Friday, October 26, 2007

The Bassline Heard Round The World!

As soon as the bassline hits on this one (which comes in 15 seconds in in my edit), you know what's about to happen. The dancefloor will go crazy.
This song is a surefire way to get the crowd movin. Deep Dish created a bassline and a phenomenon that continues through to today.
That sample of the bassline has made it's way into many a song throughout the years but it's Sandy B's version here that is the definitive.
So to quote her: "So come on and get it! You know that I've got it! I'm ready and willing! You know I am...You know I am...!"
Sandy B - Make The World Go Round (JM's Deep Dish Radio Edit)

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MakeupGuyNY said...

That's her!?!? omg I woulda never thought. This is the same Snady b that sings nothingness??? sheesh