Monday, March 17, 2008

Kristine W IS The Boss

Now we all know that I love me some Kristine W but honestly, this was an equation that equalled success from the get go!
Kristine W + Classic Diana Ross Disco Song + All-Star Remixing Crew = #1 Club Thumper!
And it's true, "The Boss" is Kristine's 10th number one single!!! Congrats to her!!
There's something in this package for everyone. Really. There's over 75 minutes of music on the single!! Totally a bargain and a really great purchase! There's also a chilled out bonus track which Im putting up here. She's got two CD's coming out very soon; One called "The Power Of Music" which will be dance music (which this is the lead single from) and the second called "Straight Up With A Twist" which is more of a lounge CD which will also have "The Boss" on it and that's the bonus track version here.
Here's the breakdown (All Official Edits):
Kristine W - The Boss (Jamie J Sanchez Frisco Radio Edit)
Kristine W - The Boss (Johnny Vicious Radio Edit)
Kristine W - The Boss (Love To Infinty Radio Edit)
Kristine W - The Boss (Paul Goodyear Funky Downunder Radio Edit)
Kristine W - The Boss (Tracy Young Radio Edit)
Bonus Track:
Kristine W - The Boss (Mark Matson Emoticon Chill Mix)


Oliver Watts said...

This is actually Kristine's 11th non-consecutive number one single to date.

DJ John Michael said...

While you are in fact correct on that, *I* don't really count "Walk Away" as one of HER number ones cause she's the featured artist and it's not on one of her albums as it was the lead single from Tony Moran's "The Event".

Oliver Watts said...
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