Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Roc Project feat Tina Arena - Never (Past Tense)

Alot of dance songs are of the "fuck you, die!" theme and that's why we can all relate. We've all been there.

While this one is along the same vein, it's a little bit more clever and Australian pop star Tina Arena gives this song a fantastic amount of passion and pain behind the biting lyrics: "I can't be with you again. Don't remind me of the good times that we had. I've learned alot from us since then and I never want these feelings to ever come again... You'll never hear me crying. You'll never see me trying to love you once again. Your love is so past tense..."

Add that together with superstar DJ Tiesto's incredible production and you get a dancefloor classic!

The Roc Project feat Tina Arena - Never (Past Tense) (JM's Tiesto Radio Edit)

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