Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Welcome Everyone!

Hello all!!

There's a few reasons why I (John Michael) decided to start this blog:

1) I love dance music and don't feel it gets anywhere NEAR the appreciation it should.

2) Because not everyone can listen to 12+ minute anthems of dance music.

3) I have SO much dance music and (courtesy of Sony Acid) love to make edits for myself and my friends

4) I thought it would be great to share them with the rest of the world.

Having considered all those things, here we are.

My friends make fun of me and say that there has to be a show I can go on and win money with all the useless (albeit interesting and fun for me) knowledge I have about (dance) music so I'll be including my own opinions and 'liner notes' as well.

Im always up for learning more about music and these artists in general, and since more often than not, information about these artists is scarce, I don't mind being corrected or informed should you know more about them than I do!

As always, comments are always welcomed!

Take care all and enjoy the music!

~ John Michael ~

1 comment:

PWLfrenchfan said...

I just came to your blog yesterday from a link on another blog and I've added you to my fvourites in a second!
We share the same love for dance/house mixes AND short radio edits so you're the perfect place for me to find your own well-made edits of epic mixes I'd love if they weren't boring over 5'...
So keep doin' the good work, Tony Moran, Peter Rauhofer, Bimbo Jones, Moto Blanco, Freemasons, Hex Hector & Co, Chris Cox, Josh Harris, Georgie Porgie, Mike Rizzo, Love To Infinity, Junior Vasquez, David Morales, Frankie Knuckles, Soulzeekerz, Soul Solution, Jonathan Peters, Soundfactory, Giuseppe D. and more!