Friday, October 5, 2007

Peace in the valley...

Most people known Sabrina Johnston as the vocalist from her 1992 smash "Peace" ("Peace in the valley...Peace in the city...Peace in your soul...Whoa-oh oh!" -- That one.) but this song really allows Sabrina to flex her vocal muscles.

Born in Germany and raised in the US spent quite a few years as a session singer for the West Street Mob, Funking For Jamaica and most notably Lauryn Hill. On Lauryn's "The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill" she made an appearence on the song "To Zion".

This song however was featured on Junior Vasquez's CD "Earth Music" but only saw release on 12" until recently when Junior's record label, JVM Records" released it as a CD single as well.

Here, Dynamix once again knocks this out of the park with a dark, progressive anthemic mix that keeps the tone of Sabrina's determined vocals.

Lectroluv feat Sabrina Johnston - Movin On (JM's Dynamix Radio Edit)

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