Friday, September 28, 2007

She has survived!

You know the name and you know the voice. She has two of the biggest disco classics under her belt "I Will Survive" and "I Am What I Am" but back in 2000 she recorded this lost gem.
Giorgio Moroder, the King of Electronic Disco, was working on an album of older material and he wanted a well-known disco artist to put the finishing touches on the vocals to make it new material.
When Logic/BMG Records hear the song Gloria recorded, "Last Night" they knew she still had it and it led to a cover version of Tata Vega's 1979 hit "Just Keep Thinking About You". On the strength of that single, it led to her first album in over 15 years in the US, on Logic Records, "I Wish You Love" in 2002.
However, "Last Night" was picked up by European remixing team Almighty and they gave this song a diva-vocal anthem that I'm sure had drag queens all over the world rejoicing! Hah!
Gloria Gaynor - The Last Night (JM's Almighty Radio Edit)

Whoa, Nelly!!

Long before Nelly Furtado was a 'promiscuous' 'maneater' she had received public and critical acclaim for her 2000 single "I'm Like A Bird" which eventually won her a Grammy!
Personally, I prefer this Nelly as opposed to the Timbaland clone as of late. Don't get me wrong, I still love Nelly ("Say It Right" was one of my favorite songs this year) and I think Timbaland is a genious but there was just something more real about early Nelly than there is now.
So in tribute, I give you the OUTSTANDING (totally top 5 of my favorite Junior mixes ever) Junior Vasquez mix of this Canadian superstar! While originally clocking in at over 10 minutes, I was only able to edit this one down to about 6...Hardly an edit, but everybit a dancefloor thumper! And btw, check out my favorite part at 4:40--BRILLIANT!
Nelly Furtado - I'm Like A Bird (JM's Junior Vasquez Extended Radio Mix)

The Forgotten Russian Import

Born Alsou Ralifovna Abramova (although better known as just Alsou), she's one of the most popular singers in Russia.

With a successful career in her hometown under her belt, an English language single, "Solo" (which also placed second in the Eurovision Song Contest) was released in 2000 and became the biggest Russian single of all time only to be outdone by herself a year later, dueting with Enrique Iglasias on the song "You're My #1".

When the lead single for the proposed English album, "Before You Love Me" only charted at a disappointing #27 on the UK singles chart (although it went to #1 on MTV UK), combined with promotional issues, the album was cancelled in the UK.

While Alsou continues to record in her homeland, it seems that for now, her English releases are at a standstill after a second try for an English album failed again in 2005.

But here, her lead English single "Before You Love Me" got a great workout by remixing team the Sleaze Sisters and they produced a high NRG anthem that deserves to be heard!

Alsou - Before You Love Me (JM's Sleaze Sisters Radio Edit)

Chante's Got A Man!

San Franciscan Chante Moore, had a similar childhood to alot of R&B artists. Born to a gospel minister, started singin in church...etc... and at age 22, Chante was discovered and signed to MCA records by executive Louil Silas.
Having been nominated for a Grammy on the "Waiting To Exhale" soundtrack and winning the American Music Award for the same nomination, Chante had continued success on the R&B charts with hits like "Love's Taken Over" and "It's Alright" throughout the 90's.
Her 1999 single "Chante's Got A Man" hit number 2 on the US R&B charts and number 10 on the US pop charts but it's this song, "Straight Up" off her 2000 effort "Exposed" that caught my ear.
I remember hearing this mix back in the day at Limelight in the Chapel room all the time! DJ Lydia used to play this (I was 1 year shy before I would be able to hear Junior himself spin this a few blocks away at Twilo) and it was always one of my favorites!
One of the things I love about Junior is that he makes music for his crowd. With that, he's infamous for taking a song and making multiple mixes of it for placement at different times in the night.
This is one such song. I edited the Original club mix and the Discoverse mix as well. Both show two very different signs of Junior and his artistry. The original mix, due to the change in beats throughout the song, made it difficult to edit but I did the best I could! I hope you enjoy!!
Chante Moore - Straight Up (JM's Junior Vasquez Radio Edit)
Chante Moore - Straight Up (JM's Junior Vasquez Discoverse Radio Edit)

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Better late than never!

