Friday, October 26, 2007

The Bassline Heard Round The World!

As soon as the bassline hits on this one (which comes in 15 seconds in in my edit), you know what's about to happen. The dancefloor will go crazy.
This song is a surefire way to get the crowd movin. Deep Dish created a bassline and a phenomenon that continues through to today.
That sample of the bassline has made it's way into many a song throughout the years but it's Sandy B's version here that is the definitive.
So to quote her: "So come on and get it! You know that I've got it! I'm ready and willing! You know I am...You know I am...!"
Sandy B - Make The World Go Round (JM's Deep Dish Radio Edit)

HELP! Junior Vasquez was ROBBED!!

I don't even know how this happened! Anyone can say whatever they want, but Junior should've been at least NOMINATED for a Grammy for this mix!!! It's one of THE best Junior mixes I've ever heard!!
The original production (by DJ Premier) in and of itself was pretty brilliant but Junior found a way to transfer alot of that same production to the dancefloor, keeping the integrity of the original all the while giving the mix a Dee-Lite type feel!
It's genious!!
Christina Aguilera - Ain't No Other Man (JM's Junior Vasquez Radio Edit)

How do you solve an anthem like Shannon?

I don't think there's anyone on this earth who doesn't know this song! It was inescapable in the 80's and has remained a classic ever since...
Shannon (born Brenda Shannon Greene) was enrolled in York College and was part of the New York Jazz Ensemble when she met producers Mark Liggett and Chris Barbosa. She laid down the vocals for a song then called "Fire And Ice" which was later changed to "Let The Music Play".
Chris Barbosa, being well known as the creator of freestyle music, released "Let The Music Play" without Shannon's knowledge and the song became an instant classic. It's considered the first freestyle song ever and after it's release, Barbosa invited Shannon back to record more songs for him.
In 2000 as the house music craze was reaching a peak, Shannon made her 4th CD "The Best Is Yet To Come" and Barbosa, as well as Andy Panda and Tony Moran were invited to work with her and update her sound a bit.
Strangely enough, the 2000 remixes of her other smash hit, "Give Me Tonight" fared better than the mixes of "Let The Music Play". However, on the single, Junior Vasquez did two mixes that are anything short of anthemic.
The original circuit mix is a a stomper which breaks down and goes into the original version of the song but it's the X beat mix that I always loved...The vocals are spread out more and has one of the SICKEST breakbeat/scratching breakdowns I've ever heard in my life!
This was impossible to edit down to radio standards, but I made a much shorter, more concise version and I hope you like it!!
Shannon - Let The Music Play (JM's Junior Vasquez X Beat Mixshow)

Random really good song!

Alot of times dance songs seem to pop up and no one knows who the artist is and such is the case with this song.
This was in Junior Vasquez' rotation for a little while and made it onto one of his radio shows, where I had heard it.
To this day, I don't know any information on the artist (if you do, please feel free to tell me!) but it remains a really good song and it almost has that old school, Hex Hector type of feel to it.
A "Things Just Ain't The Same"-ish song but not as anthemic.
Chico feat Ashlee - Leavin U (JM's Junior Vasquez Radio Edit)

Sunday, October 21, 2007

We're so in la la la la...

Let me start out by saying this: I truly feel that out of every super star we've got these days, there are really only TWO with an extreme superior talent: One is Beyonce and Nicole Scherzinger is the other.
They both have outstanding voices and can dance like no one I've ever seen. Beyonce can act too but I dunno if Nicole can. I'm sure we'll find out in time.
Even though her first single "Whatever U Like" didn't do that well for her (I loved it!), I'm very much looking forward to her CD "Her Name Is Nicole" and this song, "Baby Love" is the second single.
So far, two mixes have surfaced, one by Ralphi Rosario and one by Dave Aude. While they're both good in different ways, I feel that the Dave Aude keeps more of a melody throughout where Ralphi's is aimed at a more big room sound.
Nicole Scherzinger - Baby Love (JM's Dave Aude Radio Edit)

An old take on an old song that's a new mix to me and a new radio edit to it?

Undoubtedly, in my opinion, Billie Ray Martin's "Your Loving Arms" is one of the best dance records ever made and it's one of those songs I just never get sick of.
When it was first released Todd Terry did mixes for it that were very popular but up until very recently I had never heard this particular mix by him. Todd Terry's Miami mix is a really cool breakbeat track with Billie's vocals doing what they do best: soar!
This mix is full of cute tricks and an old school feel that I totally adore!!
Hope you enjoy it as well!!
Billie Ray Martin - Your Loving Arms (JM's Todd Terry Miami Radio Mix)

Half A Buck featuring Justin Timbaland...Or something like that...

