Monday, June 30, 2008

Shirtless wonders...wreck my sight...under the light!!

So yes, I am obsessed with the David Beckham Armani Underwear Ad's, so you, the reader, will have some delicious eye candy with the next few posts as I celebrate what I can only describe as sex on legs: David Beckham's Package!

I'm working on edits for a Junior Vasquez post, so stay tuned for that soon, as well as a new mixshow post!


Elize - Lovesick (Beatfreakz Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**New comer Elize may have some staying power if she keeps releasing stuff like this. She's cute and latin and the song is an adorable piece of up-tempo pop and now that the Beatfreakz got their hands on it, they made it a great summer song, perfect for any Tea dance!**

LeAnn Rimes - Headphones (Almighty Anthem Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**Another great dance song from LeAnn! Will she just take the hint already--Drop the country stuff and strap on your stilletto's and head to the club! It's fun and light and not OVERLY cheesy as Almighty can tend to be. Fun stuff here!!**

Chris Rockford vs Jennifer Paige - Crush 2008 (Chris Rockford Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**I dunno who Chris Rockford is but I wanna tell him we need a full vocal for this!!! This is TOTAL fun!! I've been a fan of this song since it first came out and I love it just as much now as I did then! Rockford uses the dancefloor staple filter effects here as most remixers have been when they revive these older songs and it works, but a full vocal would be awesome instead of just this teaser chorus mix! I hope you read this Chris!!!**

Ron Perkov - I Get Off (Tony Moran & Warren Rigg Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**It seems that Ron Perkov can do just about anything. He's been a backup singer to being cast in Broadway's "Mack & Mabel", had 2 Billboard Top Ten hits and was featured on Tony Moran's soundtrack to the movie "Circuit" with the fabulous song "Love Divine". This time around Ron's teamed up with Tony Moran to make a CD called "Intimate Chill Out". Produced by Ron, Tony Moran and Mike Lorello and featuring songs written by Ron, Tony Moran & Allan Dennis Rich (who was responsible for Kristine W's "Walk Away") the CD is very flattering to Ron's smooth voice but I'm betting Miss Moran just couldn't wait to remix this shit out of it!! And thank God he did! I love this track!!**

Cyndi Lauper - Into The Nightlife (JM's Soul Seekerz Radio Mix)
**The original of this might be one of my favorite songs of 2008 and it's surely my favorite Cyndi song ever! I've been living for this for months and I was just waiting for some good mixes! Well this is the first one up and as always, the Soul Seekerz do NOT dissappoint!! This mix is SLAMMIN!!!! Cyndi sounds completely at home with beats behind her and this one is sure to burn up ANY dancefloor!! TURN IT THE F**K UP!!!!**

Danity Kane - Damaged (JM's Richie Rich Radio Edit)
**Be warned! This one is NOT house music! When I was growing up, most of what I listened to was Freestyle music, which as far as I'm concerned, paved the way for what we know now as house music. I loved it then and I still do and so when I came across this mix (Thanks to my affiliate Don't Stop The Musik ) I was curious to see how someone would handle a freestyle version of this song. The result: I love it! It's such an interesting idea and really puts a fantastically different feel to the song! It reminds me alot of Debbie Deb's "When I Hear Music". I hope you all enjoy it!!**

BONUS EDIT: I swore I would never post this artist's work for certain reasons but I'm so in love with this mix and I KNOW you all will be or already are, so check it out here. Trust me, this is not one to miss. Possibly my best edit of 2008.
Hint: Many Arguements Don't Only Need New Answers

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Just Dance

Ok, so yes, I realize that David Beckham's new Armani underwear add has NOTHING to do with my blog, but he's just so insanely hot I wanted to post it.

Now that you're done drooling, please enjoy these edits! Haha!

Lady Gaga - Just Dance (Harry Choo Choo Romero's Bambossa Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**This might be my favorite song of the summer! I absolutely love this song in every form. The original is amazing and out of all the mixes, this is the one I like the best, second place is Trevor Simpsons. So blast this one and shake yo ass!!!!**

Ashlee Simpson - Little Miss Obsessive (Dave Aude Radio Edit) **Official Edit** **I never really got into Ashlee but there have been some good mixes of her stuff. This one is kinda fun as well. Dave Aude really has evolved into a sound that is all his own. A little bit of pop and little bit of electro and it works.**

SK8 - Amnesty (Chris Cox Radio Edit) **Official Edit** **SK8's back with a new track and I love it just as much as I've loved her other ones. Her and boyfriend, Chris Cox, have that magic for some great hard hitting house thumpers and this one follows in that succession.**

