Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Lovin really IS her game!!

Ok, first things first. Here's a little insight into my musical taste...

If the artist looks like her, I immediately love her! Big black women are ALWAYS welcomed on my radio!

Which is why it comes as no surprise that Ann Nesby (former lead singer of gospel group Sounds Of Blackness) should end up here on my blog. Ann also happens to be Paris Bennett's grandmother, who garnered her place in the spotlight on TV's American Idol last season.

And God bless Thunderpuss for turning out an INSANE high energy anthem that does WONDERS for Ann's more than lifesize voice! And really, how can you argue with lyrics like "I can't catch no man hangin out at the discotheque. Oh, I believe in the boogie, but the boogie don't believe in me!"

Thunderpuss for me was everything that I wanted in dance music and I truly believe that they are a big part of what's missing from today's dance music. A boy can dream though. This was a very big chore to cut down but I did my best while trying to keep all the wailing I love in the song! Haha!

And back in 2000 this song earned Ann a number one spot on Billboard' Dance/Club Play charts, which made it number 3 of her consecutive top 5 songs on the same chart.

Ann Nesby - Lovin Is Really My Game (JM's Thunderpuss Radio Mix)


Marko said...

Ann Nesby is great! But, she's not Paris' aunt but grandma.

CawfeeGuy said...

sweet mother of Meg Tilly.
i did not need to see her before my coffee.