Friday, October 5, 2007

Sometimes I don't have to do any work at all!

In 1998 Rockell (born Rachel Alexandra Mercaldo) exploded onto the dance music scene with her CD "What Are You Lookin At?" which had the great singles "In A Dream", "When I'm Gone" and "Can't We Try" (w/ Collage).

At least here in NY, she became a staple for dance/freestyle music and her songs are still in rotation on WKTU 103.5.

Then in 2000 she released her second CD, "Instant Pleasure" which was a much more house music oriented CD, having songs written and produced by Tony Moran, Giuseppe D, Tony Colluccio, Hex Hector & Dezrok.

Here, the lead single, "The Dance" (a Garth Brooks cover) produced by Hex Hector & Dezrok was an instant favorite of mine and remains one to this day. I didn't even have to edit this one as the original edit is perfect all on it's own.

Fun Fact: Rockell's backup singers on this CD were Zhana Saunders (aka Inda Matrix) who's done the vocals for all the Tony Moran "Alegria" songs as well as her work with Dynamix ("No Man Can Tame Me" & "Bodyfly"). Also doing backup is Nicki Richards, again, another one of Tony Moran's favorite vocalists who covered "Let The Sunshine In" and has the song "Freedom" just released on Tony's latest CD "The Event".

Rockell - The Dance (Hex Hector & Dezrok Radio Edit)

While being world-renowned for his work with The Police, Sting (born Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner) has had quite a prolific solo career.
Back in 1999 this song was the lead single off of his two time grammy winning album "Brand New Day" (Best Pop Album & Best Pop Vocal Performance Male) which by January of 2001 went triple platinum!
While not your conventional vocal, Victor Calderone created a vocal anthem with an arabic influence (which the original song had due to it's featured vocalist Cheb Mami) that is pure dance music heaven. Again, I needed to do no work on this as the radio edit offered on the CD single is great on it's own.
Sting feat Cheb Mami - Desert Rose (Victor Calderone Radio Edit)

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