Friday, September 21, 2007

Classic Alert!!!!

Once upon a time in 1982, two people crossed paths in Hull, England. Tracey Thorn and Ben Watt were both attending the University of Hull when both were signed to the same indie record label, Cherry Red Records.
The rest is history, so to speak.
When the duo formed Everything But The Girl (taken from the slogan of a well-known furniture shop in Hull named Turners), they started releasing cd's in the UK beginning in 1984.
While they were successful in the UK, they had failed to make any waves here in the US until this song from 1993. Thanks to remixer Todd Terry who took "Missing" and turned it into an international hit, sailing to number 2 in the US (#3 in the UK) and staying in the Billboard Hot 100 for well over a year.
However, Junior Vasquez also supplied a remix that never saw an official release unfortunately. While Todd Terry's mix became an instant classic, it's Junior's mix that really shines here.
My favorite thing about this mix, aside from just being generally gorgeous, is how Junior took the line "Put your loving arms around me" from Billie Ray Martin's "Your Loving Arms" and sampled it in the chorus. Genious!!
Everything But The Girl - Missing (JM's Junior Vasquez Radio Edit)

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Bradley said...

Hello John Michael!

I came across your blog because I have been searching high and low for the Junior Vasquez remix of Missing. I have really enjoyed looking at all of your wonderful remix edits. However, I am so sad to see that the song that I came here searching for is gone. Is there anyway you could reupload it for a new and soon to be faithful reader?