CD was one of the best of 2007 thus far and this was immediately one of my favorite tracks. It's an upbeat number originally and Gabriel G, whomever he might be, took it to the next level amping it up with a high and hard bpm which you don't usually get to hear Celine at!!**

Chris Brown - With You (JM's Tracy Young Radio Edit)
**While Im not always a huge fan of R&B music, you can't deny Chris Brown's talent. He can sing, he can dance and he can act! This song, once a beautiful mid-tempo ballad has been brought to the dance floor through the incredible talent of Tracy Young. The vocals are a bit fast but it's a great mix all and all.**

Deborah Cox - It's Over Now (Hex Hector Retro-Future Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**This was always a favorite of mine but I didn't really care for this mix that much. For me, naturally, Junior's mix was the one to beat. Hex does provide a cute early set summer song but I prefer my Deborah with my hands in the air!!**

Garbage - Push It (JM's Victor Calderone Radio Edit)
**This one was just itching to get to the dancefloor! With lyrics like "Push it! Make the beats go harder!" it was just a matter of time. Well, Victor Calderone rips through this with some serious distortion synths and very clever vocal reconstruction to make a thumper like no other! Favorite part: The breakdown where he extends the lyric "This is the noise that keeps me awake. My head explodes and my body aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaches!". Try NOT dancing to this one!!**

Janet Jackson - Feedback (Jody Den Broeder Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**I don't even know where to begin with this one. Anyone who can honestly say that Jody is not the next best thing in dance music production must be headless. This mix is P-E-R-F-E-C-T from start to finish! I was completely blown away with the production on this and I prefer this one to the original. This man can do NO wrong. Also, this is some of the best Janet I've heard in a long time. What can you say when she sings "Cause my swag is serious. Something heavy like a first day period."?? Only Janet can get away with something like that.**

Jesse McCartney - Leavin (Bimbo Jones Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**After dissappearing for a bit, little Jesse McCartney is back and this time, he's not so little anymore. Check out the video! I don't know how old he is and while I don't usually go for younger guys, he looks hot! He's got a cute little body on him now and with less of a Disney image, he brings us 'Leavin' which Bimbo Jones took and made it dancefloor ready and these days anything they touch is gold and this is no exception.**

Mikaila - So In Love With Two (JM's Hex Hector Radio Edit)
**Meanwhile also on the pop scene, but this time circa 2000 we have Mikaila who looks like a young Celine and sings like a Christina/Jessica hybrid. While she only had this one minor hit, Hex Hector, Jonathan Peters and Cibola got their hands on this before she vanished. The Hex Hector mix (my favorite) was available on the CD single and the others, only on vinyl. If anyone has the JP and Cibola mixes of this, I'd greatly appreciate them. I don't have the hook-up to put vinyl to my computer. Nonetheless tho, Hex turns this one out in a big way.**

Miley Cyrus - See You Again (Johnny Coppola Dance You Again Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**Alright. Im not gonna say that I don't completely hate her but I don't really see what all the craze is. I don't actually care for this song and I really don't think she's THAT talented. Granted, her target audience may not be the most musically astute but I guess it's her over-all appeal that makes her what she is. But she's Billy Ray Cyrus' daughter for goodness sake!! I was at a club last night and they played this and the place went wild! Maybe Im just out of the loop! However, Chris Cox remixed Hannah Montana's 'Nobody's Perfect' and 'Make Some Noise' and they're really good, so who knows! Let's see if she's still around in 5 years and we'll talk then lol**

Taylor Dayne - Beautiful (JM's Scotty K Radio Edit)
**I don't care what anyone says, Taylor Dayne is THE most underrated artist out there right now. We all know and love her for "Tell It To My Heart" and all that jazz but she should be SO much bigger than she is now. Her voice speaks for itself and if you haven't gotten her new CD "Satisfied", go NOW to and go get it! You won't be dissappointed! She even does two great covers on it. One, a very unexpectedly good version of the Red Hot Chili Peppers' "Under The Bridge" and the other comes from the Romeo & Juliet soundtrack with Des'ree's "Kissing You". Of course, there's this song, the lead single which Hex Hector and Scotty K both mixed wonderfully but due to a glitch in my Hex Hector mix, I only have this one for now. I'll post Hex's as soon as I get a better file.**

T-Pain - Church (Bimbo Jones Clean Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**This is one of the strangest things I've ever heard. Im usually lukewarm about rap going dance but this one sorta works for me. Again, the very abled hands of Bimbo Jones took a rap song and made it a hands in the air anthem.**

Axwell feat Evelyn Thomas - High Energy (JM's Axwell Radio Edit)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Welcome Back to...uh...ME!!!

So yes, the time has come and I had to come back! There's way too much music out there for me to not share!

As you may or may not have noticed, I have a new layout, but aside from that, there have been quite a few blogs that have been deleted lately and I really don't want to be one of them. The main cause of it seems to be the posting of either Mariah Carey or Madonna's music.

And even though I did a really cute edit of the Seamus Haiji mix of Mariah's "Touch My Body", I don't feel comfortable posting it for the time being. I'd like to keep this blog as under the radar as possible.

Having said that, here's some random stuff that's made it's way to MY radar lately!