I've heard a few house mixes of this but I always feel that rap music doesn't always transfer over well to the dance floor. Missy Elliot usually tends to be the exception to that rule though.
So when I just recently came across this mix, I figured I would give it a shot. Diddy is one of the rappers I actually don't mind that much and I've been a fan of Keyshia Cole since her first single "I Just Want It To Be Over" and her part of this song was always my favorite.
I was overjoyed to hear that Edson Pride kept the focus on his mix of this on Keyshia's vocals!! Even though it's labeled as Diddy feat Keyshia, it really should be labeled the opposite way cause Diddy is just the featured artist here.
Keyshia's part of this song is the part with the melody and the hook so this works VERY well!! Bravo to Edson Pride for a great tribal production on this one!!
P Diddy feat Keyshia Cole - Last Night (JM's Edson Pride Radio Edit)

Clap yo hands!!!

There's good house music and then there's Deborah Cox.

Deb entered into the music industry by way of being one of Celine Dion's back-up singers but after signing with Arista records in 1995 and releasing her first self-titled CD, she was well on her way to being a household name.

Her first CD spawned a few singles and some good mixes along the way (Junior Vasquez's anthemic mix of "Who Do U Love" being my fave) but when her 1998 effort, "One Wish" came out, it was a different ball game.

Thanks to Hex Hector's brilliant and classic reworks of "Things Just Ain't The Same" and "Nobody's Supposed To Be Here", Deborah assured her spot in dance music history forever.

A string of club hits followed over the last few years which included "It's Over Now", "Absolutely Not", "Mr Lonely", "Play Your Part", "Something Happened On The Way To Heaven" (a Phil Collins remake) and her Tony Moran produced epic "Easy As Life" from the B'way show "Aida" which she starred in.

Now, in 2007, after releasing critically acclaimed jazz CD "Destination Moon" (a CD of Dinah Washington covers), Deborah's hitting the dance floors again with "Everybody Dance (Clap Your Hands)". A commercial release for this song is just around the corner, but the two main mixes that have surfaced are done by Tony Moran (which ended up on his CD "The Event") and Offer Nissim.

I do enjoy Offer's mix alot but I prefer Tony's cause it's more upbeat and it's a full vocal mix. And as such, this edit (er...really more of a mix) clocks in around 5:40... But I guarantee non-stop vocal fun!

Welcome back Deborah, The dance floor needs you!

Deborah Cox - Everybody Dance (JM's Tony Moran Radio Mix)

It's Britney, Bitch!

Since she exploded on the scene, not a day goes by when Britney Spears isn't talked about, raved about, lied about or exaggerated about.

So when her less-than-fabulous performance on the 2007 VMA's got underway, it kinda left everyone going "Uh...What?" because this was supposed to be her big return after a string of odd occurances for the superstar.

I don't know what it is about Britney that makes everyone crazy. Granted, I do believe that if you choose this life, then you get what you sign up for but they treat her like they just got dissappointed at the second coming of the Messiah.

Mariah went looney. Whitney still IS looney. Even J-Lo had her moments. Most of the greatest stars do. So be it.

From a musical standpoint though, I love "Gimme More" and all the other songs I have from her new CD. I thought about posting them, but her label has been very on top of the blogs out there and I don't want to get in trouble. That's also another reason why there will be no Madonna mixes on here at least till her new CD comes out. They're been slapping fines and threats everywhere lately.

While there are no official remixes for this song, I've heard a few unofficial ones and the one I favor the most is the Alex Dubbing mix. Also check out his Offer Nissim-style mix of Kristine W's "Walk Away" which is also a standout!
Whatever the case is, I'll stand by my Britney as I've been a LONG time fan and no matter what happens, when the time is right, she'll be back. Till then:

Britney Spears - Gimme More (JM's Alex Dubbing Radio Edit)
PS: Should the file be deleted or broken (as it is known to happen) let me know and I will update the link.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Another great dance cover!

We all remember George Benson's hit from the 80's "Give Me The Night" which had such a catchy hook in the middle of it, you just couldn't help but sing along.

The original version of the song was co-produced by Babydaddy of the Scissor Sisters but it's The Freemasons mix of this song that is the standout summertime anthem!

And thanks to Xavier laying down smooth vocals to it, everything about this song works!!

Xavier, a New York native, got his start singing in the Boys Choir of Harlem and during his stint there, got to sing along music icon greats such as Paul McCartney, Whitney Houston and Stevie Wonder.

While attending Columbia University, Xavier made a name for himself singing in New York's downtown club scene winning contest after contest. So much so, that after winning one so many times, he was asked not to return.
Try this one out kids! Xavier + Freemasons = Good Times!
Xavier - Give Me The Night (JM's Freemasons Radio Edit)

Where oh where can my little Amber be?

