Friday, September 21, 2007

Annie Lennox: Friend or Foe of dance music?

When you get to be at a level of stature such as Annie Lennox, it's only natural to assume that dance floor friendly versions of your songs are going to arise. I mean, we've all heard COUNTLESS remixes of The Eurythmics' "Sweet Dreams" and Annie's label themselves has released remixes to her songs such as "No More I Love You's" and this song, "Pavement Cracks" from her 2003 album "Bare".

Knowing that, I was very surprised to learn how Annie fought tooth and nail not to have the remixes (courtesy of Peter Rauhofer and Thunderpuss) of 1999's unstoppable anthem "17 Again" released.

Who knows what Annie really wants or even if she had a say in this, but thankfully, the package contained remixes by Goldtrix, Scumfrog, Shanghai Surprise and Mac Quayle. The Goldtrix and Scumfrog ones were duds in my eyes and while I like the Shanghai Surprise one, it can be a little too happy for the substance of this song (read: Almighty). Mac Quayle, however, stepped it up with a very lush production that always makes me happy everytime I hear it.

Annie Lennox - Pavement Cracks (JM's Mac Quayle Radio Edit)