Monday, June 23, 2008

Sometimes I need more than a radio edit :-P

Hey everyone!!

I hope you all enjoyed the Peter Rauhofer post!! I wanted to add something different for this post, and I'm sure these will pop up now and again...

I made a mixshow of a couple of songs that I love. Some old, some new but all songs that make me shake it lol. I usually use these for when I'm at the gym but they're fun for me nonetheless...especially since I had to take a break from DJing to go to school now, so working on a mixshow helps fill that void! Im sorry it's all one track, but you shouldn't be skipping through it anyway!! Hahaha! Especially check out track 9 where Israeli DJ Gil Shwartz works the theme song from the soundtrack of the horror movie "Saw". It's craaaaaaaazy!!!

What's even better about this is that it includes an original work from me. Track 6 is something I did all on my own! I used the background track from LEX's mix of Jason & DeMarco's "Trying To Get To You" and laid some of the S&M accapella's from Inda Matrix. Deconstructed, reconstructed and edited and here you have it! There's some fun drop outs in it, so keep your ears open! It's very Black Party and I hope you all like it!!!

Feedback always welcomed!!! And if any of my fellow bloggers out there wanna spread the love and use the link on their blogs, by all means go right ahead! Just gimme credit and link them to my page! Thanks!!

Oh and extra thanks to Frank, my friend Billy's roommate for inspiring the name of the mixshow! It's very "dramatique"!

DJ John Michael - Dark & Dancey (June 2008)

Track Listing:
1) Intro: So Get Up - Underground Sound Of Lisbon/Higher - Sanny X feat Tina Charles (Original Mix)
2) How Deep Can You Go - Dynamix feat Deborah Cooper (Dynamix Unreleased Vocal Mix)
3) My Body Tu Cuerpo - Sweet Sensation feat Betty Dee (Dynamix NYC Mix)
4) I Get Off - Ron Perkov (Tony Moran & Warren Rigg Mix)
5) Movin On - Dynamix feat Sabrina Johnston (Dynamix NYC Mix)
6) S&M Lessons - LEX vs Inda Matrix (John Michael's Trying To Get His Lessons Mix)
7) Put Your Hands Up - Tony Moran feat Everett Bradley (Tony Moran Mix)
8) It's My Life - Zelma Davis (Deep Influence Mix)
9) The Saw - Gil Shwartz (Original Mix)
10) Goodbye - Angelica DeNo (Dom Capello Philharmonic Mix)
11) I Got A Feelin 07 - Vicki Shepard feat Jeanie Tracy (Tony Moran vs Ralphi Rosario Mix)
12) Love You All Over - Jillian (Popstar Mix)
13) Don't Break My Heart 2002 - Sa-Fire (Tony Moran Anthem Mix)


candykidjade said...

Killer mixshow. You should try to talk to this online station to get it on air. They got this event going on for the 4th of july and they are looking for guest dj's. check them out Keep up the good work.

kiminthemix said...

Hi the link inst working, can you please repost it thanks