Cher - Paradise Is Here (JM's Junior Vasquez Arena Radio Mix)
**I love Cher so much and if all goes well, I'll be going to see her in Vegas later this year with the hubby! But even though I love her and I love Junior, this is not one of my favorites but a special request. The original is a great song and I don't know that I think this one translated that well to the dancefloor. Ah well! You can be the judge!**

Cynthia - I Never Said (Giuseppe D Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**This is one of those songs that could've gone under the Songs That Got Away posting but it's just SO good that I had to post it now. Why oh why don't these songs do that well?? I would dance my ass off to this!!**

Faith Hill - The Way You Love Me (Love To Infinity Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**I love when they take artists far away from their own element and even though Faith Hill is a country/pop artist, she sounds great on the dancefloor. I've posted an edit for Hex Hector's "Breathe" and this is just a really funky and fun edit for this song. Love To Infinity has a great way of adding a feel-good vibe to anything. A great summer song.**

Jennifer Lopez - I'm Real (Dezrok Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**Like I always say 'There's always room for J-Lo!' and this is no exception. Excellent production once again from Dezrok and even though the version with Ja Rule became big, I like that Dezrok mixed the original version of the song.**

Jerry Springer The Opera feat Alison Jiear - I Just Wanna Fuckin Dance (JM's Wayne G Extended Radio Mix)
**This song kills me! The first time I heard this I was hysterical! But it's hard to argue with a lyric like "I don't give a fuck no more, if people think I am a whore. I just wanna dance!". Having said that, this is from a musical they made in London about the Jerry Springer show and this song made it's way into the very able hands of Wayne G. Well, he didn't just turn this out, he WERQUED it out!! High energy doesn't even cover it!!**

Karen Ramirez - Looking For Love (JM's Peter Rauhofer Radio Mix)
**Somewhere inbetween Peter's evolution (if you can call it that) of style from the Club 69 days to whatever it is he calls his sound now there was a transition period that yielded a slew of great mixes. kd Lang's "Consquences of Falling" which I've posted was one of them and this was another one. Another Sunday night at Limelight classic for me! Great synths by Peter and smooth vocals from out and proud lesbian Karen Ramirez!**

LeAnn Rimes - Can't Fight The Moonlight (Thunderpuss Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**Does anyone NOT know this song? Smash hit by LeAnn for the Coyote Ugly movie soundtrack and even though Plasmic Honey did a cute mix of this too, Thunderpuss killed it!! If there's one thing those boys could do it's make a buildup out of ANYthing!!**

Paul Oakenfold feat Brittany Murphy - Faster Kill Pussycat (JM's Eddie Baez Radio Edit)
**Who knew that all those years after "Clueless" little Brittany Murphy would become such a great singer! The rumor has it that she's been doing back up on hip hop and R&B songs for years but didn't want to be credited for it because she didn't feel comfortable being in the forefront as a singer. They say that she's the female voice on Nelly's "Hot In Herre" but who knows for sure? Only Brit. Well leave it to Oakenfold to get her to be THE vocalist on one of his tracks and the collaboration couldn't have been more perfect. This is one of those songs thats great in any incarnation but Eddie really made something out of it! So much so that I prefer this over the original which is also amazing!**

Pet Shop Boys - I Don't Know What You Want But I Can't Give It Anymore (Peter Rauhofer Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**Quite possibly one of the longest song titles ever but it's a great song. PSB came back in a big way with their CD "Nightlife" and then just kinda disappeared again. What gives?? This mix however falls into the aforementioned transition period for Peter and as a result is awesome!**

Pet Shop Boys & Peter Rauhofer - Break For Love (US Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**This is how the collaboration all started. Incredible update of a classic by both parties here.**

Willa Ford - I Wanna Be Bad (Sal Parm Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**Where oh where can my Willa be? She had this big hit and then some minor ones, then ended up on Dancing With The Stars and then....a big fat nothing. Ah well! Sal Parm, the guy behind Plasmic Honey did a great job with this track though.**

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Soon....(And Edits!!)

Hey everyone!!!

I just wanted to thank you all for all your kind words and well wishing while I've been at school and all that jazz. I will be back soon...Im hoping within the week...I've got alot of great stuff to post and it's buggin me that I haven't haha!

So keep checking back! Any day now I shall return! Hah!

Here's some stuff I had just layin around in the meantime since you've all been so good with me with this!!!

Knob - Music (Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**A new song from this hot Israeli dance/pop duo!!**

Krista - Weakness Of The Body (Josh Harris Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**Originally a Brenda K Starr song, then covered as a Demo track by Mariah Carey, now updated by Krista with a great production by Josh Harris. I reccommend tracking down the Mariah one if you're a fan of her and/or freestyle music.**

Matchbox Twenty - How Far We've Come (Ralphi Rosario & Craig J Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**I've always loved Rob Thomas. Aside from the fact that he's dead sexy he's incredibly talented as well. Ralphi and Craig were able to transform this rock gem into a great club thomper with ease.**

Dame Shirley Bassey - Get This Party Started (Shirley Bassey vs Chris Cox Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**I don't really know what to say about this one. I knew it was going to be rediculous and all but I think Chris really did a great job with it! The thing that's interesting is that it's just as good as Pink's version (yes, it IS that song) but in a different way. Drag queens take your mark!**

Laura Blake - Save The Best For Last (Almighty Anthem Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**This is Almighty doing what Almighty does best--Cover versions. Some work. Some don't. This does!**

Abigail - Let The Joy Rise (Thunderpuss Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**This is one of my favorite classic TP2k mixes! It's a shame to see Abigial fizzle out the way she did, but thank goodness we got this outta her before she did! A sure fire way to kick things up a notch!**

Cher - The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore (JM's Alternate Junior Vasquez Radio Edit)
**There's artists and then there's Cher. And within that, there's this mix. This is one of the first mixes/songs I heard by Junior/Cher and I was floored. This mix is so grandiose I just couldn't handle it haha! But of course, since Junior is Junior, he made 1,200 mixes of it lol... This is an edit I did for an alternate mix of his which is a little more stripped down and is more beat driven. Enjoy!!**

Enjoy and thanks again for all your loyalty!!

~ John Michael ~