Thursday, October 11, 2007

LeAnn is SO right for the dance floor!!!!

After LeAnn Rimes exploded on the scene with her hit "How Do I Live" she had a string of hits (including one of my fave's "Can't Fight The Moonlight" from the Coyote Ugly soundtrack) but then she seemed to disappear from the mainstream spotlight.

However, behind the scenes her songs have been getting remixed and basically everywhere but the US has caught on!

The first song here "And It Feels Like" is by far and above my favorite LeAnn track ever! Even the original is amazing but Hi-Tack took the song and made it an anthem of the highest order!! Easily one of the best songs of this year!!

LeAnn Rimes - And It Feels Like (JM's Hi-Tack Radio Edit)

Back in 2001 there was a movie released named "Driven" which turned out to be a big flop, produced by Sylvester Stallone, however, the soundtrack spawned yet another good LeAnn song. "Soon", while never a single, got picked up by remixer Dezrok and once again with his touch, he created a dancefloor stomper!

LeAnn Rimes - Soon (JM's Dezrok Radio Edit)

On October 9th 2007, LeAnn released a new CD entitled "Family" which is all based on her personal life. Once again LeAnn gets the dance treatment with the first single "Nothing Left To Do", this time remixed by the Soul Seekerz. This edit I did not do however and it is an official one.

LeAnn Rimes - Nothing Left To Do (Soul Seekerz Radio Edit)

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