Friday, October 26, 2007

How do you solve an anthem like Shannon?

I don't think there's anyone on this earth who doesn't know this song! It was inescapable in the 80's and has remained a classic ever since...
Shannon (born Brenda Shannon Greene) was enrolled in York College and was part of the New York Jazz Ensemble when she met producers Mark Liggett and Chris Barbosa. She laid down the vocals for a song then called "Fire And Ice" which was later changed to "Let The Music Play".
Chris Barbosa, being well known as the creator of freestyle music, released "Let The Music Play" without Shannon's knowledge and the song became an instant classic. It's considered the first freestyle song ever and after it's release, Barbosa invited Shannon back to record more songs for him.
In 2000 as the house music craze was reaching a peak, Shannon made her 4th CD "The Best Is Yet To Come" and Barbosa, as well as Andy Panda and Tony Moran were invited to work with her and update her sound a bit.
Strangely enough, the 2000 remixes of her other smash hit, "Give Me Tonight" fared better than the mixes of "Let The Music Play". However, on the single, Junior Vasquez did two mixes that are anything short of anthemic.
The original circuit mix is a a stomper which breaks down and goes into the original version of the song but it's the X beat mix that I always loved...The vocals are spread out more and has one of the SICKEST breakbeat/scratching breakdowns I've ever heard in my life!
This was impossible to edit down to radio standards, but I made a much shorter, more concise version and I hope you like it!!
Shannon - Let The Music Play (JM's Junior Vasquez X Beat Mixshow)

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