The Ting Tings - Shut Up And Let Me Go (Haji & Emmanuel Radio Edit) **Official Edit** **I heard of these through my hubby and he heard their first single 'Great DJ' and I loved it! So I got ahold of their CD and instantly fell in love with this song. The original is straight up disco funk so I knew this one would translate well and it has!!**

Michelle Williams - We Break The Dawn (Karmatronic Radio Edit) **Official Edit** **Michelle always seemed to be the bastard of Destiny's Child to me. She was the older one and then she did that gospel CD and I never thought she'd come back for that. Boy was *I* wrong!!! This song is AWESOME and Karmatronic did a great job with a funky flavor that's perfect for the summer!**

Estelle feat Kanye West - American boy (Soul Seekerz Radio Edit) **Official Edit** **Estelle's fame only keeps rising as her name keeps popping up everywhere and you can see why! They even featured this song as the first song on So You Think You Can Dance. Soul Seekerz of course turn it out once again!!**

Dragonette - Take It Like A Man (Bimbo Jones Radio Edit) **Official Edit** **Born in Canada and based in London, this electropop brand is shooting to stardom overseas. They were named the #1 Pop Act To Look For in 2007 and this is one of the reasons why. This song all kinds of fun from the word go (especially thanks to Bimbo Jones' stellar mix)! They even wrote and produced the song "Grab A Hold" for Cyndi Lauper's new cd Bring Ya To The Brink which I also adore!**

Metro Station - Shake It (Lenny B Radio Edit) **Official Edit** **I love all these pop-rock songs that are getting remixed these days! They almost always turn out to be a whole lot of fun and it's just great to hear a gritty male vocal sometimes! This song hit number 10 on Billboard's US Hot 100 and it doesn't look like they'll be going anywhere for a little while. And of course, Lenny B produced a great electro-pop remix here with some incredible energy!**

Monday, June 23, 2008

Sometimes I need more than a radio edit :-P

Hey everyone!!

I hope you all enjoyed the Peter Rauhofer post!! I wanted to add something different for this post, and I'm sure these will pop up now and again...

I made a mixshow of a couple of songs that I love. Some old, some new but all songs that make me shake it lol. I usually use these for when I'm at the gym but they're fun for me nonetheless...especially since I had to take a break from DJing to go to school now, so working on a mixshow helps fill that void! Im sorry it's all one track, but you shouldn't be skipping through it anyway!! Hahaha! Especially check out track 9 where Israeli DJ Gil Shwartz works the theme song from the soundtrack of the horror movie "Saw". It's craaaaaaaazy!!!

What's even better about this is that it includes an original work from me. Track 6 is something I did all on my own! I used the background track from LEX's mix of Jason & DeMarco's "Trying To Get To You" and laid some of the S&M accapella's from Inda Matrix. Deconstructed, reconstructed and edited and here you have it! There's some fun drop outs in it, so keep your ears open! It's very Black Party and I hope you all like it!!!

Feedback always welcomed!!! And if any of my fellow bloggers out there wanna spread the love and use the link on their blogs, by all means go right ahead! Just gimme credit and link them to my page! Thanks!!

Oh and extra thanks to Frank, my friend Billy's roommate for inspiring the name of the mixshow! It's very "dramatique"!

DJ John Michael - Dark & Dancey (June 2008)

Track Listing:
1) Intro: So Get Up - Underground Sound Of Lisbon/Higher - Sanny X feat Tina Charles (Original Mix)
2) How Deep Can You Go - Dynamix feat Deborah Cooper (Dynamix Unreleased Vocal Mix)
3) My Body Tu Cuerpo - Sweet Sensation feat Betty Dee (Dynamix NYC Mix)
4) I Get Off - Ron Perkov (Tony Moran & Warren Rigg Mix)
5) Movin On - Dynamix feat Sabrina Johnston (Dynamix NYC Mix)
6) S&M Lessons - LEX vs Inda Matrix (John Michael's Trying To Get His Lessons Mix)
7) Put Your Hands Up - Tony Moran feat Everett Bradley (Tony Moran Mix)
8) It's My Life - Zelma Davis (Deep Influence Mix)
9) The Saw - Gil Shwartz (Original Mix)
10) Goodbye - Angelica DeNo (Dom Capello Philharmonic Mix)
11) I Got A Feelin 07 - Vicki Shepard feat Jeanie Tracy (Tony Moran vs Ralphi Rosario Mix)
12) Love You All Over - Jillian (Popstar Mix)
13) Don't Break My Heart 2002 - Sa-Fire (Tony Moran Anthem Mix)

Friday, June 20, 2008

Peter Rauhofer

Ok, so it seems like Peter was edging the competition out with Offer Nissim a close second. Don't worry, all the DJ's I listed will get their day in the sun, but lets get Peter's outta the way first :-P

As you may or may not know, I've become a little disenchanted with Peter lately. The man's got talent and that can't be denied, but the sound he's evolved into lately just hasn't been doing it for me. Just a personal preference but here's some stuff that should keep the Peter fan's happy for awhile...

