Friday, September 28, 2007

She has survived!

You know the name and you know the voice. She has two of the biggest disco classics under her belt "I Will Survive" and "I Am What I Am" but back in 2000 she recorded this lost gem.
Giorgio Moroder, the King of Electronic Disco, was working on an album of older material and he wanted a well-known disco artist to put the finishing touches on the vocals to make it new material.
When Logic/BMG Records hear the song Gloria recorded, "Last Night" they knew she still had it and it led to a cover version of Tata Vega's 1979 hit "Just Keep Thinking About You". On the strength of that single, it led to her first album in over 15 years in the US, on Logic Records, "I Wish You Love" in 2002.
However, "Last Night" was picked up by European remixing team Almighty and they gave this song a diva-vocal anthem that I'm sure had drag queens all over the world rejoicing! Hah!
Gloria Gaynor - The Last Night (JM's Almighty Radio Edit)

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