We all know this song as it was another unavoidable track back in the day and the name Amber is pretty much synonymous with dance music.
Although her career of late hasn't been what it used to be (although "Melt With The Sun" is a great song), this one, for me at least, will be one of those songs I never get tired of listening to.
Who else would think to sample lines from a James Joyce novel and make them a dance floor anthem?
Besides, it's just great to hear Amber say the word "breasts" haha!
Hex Hector took this one to the next level with some sick arabian-style percussion elements and even though this edit clocks in a lil over 5 minutes, there were certain parts I just HAD to include.
Amber - Yes (JM's Hex Hector Radio Mix)

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Digital Diva

Billed as The Digital Diva, Suzanne Palmer has the same problem that Kristine W tends to have: They're two of the best vocalists you've never heard of.

Suzanne's big break came in the form of 1998's "Much Better" where she was the vocalist on the Club 69 track that went to number 1.

Her remake of Diana Ross' "Muscles" also did very well for her via Club 69 (check out the Razor N Guido mix!) but it wouldn't be until her cover of Kosheen's "Hide U" that would put her on the map again (check out Junior's mix of this one!).

Since then she released her second CD "Home" on Star 69 records (her first debut album never saw the light of day due to the folding of the record label, Twisted UK, she was on) where she works with some of the best people in the dance music industry.

Eric Kupper (who produced the single "Fascinated", a Company B remake), Cevin Fisher ("Luv 2 Luv" & "Eye Can See U" - The latter will soon be the next single), Dezrok ("One Day") and of course Peter Rauhofer over-seeing the whole project, made this album a varied and exceptional listen-thru.

This is what a real dance music CD should sound like.

This song, "Keep The Faith", originally produced by Rauhofer, had an exceptional mix by Offer Nissim on the CD single release. Her vocals soar through the rafters on this one and of course, Offer's beats give the song the punch it needs!

Suzanne Palmer - Keep The Faith (JM's Offer Nissim Radio Edit)

Who is Plumb?

Plumb is actually the moniker of Tiffany Arbuckle Lee who originally started off as a contemporary Christian artist but has since dabbled in other musical areas as well.

I had never heard of her until recently but it turns out that aside from being a recording artist on her own, she's also written songs for Michelle Branch, Kimberley Locke and Mandy Moore. Amy Lee of Evanescence has even said that Plumb has been an inspiration to her.

In October of this year she released her 5th studio CD entitled "Blink" which is where this song, "In My Arms" is from.

Our UK friends Bimbo Jones (who are on FIRE lately) took this angelic vocal and brought it up to the next level, delivering a dance floor thumper worthy of peak hour play.

Plumb - In My Arms (JM's Bimbo Jones Radio Edit)

Relax, Take it easy...

Born Mica Penniman in Beirut, Lebanon, Mika (who changed his name cause he said people always mispronounced it), rose to fame later in 2006 and early this year and with his distinct vocal styles (being compared to Freddie Mercury, David Bowie and Elton John among others) it doesn't seem like he's going anywhere anytime soon.

His first single, "Grace Kelly" went number 1 in four countries and top 5 in eight others.

However, this song, "Relax (Take It Easy)" is I believe his best effort yet!

His album, "Life In Cartoon Motion" has an amazing amount of pop gems but the hook of this song and lyrics are so damn catchy you just can't deny it!

Tony Moran (with a little help from Jody Den Broeder), genious that he (they) is (are), took a stab at this and created a dance floor masterpiece!!! This is one mix I never get tired of listening to and you'll see why...

Mika - Relax (Take It Easy) (JM's Tony Moran & JDB Radio Edit)

The voice behind the Garden

Back in 1993 Daniel Jones placed an add in an Australian newspaper holding auditions for a vocalist for his 5 piece band, Red Edge, Darren Hayes responded and was immediately asked to join.

In June of 94, Daniel and Darren split Red Edge and pursued a career on their own as Savage Garden (taken from Anne Rice's "Vampire Chronicles"). By the end of the year, they had written enough songs together to make a demo which they started shopping around.

By 1995 they were in the studio recording their first CD and by 1996 they released their first single "I Want You" which went to number 4 in the US and Australia and became one of the biggest selling Australian singles of the year.

Another couple of chart-toppers later ("To The Moon & Back" and their signature song "Truly Madly Deeply" which spent 123 weeks on the charts!) and one more studio album ("Affirmation" which spawned another mega hit "I Knew I Loved You" that broke their previous record spending 124 weeks on the charts), the duo had split in 2001 and Darren had begun working on his solo efforts.