While I don't always like rap (don't they just seem like constantly angry/annoyed people?) there are sometimes where Im actually a big fan. When I first heard "Ayo Technology" I didn't care for it much.
50 Cent is ok from time to time but I don't find him to be the best rapper. He kinda reminds me of the Hip-Hop's Mike Tyson.
Now while Justin T-Lake and Timbaland are turning up everywhere like dog shit and parsley, this is another song I will give to them.
It's kinda hard to deny Justin saying "Why don't you sit on top of me?"... Cause I totally would. Hah!
I was very surprised to find a remix of this song...Let alone a really good remix of it! I don't know who Robert Bedross is, but bravo to you sir!!
50 Cent featuring Justin Timberlake & Timbaland - Ayo Technology (She Wants It) (JM's Robert Bedross Radio Edit)

The Spelling Bee Champion!

Ok, so right off the bat, here's my issue with Fergie: Why is she constantly spelling in all of her songs? ("G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S...." or "F to the E to the R to the G-I-E...") Or at the very least, why does she have such bad lyrics sometimes?
One thing I will say, the girl does have a set of pipes but much like Nicole Scherzinger (from the Pussycat Dolls) she doesn't use them that much!
Why I have no idea...
And long before she was solo she was the lead girl in the Black Eyed Peas but even before that she was in the trio girl group Wild Orchid and struggling with an addiction to crystal meth.
Fun stuff! But as much as I actually don't really care for this song ("I'm gonna miss you like a child misses their blanket." -- Really Fergie? Are ya??) I can't deny a great mix, once again provided by Hommer.
So here it is! (And doesn't she look like Taylor Dayne in this picture??)
Fergie - Big Girls Don't Cry (JM's Hommer Radio Edit)

Friday, October 19, 2007

Wicked Wicked Wicked!!!

There are times when two worlds collide and it doesn't always add up. The world of Broadway doesn't always have a place on the dancefloor (Richie Jones' mix of "All That Jazz" anyone??) but this time it works SO well that it WERQS!!! Hah!

Idina went back into the studio this year to re-record the song that she made famous in the musical "Wicked" that too Broadway by storm!

Every version on the CD single of this (check out for that) has something to offer and Idina's vocals hold up extremely well during this.

However, it's the Eddie Baez mix of this song that gives you the dancefloor equivalent of seeing Idina live, opening night! While Hani, Josh Harris and Funky Junction all did their part for different dancefloor reactions but it's Eddie's that takes you to peak hour with your hands in the air!!!

I had made an edit for this, but I have to say, the one that's offered on the CD is perfect enough!!


Idina Menzel - Defying Gravity (Eddie Baez Radio Edit)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Obssesion...and EXCLUSIVE!!!!

Unless you live under a rock, you've most likely heard this song!
Rihanna's slowly becoming one of my favorite artists which is strange to me because I really don't think she has all that much talent. Don't get me wrong, like Enrique Iglesias and Britney Spears, vocally, they have a style, not necessarily a very good voice but it works.
And Rihanna is just like that and I've always thought her voice worked wonders with a beat behind it. Imagine my surprise to even hear the original version of this song that already had a nice thumpa thumpa in it!
I knew that the club mixes weren't far behind and I was right. Immediately I was ALL about the Jody Den Broeder mix of this which was STUNNING and still is. THEN however I heard DJ Paulo's dub of this which sampled alot of Jody's mix but added even MORE punch to it! Well, I was in love! Being that Paulo only used the lyric" Please don't stop the music" throughout meant that there was room for improvement.
So here, I sliced, diced, chopped and re-laid the vocals over this most stellar production by Paulo and created my own reconstruction mix.
But edited, here is my take on Rihanna and DJ Paulo! What do you think?
Rihanna - Don't Stop The Music (John Michael's Paulo Reconstruction Radio Edit)

Somebody's Me

One of the things I love is when you get a DJ/remixer who usually makes music in one style but then totally switches it up for another sound every once in awhile.

That type of versatility is rare.

I've mentioned Jody Den Broeder before and as of right now, he's without a doubt one of my favorite remixers (who usually works with Tony Moran).

Off of Enrique Iglesias' most recent cd "Insomniac" comes the sweet ballad "Somebody's Me" and while I do enjoy Enrique, his voice isn't one of the best. I suppose it's a certain style he has, sorta like his dad. However, I do believe he's hot as hell! Haha!