Britney Spears feat Madonna - Me Against The Music (Peter Rauhofer Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**I believe he did two mixes for this one. Correct me if I'm wrong and I think this edit is for his 'Sleaze Mix'. This was the time when I really started to fall out of favor with him. I thought that this one just sounded like electroclash for electroclash's sake. I know he's got creativity, I just wasn't feeling it in this mix.**

Celeda - Let The Music Use You Up (JM's Peter Rauhofer Radio Edit)
**The mix that will always reign supreme for me is the Hard Attack mix. Peter's is cute and has lot more vocals in it than the Hard Attack one but it just doesn't go anywhere for me. I do love me some Celeda though!**

Cher - Believe (JM's Peter Rauhofer Phunk Radio Edit)
**Let me get this out of the way: I LOVE CHER!!! She is my number one diva!! Mother of all divas!!! Now, conversly, I HATE this mix lol. Im sorry to be so down on some of this Peter stuff but I thought this mix was horrible when I first heard it and I still share that sentiment. This is one of the most upbeat, melody driven songs and Peter ripped it a apart with some weird electro-funk stuff that to me, just doesn't do this song any justice.**

Jahkey B feat Satta - Heart Attack (JM's Peter Rauhofer Radio Edit)
**I love this song as well, but again, for me, it's the Hector Fonseca mix of this that really nailed it. This one? Sorta cute, kinda boring for me. Peter oh Peter where for art thou??**

Laszlo Panaflex - Dance To The Music (JM's Peter Rauhofer Radio Edit)
**Ok, now THIS is what I'm talking about!!! Bravo Peter!! He kills it on this one!!! That bass line is gorgeous and the synths are just spectacular! Everything about this mix was genious!! The only person who might've had the edge on him with this, years later, is Luis Erre. Get that mix if you can, it's hardcore and off the hook. But out of the original remix package, Peter wins the crown. This was very tough for me to cut into but I did the best I could! Hope you like it!**

Paris Hilton - Turn It Up (JM's Peter Rauhofer Does Paris Radio Edit)
**Peter did two mixes of this but this is my favorite one. Again, this is some great remix work done here and I don't care what anyone says, I enjoyed Paris' CD alot. Is she the best vocalist of our time? No. Does she claim to be? Hell no. It was just a fun project that she got great producers to work on and thanks to Peter, he kicked it up a notch and made it great for the dancefloor. So like Paris says, Turn this one UP!!!**

Rihanna - Don't Stop The Music (JM's Peter Rauhofer Reconstruction Radio Edit)
**This COULD'VE been an amazing mix and there are some sick elements to it, but the whole one verse only thing drives me nuts after awhile and he seems to be a fan of that. There's some awesome vocal stutters in this one though which I will give him props for but other than that, this mix doesn't go anywhere for me.**

Suzanne Palmer - Keep The Faith (Peter Rauhofer Album Version) **Official Edit**
**How could you NOT love Suzanne? She's got a voice to beat the band and she's SO cute!! This song makes me wanna stand up and have a revival!! Offer's mix is my favorite but this is definitely neck and neck with that. I love the full vocal here and much like Kristine W is to Junior, Suzanne is to Peter. There's just something he gets outta her that not many other producer's get outta her. The beginning of this song blows my mind--Work it the fuck out gurl!!!**

Suzanne Palmer - Sound Of The Drum (JM's Airmale vs Peter Rauhofer Radio Edit)
**When she says 'All she knows is the sound of the drum', she sure as hell ain't kidding! There's more drums in this song than anything I've heard! Hah! While it's heavy on percussion and is definitely interesting for more of an afterhours set, I prefer the original version myself. This one will keep you awake and wanting to hear what comes next though...**

Whitney Houston - It's Not Right But It's Okay (Club 69 Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**This is a Thunderpuss classic, sorry all. You can't touch that mix. Peter did put in something completely different which is worth listening to but Chris and Barry killed it on this one and you all know it! lolol. I do however believe that Peter did some of his best work under the Club 69 moniker. More of that to come!!**

Monday, June 16, 2008

An idea...

So I think what I want to do is feature different DJ's that I love and I thought that the best way to see where you're mood is at is to ask!

So pick the remixer here (leave your answer in the comments section) and I will work on either making edits for a post or posting any officials I have for that remixer.