Darren's first CD "Spin" (and first single "Insatiable"), while doing well in the UK failed to meet the expectations of his record label and after his second CD "The Tension & The Spark", Darren and the label parted ways.

Since then Darren has just recently started his own label, Powdered Sugar, and released his first CD on it "This Delicate Thing We've Made", which on it's own is an amazing double disc effort. I highly recommend it!

The first single was "On The Verge Of Something Wonderful" and the second single "Me, Myself & I" unfortunately failed to make any waves in the US but it's the song "Step Into The Light" (here given a wonderful re-rub from Tony Moran) that is really the stand-out track.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Darren Hayes - Step Into The Light (JM's Tony Moran Radio Edit)

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Hoe-Down on the Dance Floor

I love when this type of stuff happens. Give me a good ol, completely left field, dance cover version of a song anyday, as long as it's done well that is (unlike some others like Kim Sozzi's "Alone").
Ths is definitely on the top of the good covers list. Wynonna, and we all know her, famous for being one of the Judds (mother Naomi and sister Ashley) has had an extensive recording career from the early 90's all the way till today.
On her last CD (pictured here) "What The World Needs Now Is Love", she covered Foreigner's "I Want To Know What Love Is" and consented to a dance remix of it, courtesy of Piper. It turned out to be a smart move for the Juddster because it peaked at number 12 on Billboard's Radio Monitor Hot Dance Airplay chart in 2005 and the album itself went to number 1 on the US country charts!
Btw: Did you know that her real name is NOT Wynonna Judd? She was born Christina Claire Ciminella, her name sake being sister Ashley's biological father. Her real father, Charles Gordon, passed away in 2000. Mama Judd sure got around huh?
Wynonna Judd - I Want To Know What Love Is (JM's Piper Radio Edit)

Saturday, September 22, 2007

No Duff too tough!

You know her whether you like her or not and while I'll be the first person to say she doesn't have the best voice out there, there's something about it that really works for the club mixes (read: Rihanna).

It was really the fact that Jody Den Broeder remixed this song that caught my attention. Usually working along side Chris Cox and Tony Moran, Jody has broken out of his shell and stepped into the spotlight with some of his own remixes lately. ALL of which have been stellar and this is right up there

Jody's mix clocks in at around 10 minutes in it's original form but I've edited it and it's slammin! Go Jody!!!

Before "Stranger" came to be, there was this song which ended up being the theme song for MTV's "Laguna Beach" and Duff's first top forty US hit. The album it came from "Metamorphosis", went number 1 in the US and was one of the best selling albums of the year (2003). It later went on to sell over 3.7 million copies.
Chris Cox took the song and did what he does best: Anthem-ized it! (Yes, I made up that word, but it's my blog and I can do that! Haha!)
So guilty pleasure or not, the production value's in both of these mixes can't be denied.
Hilary Duff - Stranger (JM's Jody Den Broeder Radio Edit)
Hilary Duff - Come Clean (JM's Chris Cox Radio Edit)

The Dave Matthews Band: Ready for the dance floor??

This is a very interesting idea. Dave Matthews fans tend to hate this and house music fans tend to hate it as well.
But there has to be some kind of audience for this I suppose?
Granted, I myself have a very big dislike for DMB, mainly because I think Dave is an awful singer and at many times very hard to understand. However, I do feel that anyone who can read and write music and play instruments has to have some kind of talent. So it may not be my cup of tea but they do have a very large following.
I was very surprised to learn that DJ Tiesto decided to remix this song, which never saw a commercial release and was only out on a promo vinyl a few years ago. My friend Ryan loves both DMB and Tiesto (there's an exception to every rule I suppose) and he played this for me and I have to say, Tiesto made the very unlistenable listenable. While I don't always have an idea what Dave is singing, the synths that Tiesto provided feel very uplifting and etherial (even though the song itself is a sad song about a break-up). Tiesto really has a way of making the unusual song work in the clubs and I will give Dave credit for the nice melody of the song which allowed Tiesto to do so.
As if THAT weren't I enough, I recently discovered a Hani mix for a DMB song called "So Much To Say" (even though it was labeled as "Can't See The Light"). This mix, however unconventional, tries to make sense of another Dave song but doesn't quite come close to how Tiesto handled it.
So you can make your own judgements, Im just the messenger.
Dave Matthews Band - The Space Between (JM's Tiesto Radio Edit)
Dave Matthews Band - So Much To Say (JM's Hani Radio Edit)