And while Den Broeder usually gives us "hands-in-the-air" anthems, he actually took a different direction here and went for a more Moto Blanco-ish type of route with a lush arrangement with strings and still managing to incorperate his own style of synths as the undertone here.

It's incredible production on Jody's part and it works beautifully with the song!

Enrique Iglesias - Somebody's Me (JM's Jody Den Broeder Radio Edit)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Darker Side of Aida

This mega anthem from Tim Rice and Elton John's show "Aida" became just another notch in Deborah Cox's dance music belt when Tony Moran & Warren Rigg had her re-record and reconstruct the song for the dance floor.
However, it's this mix I just got done by Jose Spinnin Cortes that really caught my ear.
A much darker spin to what Tony and Warren produced, Jose uses his heavy beats and hard synth lines to take Deborah to the next level. And boy does it work!!!
I have to say, at the current moment I do favor this mix to Tony and Warren's (although the "Babylon" mix that later surfaced on Tony's "Tour De Beats" CD comes close).
Deborah Cox - Easy As Life (JM's Jose Spinnin Radio Mix)

Grrrrrrrrrrr. I hate when this happens.

Ok, I admit it. I hate this song.

If there's one thing that drives me nuts it's when radio force feeds everyone a certain song for awhile and you can't help but know every word to it! There's so much better music out there!!

The thing about it is that I think the melody and use of samples in the original version are good.

It's Sean Kingston (who clearly has a face for radio) that I don't like. Luckily though, teen pop star Jojo made a cover version of this song that is not only lyrically better but just flows smoother than Sean's.

Unfortunately though there are no remixes (to my knowledge) of Jojo's version but a few surfaced for Sean's.

Here, remixed by Hommer (does anyone have any info on them?) is a mainstream remix with a very solid beat and good synths. And as much as I hate to say it, I like it alot. This goes into the guilty pleasures list as well...

Sean Kingston - Beautiful Girls (JM's Hommer Radio Edit)

I know Peter can do it!!!

Las Vegas native Nick Terranova (pictured left) is the mastermind behind the underground club pseudonym the Starkillers who had a HUGE success with the song "Discoteka" back in January of 2006.

Coining the phrase, he has what he calls a "Dirty Sound" which has led him to not only start his own record label in 2002 (Terratraxx Records) but also to do some high profile mixes which include Iio's classic "Rapture" and more recently "Stand Back" by Stevie Nicks. Currently he's travelling across the US on his "Dirty Sound Tour".

Here, with "Can U Make Me Scream" (or "Scream") he works his magic once again and lets loose another great dark electro house track. While the song does bear similarity to "Discoteka" it's actually the Peter Rauhofer mix of this song that takes it to the next level for me.

Granted, this might not be for everyone and the repetitious lyrics can be a little daunting at times, but the production by Peter here is one of his best in a VERY long time. Having been disenchanted with Peter's work for quite sometime I was pleasantly surprised at this track. The man has the talent, he just hasn't been using it that much lately. Again, only my opinion.

Dirty, filthy or otherwise, I love this song and when you hear it out, it makes you MOVE!!!

Starkillers feat Gina - Can U Make Me Scream (JM's Peter Rauhofer Radio Edit)

And now for something rediculous...

Alright. If you've been to a wedding, sweet 16, anniversary party, birthday party or family reunion within the last 20 years, you know this song.
I don't know how mixes like this come to be because honestly, I can't see Ralphi Rosario being the big name DJ he is whipping out his remix of Copacabana at peak hour in any of the biggest clubs in the world in which he plays.
However, this 2005 remix (with new vocals from Barry) gave private party DJ's a reason to rejoice. An updated version for the masses that keeps the energy going better than the original (pictured to the right, and how fantastically gay is that cover??).
So here, in all of it's strange glory, I give you Barry. And btw, Im totally not a Fanilow.
Barry Manilow - Copacabana 2005 (JM's Ralphi Rosario Radio Edit)

One of the HOTTEST dance duets EVER!!!!

Ok, now that you've stopped staring at the picture here (::drool::), here's the deal and I don't know how to make this any simpler.
LL Cool J + Jennifer Lopez X Jason Nevins = House Music Orgasm!!!
LL's verses are sexy as hell and J-Lo adds her flair in the chorus and it all adds up perfectly. The original track is HOT and Jason Nevins ROCKED this one!!!
Anywhere Jennifer Lopez is singing "You've got, you've got, you've got what it takes to make me leave my man" is A+ for me! Like I say all the time, There's always room for J-Lo!!
Jason's electro-house thump-thump proves to be the perfect production for this song and without a doubt has some of the best energy I've heard in a dance song throughout the whole mix. It just doesn't stop!!
LL Cool J feat Jennifer Lopez - Control Myself (JM's Jason Nevins Radio Edit)

LeAnn is SO right for the dance floor!!!!

