Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Meanwhile back at the W ranch...

What can I possibly say about Miss Kristine W?

She is arguably the best voice in dance music we've got. She's gorgeous, multi-talented (she plays numerous instruments) and she hold the Billboard record for the the most number one consecutive dance songs by any artist (beating out Madonna & Janet Jackson).

Till Celine Dion came to Las Vegas, she was Vegas' highest paid performer! Vegas actually designated a "Kristine W Day"!

Mother of 2 and a survivor of Acute Mycleod Leukemia, nothing has stopped her from getting out her messages of hope and positivity.

I've met her on several accounts and her talent is backed up by her bubbly and down-to-earth personality. I really can't say enough about this woman!

Part of what makes Kristine so great is her ability to work with producers who know how to get the best out of her.
To me, I truly believe that Junior Vasquez (pictured here with Kristine) is able to do just that.
He was the first person to introduce her to club land one magical night at Soundfactory in NYC when she walked out onto the stage and no one could believe she was actually a white girl!!
Since then, their collaborations have resulted in some amazing pieces of clubland drama!
Kristine, Im sure, will get featured here time and again but here are 3 edits that I've done to get the ball rolling:
Kristine W - Be Alright (JM's Offer Nissim Dub Radio Edit)
- This song was featured on Offer Nissim's double disc effort "Forever Tel-Aviv" CD and when I got the chance to meet Kristine in Baltimore, I asked her about and as it turns out, this is only a DUB! There's a full vocal on the way (dear GOD any day now!) which I am DYING to hear!! Till then, there's this!

Kristine W - The Wonder Of It All (JM's Offer Nissim Black Intro Radio Edit)
- Long before Offer Nissim made his way to America, he was a superstar DJ hailing from Tel Aviv. Over in Tel Aviv, and only available as imports, were 3 CD's he released including one of all original productions/mixes. The CD titled "Offer Nissim" included the "Intro Mix" of this song which is something that Offer is famous for doing. He lives for the drama (watch him DJ for 30 min!) and you'll see what I mean when you hear this.
Kristine W - Land Of The Living (JM's Junior Vasquez New Vocal Radio Edit)
- ANTHEM ALERT!!! She WAILS on this one!!! I can't get enough of this! This is one of the songs that started it all and this is how anthems should sound! I live for Junior's loop of "In the music...In-In the music..."

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