Sandy B: Dance Music Royalty

Sandy B (born Sandra Barber) is the voice behind one of dance music's most recognizable and most favorite dance classics of all time, "Make The World Go Round" which reached #1 on the charts in 1996.
Even before that, she reached number 1 in 1993 with "Feel Like Singin" and then again in 1997 with "Ain't No Need To Hide".
Sandy B has popped up in some odd places, having an on screen cameo in the movie Donnie Brasco and singing the title song in Disney's "Kronk's New Groove".
Arguably though, it's this song that is one of my favorite songs by her, if not, the most over-looked song. Released in 1999, I had the very lucky fortune of seeing her perform this at John Blair's Sunday night party at Limelight. She was fantastic!!!
Originally produced by Staten Island DJ Sal Dano, Nervous released this on 12" with mixes by Sal Dano, Robbie Tronco & Eddie Baez. The original Sal Dano version (linked here) is my favorite. Sandy's voice really shines in this one and I hope you like it as much as I do.
Sandy B - Alone (JM's Sal Dano Radio Edit)

A house music obsession of mine

Long before I really knew who Offer Nissim was I was listening to his music. I discovered an Israeli singer by the name of Dana International and at the time Offer was producing all of her music. Little did I know what this man was actually capable of.

Then, the dance music juggernaut "First Time" blew up all over dance floors around the world and a new sound (in the US anyway) had surfaced. The beats were tough but the vocals, courtesy of 28 year old Maya Siman-Tov, were angelic and tender.

Maya was first introduced to Yinon Yahel (Offer's right hand man) at a friends studio in Israel and fate it seemed had begun to take it's course. Yinon and Maya recorded their first song together and Yinon later introduced her to Offer.

The trio made for an amazing collaboration and I've yet to find a song by them that I DON'T like! Their first effort, "First Time" is a collection of dance tracks that just doesn't quit! I highly reccommend this to everyone! It was hailed as one of Israel's all time best dance albums.

As a DJ, Offer has an incredible amount of energy and his sets are non-stop fun from start to finish. There will be PLENTY of Offer music featured on this blog as, aside from Junior Vasquez and Tony Moran, Offer is one of my all time favorites!

Offer Nissim feat Maya - Wish You Were Here (JM's Radio Mix)

Offer Nissim feat Maya - Be My Boyfriend (JM's Radio Edit)

Friday, September 21, 2007

Classic Alert!!!!

Once upon a time in 1982, two people crossed paths in Hull, England. Tracey Thorn and Ben Watt were both attending the University of Hull when both were signed to the same indie record label, Cherry Red Records.
The rest is history, so to speak.
When the duo formed Everything But The Girl (taken from the slogan of a well-known furniture shop in Hull named Turners), they started releasing cd's in the UK beginning in 1984.
While they were successful in the UK, they had failed to make any waves here in the US until this song from 1993. Thanks to remixer Todd Terry who took "Missing" and turned it into an international hit, sailing to number 2 in the US (#3 in the UK) and staying in the Billboard Hot 100 for well over a year.
However, Junior Vasquez also supplied a remix that never saw an official release unfortunately. While Todd Terry's mix became an instant classic, it's Junior's mix that really shines here.
My favorite thing about this mix, aside from just being generally gorgeous, is how Junior took the line "Put your loving arms around me" from Billie Ray Martin's "Your Loving Arms" and sampled it in the chorus. Genious!!
Everything But The Girl - Missing (JM's Junior Vasquez Radio Edit)

Annie Lennox: Friend or Foe of dance music?

When you get to be at a level of stature such as Annie Lennox, it's only natural to assume that dance floor friendly versions of your songs are going to arise. I mean, we've all heard COUNTLESS remixes of The Eurythmics' "Sweet Dreams" and Annie's label themselves has released remixes to her songs such as "No More I Love You's" and this song, "Pavement Cracks" from her 2003 album "Bare".

Knowing that, I was very surprised to learn how Annie fought tooth and nail not to have the remixes (courtesy of Peter Rauhofer and Thunderpuss) of 1999's unstoppable anthem "17 Again" released.

Who knows what Annie really wants or even if she had a say in this, but thankfully, the package contained remixes by Goldtrix, Scumfrog, Shanghai Surprise and Mac Quayle. The Goldtrix and Scumfrog ones were duds in my eyes and while I like the Shanghai Surprise one, it can be a little too happy for the substance of this song (read: Almighty). Mac Quayle, however, stepped it up with a very lush production that always makes me happy everytime I hear it.