After LeAnn Rimes exploded on the scene with her hit "How Do I Live" she had a string of hits (including one of my fave's "Can't Fight The Moonlight" from the Coyote Ugly soundtrack) but then she seemed to disappear from the mainstream spotlight.

However, behind the scenes her songs have been getting remixed and basically everywhere but the US has caught on!

The first song here "And It Feels Like" is by far and above my favorite LeAnn track ever! Even the original is amazing but Hi-Tack took the song and made it an anthem of the highest order!! Easily one of the best songs of this year!!

LeAnn Rimes - And It Feels Like (JM's Hi-Tack Radio Edit)

Back in 2001 there was a movie released named "Driven" which turned out to be a big flop, produced by Sylvester Stallone, however, the soundtrack spawned yet another good LeAnn song. "Soon", while never a single, got picked up by remixer Dezrok and once again with his touch, he created a dancefloor stomper!

LeAnn Rimes - Soon (JM's Dezrok Radio Edit)

On October 9th 2007, LeAnn released a new CD entitled "Family" which is all based on her personal life. Once again LeAnn gets the dance treatment with the first single "Nothing Left To Do", this time remixed by the Soul Seekerz. This edit I did not do however and it is an official one.

LeAnn Rimes - Nothing Left To Do (Soul Seekerz Radio Edit)

Timbaland feat EVERYONE!!!

If there's one thing the world is not short on right now, it's Timbaland.
While he's not exactly new on the scene, he's everywhere now. Most notably having produced not only Justin Timberlake's "FutureSex/LoveSounds" album but the inescapable smash single "SexyBack", Timbaland ain't goin anywhere! Beyond that, you can't get away FROM him! He's everywhere these days!!!
And while the original of "The Way I Are" from his "Shock Value" cd is definitely in the same vein as "SexyBack" there's something about it you just can't deny.
I for one am a very big fan of Timbaland's deep voice and the beat and synths are a great combination of hip-hop and dance music that works in a way that no one has used them before.
Thanks to Tony Arzadon (who I've never heard of before lol) he gave this song a little bit more punch for the dancefloor while keeping true to the original production. Sure to burn up the dancefloor (or get you pumped on the treadmill! Haha!)
Timbaland feat Keri Hilson & DOE - The Way I Are (JM's Tony Arzadon Radio Edit)

Re-Vamped and Remixed (again)!!!

First, Im sorry for the delay! I was in a wedding last weekend and I had to have my computer fixed so I didn't get a chance to post anything the last few days. And also btw, I started using another uploading host website because the other one's links were always breaking. And if there's anything that I've posted that has a broken link and you'd like it re-upped, don't hesitate to ask!!
So getting right back into it, here's a classic we all know from the 80's. If there's anything I love, it's when a really good song gets a really good update. So often classic songs are ruined with what Im sure is good intentions, but bad production.
Well, is there anything that the Freemasons CAN'T remix?? Everything they touch turns to gold lately and this is no exception! Enjoy this classic, done right!!!
Eurythmics - Here Comes The Rain Again 2007 (JM's Freemasons Radio Edit)

Friday, October 5, 2007

The odd genre of opera dance music...

It seems that every couple of years, one of these kinds of songs surfaces and takes the world by storm.

"Spente Le Stelle" by Emma Shapplin, "Remember Me" by Jorio, "Melancholy Rose" by Operatica are just some of the notable ones.

This one, from 1999, was a Jonathan Peters classic. The Flower Duet by Lakme is the song here that Luminaire sampled from a performance by the Choeurs et Orchestre du Théâtre National de l'Opéra Comique. The featured vocalists are Mezzo-Soprano Jane Berbie and Soprano Gianna D'Angelo.

Jonathan Peters worked his magic and created an uplifiting trance anthem here that is pretty unbeatable. Sound Factory-heads are sure to agree!

Luminaire - Flower Duet 99 (JM's Jonathan Peters Radio Edit)

NYC's Gothic Barbie

Unfortunately there's not a whole lot of information about this artist but I'll tell you what I know.

Known locally as NYC's Gothic Barbie, FLXX (pronounced Flex) has been a club promoter for many many years. I remember seeing her at John Blair's Sunday night parties at Limelight back in the day.

