Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Dave Matthews Band: Ready for the dance floor??

This is a very interesting idea. Dave Matthews fans tend to hate this and house music fans tend to hate it as well.
But there has to be some kind of audience for this I suppose?
Granted, I myself have a very big dislike for DMB, mainly because I think Dave is an awful singer and at many times very hard to understand. However, I do feel that anyone who can read and write music and play instruments has to have some kind of talent. So it may not be my cup of tea but they do have a very large following.
I was very surprised to learn that DJ Tiesto decided to remix this song, which never saw a commercial release and was only out on a promo vinyl a few years ago. My friend Ryan loves both DMB and Tiesto (there's an exception to every rule I suppose) and he played this for me and I have to say, Tiesto made the very unlistenable listenable. While I don't always have an idea what Dave is singing, the synths that Tiesto provided feel very uplifting and etherial (even though the song itself is a sad song about a break-up). Tiesto really has a way of making the unusual song work in the clubs and I will give Dave credit for the nice melody of the song which allowed Tiesto to do so.
As if THAT weren't I enough, I recently discovered a Hani mix for a DMB song called "So Much To Say" (even though it was labeled as "Can't See The Light"). This mix, however unconventional, tries to make sense of another Dave song but doesn't quite come close to how Tiesto handled it.
So you can make your own judgements, Im just the messenger.
Dave Matthews Band - The Space Between (JM's Tiesto Radio Edit)
Dave Matthews Band - So Much To Say (JM's Hani Radio Edit)

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