Annie Lennox - Pavement Cracks (JM's Mac Quayle Radio Edit)

I swear all the best music comes from abroad...

Some of the greatest vocals come from places you would never expect them to and Kane is no exception.

Formed in 1998 in Deutchland by lead singer Dinand Woesthoff and guitarist Dennis van Leeuwen, Kane released their first CD "As Long As You Want This" in 1999 and was well received by audiences, achieving double platinum sales and spawning the hit single "Where Do I Go Now"

However, it's this song, originally released in 2002 off their 3rd CD "Fearless" that found it's way here. While the original version only charted at #14, the Tiesto remix, released in 2003 charted at #6.

I love male vocals and I don't feel that there are enough of them and this is a SOLID vocal here with a stunning mix by Tiesto!

Kane - Rain Down On Me (JM's Tiesto Radio Edit)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sylver Logan Sharp's Unkown Legacy

This is the song that took the world by storm in 2005!!!

Jonathan Peters created a masterpiece with this one and it was completely unavoidable and why would you? Everything about this track is right.

Great song. Great vocalist. Great production.

But long before Jonathan Peters had Sylver, she was making waves of her own, getting chosen in 1991 to lead the Chic reunion band. Yes, THAT Chic: "Awwww freak out! Le freak, sais Chic! Freak out!" who have been selling out shows all over Europe!

Not only that but this electifying performer also did backup vocals for dance music titan Donna Summer.

"All This Time" spent a mindblowing 20 PLUS weeks on Billboard's charts and it's no secret as to why.

Here, clocking in around 5 minutes or so, is my essential edit for this outstanding track. As my friend says "This song just soothes the soul!" Hah! And it's true.

My favorite part: "Yup. I'm fading..." Haha! Live for it!!

Keep your ears open for a forthcoming solo release from Sylver including the first single, a sweet ballad called "Can I Open My Eyes".

Jonathan Peters feat Sylver Logan Sharp - All This Time (JM's Radio Mix)

I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want...

C'mon, admit it. We were all part of the phenomenon in SOME way.
Whether it was humming along to "Wannabe" or sitting through the Spice World movie (one of my favorites btw), we've all had our share of the Spice Girls.
And if they can have a reunion tour, then I can revive this mix!
David Morales did a wonderful job with this song and his version was even featured in the club scene of the Spice World movie (right before Nikola has the baby lmao!).
Give it a listen, you cannot deny the fabulous piano line David uses in this mix!
Spice Girls - Who Do You Think You Are (JM's David Morales Radio Mix)

I Drove All Night: A Retrospective

There are certain pop songs that just seem to stand out from the rest. "I Drove All Night" in all it's incarnations is one of those songs for me.
While I do favor the version I linked below, there is a little bit of background to this song.
Originally written by Billy Steinberg and Tom Kelly for Roy Orbison in 1987, it was Cyndi Lauper's version in 1989 that became a top-ten hit (and subsequently her last top-ten hit to date). Roy's version never saw the light of day until 1992, after it was released posthumously after Roy had passed away.
However, it was in 2003 that this song saw the light of day once again when Celine Dion decided to re-record it for her One Heart album. Like Billie Ray Martin, what can't Celine sing? Her vocals soar in this one and Hex Hector's remix keeps up perfectly with her throughout.
This song went to number 1 for Celine in 3 countries and was in the top-ten charts of 10 other countries! Even though in their own rights, Cyndi's and Roy's versions are great, Celine's takes the cake for me!
The song was even featured in TV commercials for the Chrysler Pacifica crossover vehicle.
Celine Dion - I Drove All Night (JM's Hex Hector Radio Edit)

Gwen Stefani is Yummy!

This is totally another guilty pleasure. Now, don't get me wrong, I adore Gwen, but this second solo CD I thought SUCKED big time!! Her first one was brilliant and this just seemed like a re-hash of stuff other people have already did.
So it came as quite a surprise to me when I was in Baltimore and I heard a THUMPING version of this on the dancefloor! I thought it was so good that it could've well as been the original version (which I know it's not).
Originally produced by The Neptunes and featuring Pharrell, DJ Jose Spinnin Cortes got his hands on this and made this into dancefloor drama! Voguers take your marks because this one has attitude written ALL over it!
Gwen Stefani feat Pharrell - Yummy (JM's Jose Spinnin Radio Edit)

Billie Ray Martin: My Favorite German Import!