One of the DJ's that was in heavy rotation there at the time was James Andersen. Who knows how it all came together, but FLXX and James collaborated on a little known song called "Ready To Love Again" which I heard many a night at Limelight and at The Roxy as well.

It's a very odd song about heartbreak and FLXX has an interesting voice to go along with it. I don't know what it is about this song but I have always enjoyed it. James' production is extremely simplistic here but it does work.

I found a one track promo CD at the now defunct record store Heartbeat Records in NYC years back and I even got the chance to see FLXX do an unplugged version of this song at Limelight as well.

While it may not be for everyone, it's worth checking out.

FLXX - Ready To Love Again (JM's James Andersen Radio Edit)

Peace in the valley...

Most people known Sabrina Johnston as the vocalist from her 1992 smash "Peace" ("Peace in the valley...Peace in the city...Peace in your soul...Whoa-oh oh!" -- That one.) but this song really allows Sabrina to flex her vocal muscles.

Born in Germany and raised in the US spent quite a few years as a session singer for the West Street Mob, Funking For Jamaica and most notably Lauryn Hill. On Lauryn's "The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill" she made an appearence on the song "To Zion".

This song however was featured on Junior Vasquez's CD "Earth Music" but only saw release on 12" until recently when Junior's record label, JVM Records" released it as a CD single as well.

Here, Dynamix once again knocks this out of the park with a dark, progressive anthemic mix that keeps the tone of Sabrina's determined vocals.

Lectroluv feat Sabrina Johnston - Movin On (JM's Dynamix Radio Edit)

Sometimes I don't have to do any work at all!

In 1998 Rockell (born Rachel Alexandra Mercaldo) exploded onto the dance music scene with her CD "What Are You Lookin At?" which had the great singles "In A Dream", "When I'm Gone" and "Can't We Try" (w/ Collage).

At least here in NY, she became a staple for dance/freestyle music and her songs are still in rotation on WKTU 103.5.

Then in 2000 she released her second CD, "Instant Pleasure" which was a much more house music oriented CD, having songs written and produced by Tony Moran, Giuseppe D, Tony Colluccio, Hex Hector & Dezrok.

Here, the lead single, "The Dance" (a Garth Brooks cover) produced by Hex Hector & Dezrok was an instant favorite of mine and remains one to this day. I didn't even have to edit this one as the original edit is perfect all on it's own.

Fun Fact: Rockell's backup singers on this CD were Zhana Saunders (aka Inda Matrix) who's done the vocals for all the Tony Moran "Alegria" songs as well as her work with Dynamix ("No Man Can Tame Me" & "Bodyfly"). Also doing backup is Nicki Richards, again, another one of Tony Moran's favorite vocalists who covered "Let The Sunshine In" and has the song "Freedom" just released on Tony's latest CD "The Event".

Rockell - The Dance (Hex Hector & Dezrok Radio Edit)

While being world-renowned for his work with The Police, Sting (born Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner) has had quite a prolific solo career.
Back in 1999 this song was the lead single off of his two time grammy winning album "Brand New Day" (Best Pop Album & Best Pop Vocal Performance Male) which by January of 2001 went triple platinum!
While not your conventional vocal, Victor Calderone created a vocal anthem with an arabic influence (which the original song had due to it's featured vocalist Cheb Mami) that is pure dance music heaven. Again, I needed to do no work on this as the radio edit offered on the CD single is great on it's own.
Sting feat Cheb Mami - Desert Rose (Victor Calderone Radio Edit)

Monday, October 1, 2007

So whatcha gonna do??... Why did you take it all away? Why did you have nothing to say?

Once again I had to feature Offer Nissim and Maya. Easily one of the best collaborations to ever come out of dance music history, this song is a prime example as to why.

"Heartbreaking" has such haunting lyrics by Maya and the sultry synths Offer provides shows just how well these two work together.

Now, as far as Offer tracks go, his original tracks are pretty tough to beat. There are very few remixes of his Maya songs that come close to what their original intentions were...let alone work as well.

However, Jose Spinnin took "Be My Boyfriend" and turned it OUT! The beat is a heavy thump-thump and the synths give this mix a reeeeeeally nice punch! BUT it's the breakdown at around 2:30 that sells this mix! Total genious!!!

Offer Nissim feat Maya - Heartbreaking (JM's Radio Mix)

Offer Nissim feat Maya - Be My Boyfriend (JM's Jose Spinnin Radio Mix)