Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sylver Logan Sharp's Unkown Legacy

This is the song that took the world by storm in 2005!!!

Jonathan Peters created a masterpiece with this one and it was completely unavoidable and why would you? Everything about this track is right.

Great song. Great vocalist. Great production.

But long before Jonathan Peters had Sylver, she was making waves of her own, getting chosen in 1991 to lead the Chic reunion band. Yes, THAT Chic: "Awwww freak out! Le freak, sais Chic! Freak out!" who have been selling out shows all over Europe!

Not only that but this electifying performer also did backup vocals for dance music titan Donna Summer.

"All This Time" spent a mindblowing 20 PLUS weeks on Billboard's charts and it's no secret as to why.

Here, clocking in around 5 minutes or so, is my essential edit for this outstanding track. As my friend says "This song just soothes the soul!" Hah! And it's true.

My favorite part: "Yup. I'm fading..." Haha! Live for it!!

Keep your ears open for a forthcoming solo release from Sylver including the first single, a sweet ballad called "Can I Open My Eyes".

Jonathan Peters feat Sylver Logan Sharp - All This Time (JM's Radio Mix)

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CawfeeGuy said...

are ALL club singers incredibly grotesque?