Aside from Kristine W, Billie Ray Martin is one of my other top favorite dance music voices. She possesses such a raw yet elegant and soulful voice, it's almost difficult to catagorize her.
She's one of those women who when I hear her I think, is there anything she CAN'T sing??
Born in Hamburg, Germany, most people know her for her dance classic "Your Loving Arms" from 1995. I can assure you that there has been much more amazing music from her since then!
Here are three amazing offerings from Miss Martin:
Billie Ray Martin - Systems Of Silence (JM's Junior Vasquez Earth Radio Edit)
- With very abstract lyrics and Junior's fast, stabbing synths, this one is sure to rock the dancefloor clocking in at 133 BPM.
Billie Ray Martin - Searching (JM's Junior Vasquez Radio Edit)
- Quite possibly my favorite Billie track, her haunting and smooth lyrical delivery on this makes for quite the audio-orgasm! Junior's very simple production (love the timpani's!) fits perfectly with what Billie is trying to convey. My favorite line: "I heard you say there is nothing more that we can do now but I believe there is nothing worse than nothing at all..."
Billie Ray Martin - Honey (JM's Deep Dish Radio Mix)
- Junior also did a remix of this that I enjoy alot, but I feel that Deep Dish's production flows much better. It's slower than Junior's mix, but the smooth synths that Deep Dish uses gives it a little more depth. Favorite line of this one: "If I said that I would re-invent myself. And if I told you yesterday I was somebody else. Would you listen to me? Would you let me?"

How dance classics are made...

This song is without a doubt in my top 5 favorite vocal house songs ever!
Danbury, CT native, Dawn Tallman sings her heart out full of passion and love and life on this track and turns out an instant classic. Miss Tallman has been with the best of them, doing backup work for Patti LaBelle, KC & Jojo & Stephanie Mills, among many others.
Dawn has had quite a few singles on the Billboard charts such as "Feel It" (Nervous Records), "Wake Up" (Nervous Records), "Be Encouraged" (Rampage Records), "Let It Go" (Nervous Records) and "Heavenly Lights" (Slaag Records).
The heartfelt lyrics combine perfectly with the production on this one and both Gomi and Junior Vasquez' versions are stellar. Gomi took a more soulful road and Junior, while keeping with that, gave it a little bit more punch for the dancefloor.
Dawn's MySpace:
Dawn Tallman - Save A Place On The Dancefloor For Me (JM's Junior Vasquez Radio Edit)

Where is she???

In 2000 and 2001 this little girl, whom information about is scarce, burned up the dance charts with hits such as "In Stereo" by Flip Flip feat Faith Trent and "Body (Reach Out)" produced by Widelife.
However, it was this song that never saw a proper release that really was her best work. Bear in mind that at the time of recording, this girl was only about 14 or 15 years old.
I know that here in NYC she had her own show at (now defunct) John Blair's XL Bar for a short while but other than that, what happened to her?? She seems to have fallen off the radar! If anyone out there has info, I would love to know!
This song, produced by Hani, was a favorite of NYC DJ Junior Vasquez and later ended up as a cover version and single from Jason Walker on his JVM (Junior Vasquez Music) debut album "This Is My Life".
And while Jason did a great job with this song, it's still Faith's version that I prefer.
Faith Trent - Foolish Mind Games (JM's Hani Radio Mix)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Lovin really IS her game!!

Ok, first things first. Here's a little insight into my musical taste...

If the artist looks like her, I immediately love her! Big black women are ALWAYS welcomed on my radio!

Which is why it comes as no surprise that Ann Nesby (former lead singer of gospel group Sounds Of Blackness) should end up here on my blog. Ann also happens to be Paris Bennett's grandmother, who garnered her place in the spotlight on TV's American Idol last season.

And God bless Thunderpuss for turning out an INSANE high energy anthem that does WONDERS for Ann's more than lifesize voice! And really, how can you argue with lyrics like "I can't catch no man hangin out at the discotheque. Oh, I believe in the boogie, but the boogie don't believe in me!"

Thunderpuss for me was everything that I wanted in dance music and I truly believe that they are a big part of what's missing from today's dance music. A boy can dream though. This was a very big chore to cut down but I did my best while trying to keep all the wailing I love in the song! Haha!

And back in 2000 this song earned Ann a number one spot on Billboard' Dance/Club Play charts, which made it number 3 of her consecutive top 5 songs on the same chart.

