Saturday, September 22, 2007

A house music obsession of mine

Long before I really knew who Offer Nissim was I was listening to his music. I discovered an Israeli singer by the name of Dana International and at the time Offer was producing all of her music. Little did I know what this man was actually capable of.

Then, the dance music juggernaut "First Time" blew up all over dance floors around the world and a new sound (in the US anyway) had surfaced. The beats were tough but the vocals, courtesy of 28 year old Maya Siman-Tov, were angelic and tender.

Maya was first introduced to Yinon Yahel (Offer's right hand man) at a friends studio in Israel and fate it seemed had begun to take it's course. Yinon and Maya recorded their first song together and Yinon later introduced her to Offer.

The trio made for an amazing collaboration and I've yet to find a song by them that I DON'T like! Their first effort, "First Time" is a collection of dance tracks that just doesn't quit! I highly reccommend this to everyone! It was hailed as one of Israel's all time best dance albums.

As a DJ, Offer has an incredible amount of energy and his sets are non-stop fun from start to finish. There will be PLENTY of Offer music featured on this blog as, aside from Junior Vasquez and Tony Moran, Offer is one of my all time favorites!

Offer Nissim feat Maya - Wish You Were Here (JM's Radio Mix)

Offer Nissim feat Maya - Be My Boyfriend (JM's Radio Edit)

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