Friday, September 28, 2007

Chante's Got A Man!

San Franciscan Chante Moore, had a similar childhood to alot of R&B artists. Born to a gospel minister, started singin in church...etc... and at age 22, Chante was discovered and signed to MCA records by executive Louil Silas.
Having been nominated for a Grammy on the "Waiting To Exhale" soundtrack and winning the American Music Award for the same nomination, Chante had continued success on the R&B charts with hits like "Love's Taken Over" and "It's Alright" throughout the 90's.
Her 1999 single "Chante's Got A Man" hit number 2 on the US R&B charts and number 10 on the US pop charts but it's this song, "Straight Up" off her 2000 effort "Exposed" that caught my ear.
I remember hearing this mix back in the day at Limelight in the Chapel room all the time! DJ Lydia used to play this (I was 1 year shy before I would be able to hear Junior himself spin this a few blocks away at Twilo) and it was always one of my favorites!
One of the things I love about Junior is that he makes music for his crowd. With that, he's infamous for taking a song and making multiple mixes of it for placement at different times in the night.
This is one such song. I edited the Original club mix and the Discoverse mix as well. Both show two very different signs of Junior and his artistry. The original mix, due to the change in beats throughout the song, made it difficult to edit but I did the best I could! I hope you enjoy!!
Chante Moore - Straight Up (JM's Junior Vasquez Radio Edit)
Chante Moore - Straight Up (JM's Junior Vasquez Discoverse Radio Edit)

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