Ann Nesby - Lovin Is Really My Game (JM's Thunderpuss Radio Mix)

One of my current guilty pleasures

I almost hate to admit it, but I do love this mix.
Up until DJ Tomer G got his hands on it, this originally was a song that made me twitch.
Don't get me wrong, I love me some ghetto music from time to time, but the whole "Whine up! Whine up! Whine up! Oh yeah!" chorus drove me to drink.
Again, under Tomer G's expert reconstruction, this song is not just tolerable but a damn good dance floor killer!! Especially the little breakdown where it goes into a similar reggaeton beat like the original! Genious!!
Kat DeLuna feat Elephant Man - Whine Up (JM's Tomer G English Radio Edit)

The Roc Project feat Tina Arena - Never (Past Tense)

Alot of dance songs are of the "fuck you, die!" theme and that's why we can all relate. We've all been there.

While this one is along the same vein, it's a little bit more clever and Australian pop star Tina Arena gives this song a fantastic amount of passion and pain behind the biting lyrics: "I can't be with you again. Don't remind me of the good times that we had. I've learned alot from us since then and I never want these feelings to ever come again... You'll never hear me crying. You'll never see me trying to love you once again. Your love is so past tense..."

Add that together with superstar DJ Tiesto's incredible production and you get a dancefloor classic!

The Roc Project feat Tina Arena - Never (Past Tense) (JM's Tiesto Radio Edit)

Meanwhile back at the W ranch...

What can I possibly say about Miss Kristine W?

She is arguably the best voice in dance music we've got. She's gorgeous, multi-talented (she plays numerous instruments) and she hold the Billboard record for the the most number one consecutive dance songs by any artist (beating out Madonna & Janet Jackson).

Till Celine Dion came to Las Vegas, she was Vegas' highest paid performer! Vegas actually designated a "Kristine W Day"!

Mother of 2 and a survivor of Acute Mycleod Leukemia, nothing has stopped her from getting out her messages of hope and positivity.

I've met her on several accounts and her talent is backed up by her bubbly and down-to-earth personality. I really can't say enough about this woman!

Part of what makes Kristine so great is her ability to work with producers who know how to get the best out of her.
To me, I truly believe that Junior Vasquez (pictured here with Kristine) is able to do just that.
He was the first person to introduce her to club land one magical night at Soundfactory in NYC when she walked out onto the stage and no one could believe she was actually a white girl!!
Since then, their collaborations have resulted in some amazing pieces of clubland drama!
Kristine, Im sure, will get featured here time and again but here are 3 edits that I've done to get the ball rolling:
Kristine W - Be Alright (JM's Offer Nissim Dub Radio Edit)
- This song was featured on Offer Nissim's double disc effort "Forever Tel-Aviv" CD and when I got the chance to meet Kristine in Baltimore, I asked her about and as it turns out, this is only a DUB! There's a full vocal on the way (dear GOD any day now!) which I am DYING to hear!! Till then, there's this!

Kristine W - The Wonder Of It All (JM's Offer Nissim Black Intro Radio Edit)
- Long before Offer Nissim made his way to America, he was a superstar DJ hailing from Tel Aviv. Over in Tel Aviv, and only available as imports, were 3 CD's he released including one of all original productions/mixes. The CD titled "Offer Nissim" included the "Intro Mix" of this song which is something that Offer is famous for doing. He lives for the drama (watch him DJ for 30 min!) and you'll see what I mean when you hear this.
Kristine W - Land Of The Living (JM's Junior Vasquez New Vocal Radio Edit)
- ANTHEM ALERT!!! She WAILS on this one!!! I can't get enough of this! This is one of the songs that started it all and this is how anthems should sound! I live for Junior's loop of "In the music...In-In the music..."

Welcome Everyone!

Hello all!!

There's a few reasons why I (John Michael) decided to start this blog:

1) I love dance music and don't feel it gets anywhere NEAR the appreciation it should.

2) Because not everyone can listen to 12+ minute anthems of dance music.

3) I have SO much dance music and (courtesy of Sony Acid) love to make edits for myself and my friends

4) I thought it would be great to share them with the rest of the world.

Having considered all those things, here we are.

My friends make fun of me and say that there has to be a show I can go on and win money with all the useless (albeit interesting and fun for me) knowledge I have about (dance) music so I'll be including my own opinions and 'liner notes' as well.

Im always up for learning more about music and these artists in general, and since more often than not, information about these artists is scarce, I don't mind being corrected or informed should you know more about them than I do!

As always, comments are always welcomed!

Take care all and enjoy the music!

~ John Michael ~