First Post Picks:

Junior Vasquez
Offer Nissim
Peter Rauhofer


~ John Michael ~

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Songs That Got Away and Some That Didn't

Ashley Jade - On The Run (Joe Bermudez & Josh Harris Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**I got this CD at (which I LOVE) and I had higher hopes for it. While it's not AWFUL by any means, it doesn't really seem to go anywhere. At least not for me. I like alot of Joe's and Josh's mixes and while this has some of those elements, I think the problems could be in the song structure itself. At best it's cute but it's one of those songs that will keep you moving at the gym while you're waiting for a REALLY good song to come on.**

Bob Sinclar - Freedom (Thunderpuss Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**Long before he gave us 'World Hold On', 'Love Generation' and all those other anthems that they're now playing at Sweet 16's, Bob Sinclar's music was a little more on the underground side. Thunderpuss took a really great vocal and worked their magic with it. While this isn't one of the more known TP mixes, it's definitely a goodie. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Those guys can make a build up out of anything!**

Danity Kane - Damaged (Mike Rizzo Global Factory Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**I love this song. It's more than a guilty pleasure, it's a down right obsession. I've loved it since I first heard it as a low quality clip months ago. I just knew that it would get remixed. It's begging for one. And there have been mixes...quite a few actually...and to be honest, Im not 100% thrilled with any of them. Mike Rizzo did a good job with this and it's fun to listen to but doesn't quite pack the punch that the original has. See, the great thing about the original is that beat. It thumps, it's loud and it carries the song. When you take that element out, you're left with just another uptempo pop song and I feel that that is what alot of the remixes I've heard have done. But again, this mix is cute.**

Dirty Laundry - Bandolea (Original Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**This is one of those rare instrumentals that I'll post here. This was an additional track on the CD single for the song "Calabria" (not the same one that got popular as of recently) and I actually enjoyed this song more than the main song so I thought I'd post it. It's got a great beat and a great hook, played in an accordian-type sound which makes me wanna put a rose in my mouth and dance in my living room. Perfect for cleaning the apartment lol...**

Jocelyn Enriquez - When I Get Close To You (Thunderpuss Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**For me, this song falls into the catagory that me and my friend Billy call "The Fabled Top 3". As we discuss our music, we have different levels of enthusiasm. There's the "Hand Over Mouth" which means I'm completely gagging over it. Then there's the "This is so top 10" which means I love it and play it all the time now. And then there's the pinnacle: "This is TOTALLY Top 3" which means I will be listening to this till they put me in a box. This song is one of those for me. I will never tire of this song. C-L-A-S-S-I-C!!**

Kate Ryan - The Promise You Made (Joe Bermudez Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**I've loved Kate for awhile. She's blonde, she's Belgian and she has a great voice. The first song I heard by her ("Scream For More") blew me away as a great pop trance song which took the overseas charts over. Then I heard her cover of the Mylene Farmer french classic "Desenchantee" which was equally as brilliant. If you can, get her CD "Different". It's incredible. However, the high hopes I had for this song which would bring her BPM's down a bit to the 128 area just kinda fell flat. I think this might be one of those songs that might've made a better ballad than a dance song. You can judge.**

Katy Perry - I Kissed A Girl (Jason Nevins Rock The Club Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**I love this song!! LoL!! It's pure cheese but Katy has a great turn of phrase and a great voice to match. I've heard 3 of her songs and Im very much looking forward to her CD when it comes out. Jason Nevins did his classic style remix and this one works very well.**

Lauren Marie - My Heart (Dom Capello Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**Dom Capello doesn't get enough credit. Yes he's straight and primarily works for the Jonathan Peters types of dance music but as a solo artist his productions are stellar and should get more play than they seem too. This one was always a favorite of mine, released on Miswax records (another label fave of mine), Lauren may not have the best voice, but I would rock out to this for sure.**

Lisa Pure - I'm Over You (Original Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**We all love a good "Fuck You" song from time to time, right? Well this one delivers in the way it should. Penned by Lisa and Giuseppe D and produced by him as well, even with a lower bpm (somewhere between 125 &127) and some now-outdated piano sounds, it still makes me dance in my chair.**

SK8 - Nation (Chris Cox Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**I have to say that I feel very lucky to have experience the place that this song was written about. The now closed nightclub "Nation", formerly in Washington, DC is sorely missed. The cavernous space and wonderful management/staff always made for SUCH a great time when I got to go down there. It's only fitting that there should be a song written about it. Mixed by Chris Cox and Yiannis, who were favorites at Nation, the song just takes you there. Lyrics like "I know what you'll say/Better get my shit together someday/Try try but sometimes still getting home on Tuesday. You think it sounds crazy but it's just another night at Nation/If my eyes look hazy it was just another night at Nation." which basically describes everynight I've been there!**