Saturday, March 29, 2008

I know it's been awhile but I'm glad you came...

Hey everyone! While I'm going through all of the requests I've gotten lately, I'll fill them to the best of my ability, but just know, I don't really care to edit Dub's that much. I don't really see the point of it. There are some non-vocal tracks that are great that I've edited but that's because as a non-vocal, they go somewhere and have enough variety in the track that I can make a cohesive edit. One of these edits is just that. See below. I appreciate your cooperation with this!

Britney Spears - Break The Ice (Soulseekerz Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**Anyone can say what they want about Brit but she makes music you can't help but sing along to. As soon as I heard the original of this song, I prayed it would be a single so I would hear all the mixes I knew would be coming. Everyone from Soulseekerz to Jerome Farley to The Wideboys and Jason Nevins have mixed this song. Hell, even Razor N Guido got back together to take a stab at it! Without a doubt there's something for everyone. Here though I'll only post my favorite two. The Soulseekerz and The Wideboys edit. Both are amazing (albeit similar) in their own right.**

Britney Spears - Break The Ice (Wideboys Radio Edit) **Official Edit**

DJ Cyrus - Don't Break My Heart (Andy Lopez Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**I love male vocals and this one is slammin! I don't really know much about either DJ Cyrus and the name Andy Lopez is only vaguely familiar to me, but rest assured, the melody is catchy and the hook makes you wanna throw your hands in the air! This is a great summer song and with the nice weather around the corner, this a great in-your-car-windows-down track!**

Erin Hamilton - The Temple (JM's Razor N Guido Radio Edit)
**Everyone knew Erin from her hit songs "The Flame" (which just got a great 2008 treatment/release) and "Dreamlover" but this song never really fared as well as those two. Razor N Guido at the top of their game gave this a much darker feel and with lyrics like "We move in time together/Held within a trance/And as the warmth embraces us/we fall into the dance" it all works perfectly.**

Elena Paparizou - Mambo (Dancing DJ's Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**Elena is a superstar in her own right, but mainly in her homeland of Sweden although of Greek decent. She did step into the spotlight when she won the Eurovision song contest in 2005 with the song "My Number One". However, this song off her 2006 CD "The Game Of Love" fell into the hands of the Dancing DJ's team and they made a high energy track with just enough latin flavor to make anyone shake their ass!**

Jenna Drey - All Out Of Love (Giuseppe D & Kevin Churko Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**I've always wanted Jenna to be at least 10 times as big as she is right now. I love her voice and her music and even though she's had minor hits with "Killin Me", "Why Should I Believe You" and my personal favorite "By The Way", she still never seems to get on peoples radars. Well, it seems like she's going the route that most dance artists are going these days: Covers. Yes, this IS a cover version of the Air Supply song of the same name but it works SO well! I really hope this does good things for her! Two albums in and some great remixes, she deserves it!**

Karmadelic feat Sandy B - Nothingness (JM's Junior Vasquez Synth Radio Mix)
**DOWNLOAD THIS NOW! Haha! This mix is sheer genious. Sandy + Junior = ::speechless::. Junior did two mixes for this but in his "Club Anthem" mix there's a piano track throughout and I always felt like it undermined the fierceness of Sandy's voice and the biting lyrics ("I can flow like the blood bleeding in your heart/I won't drown/You're much too shallow.") this song has. Just another classic by Junior.**

New Life Crisis - Daylight (Tony Moran Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**This is one of my favorite male vocals ever!! The band signed to Tommy Boy records and this song was released on MTV's "Party To Go: Remixed" CD but then Tommy Boy folded before their album could be released. They later released it on an indie label and "Daylight" was covered by European girl group No Angels which sold more than 3 million copies between 2001 and 2002. However, this Tony Moran mix MADE this song. The band is re-releasing a remix EP on iTunes which will include the full Tony Moran mix on April 8th, 2008. The original is good. This is better.**

Paula Cole - I Believe In Love (JM Believes in JP Reworked Edit)
**This is NOT a radio edit by any standards!! Jonathan Peters created magic when he made this track. God bless Paula Cole as well for getting into the studio and re-recording some of the vocals because this mix is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L from start to stop! This clocks in at 7min and 45 seconds because even though I was able to tighten it up, there are just certain parts whether it's JP's synth string work or his vocal tricks or Paula's adlibs that I just can't NOT have. So forgive me for this and enjoy!!**

Peter Rauhofer - This Is My House (JM's Back In The Day Radio Edit)
**While I do have my differences with Mr. Rawfahoovah (as Rosie Perez called him once) this track I do enjoy because of it's back in the day feel. Hence the title of the mix. He did a "Roxy Mix" to this as well but it's boring to me. I was able to have some fun with this and if you notice, I made a new clapping line in the song (about 20 seconds in) with some different placement as well as reversing them 2 min and 15 secs in. It's a simple track stamped with Peter's trademark attitude which is seen in the only vocals "My house is your house and your house is mine. Face it, accept it, don't get out of line". This is another one for all the people who asked for Peter stuff.**

Pink - Don't Let Me Get Me (JM's Juicy Horn Radio Edit)
**This is a request, but who produced this? It was labeled as just the Juicy Horn mix when I got it but it sounds very Ralphi Rosario-esque. While the track itself is kinda nice, I don't feel like it goes with the song at all. This would've made for a great dub. I had to do some reconstruction to make this one flow so I hope you like it!**

Robyn - Who's That Girl (JM's Rex The Dog Radio Edit)
**This song proved to be a challenge and even still I couldn't really get it down past 5 & 1/2 min which is the running time here. I don't know who Rex The Dog is but this simple electro mix he produced is pretty awesome! The vocal tricks are first rate and Robyn sounds great (Hey, I'm rhyming! lol). This was alot of fun to edit!**

Shayne Ward - If That's Ok With You (Moto Blanco Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**I had to post this because at present time I'm a little obsessed with Shayne and his music. I'm not going to go into a whole long story about his life, how hot he is and how he won The X Factor (the UK's American Idol) however I will say that he is addicting. And if you've heard one Moto Blanco remix, you know what this one sounds like already. Give it a go and uh...yeah...I had to put a picture here to justify all this... If anyone has either the FULL mix of this OR any other mixes of his I would be SO happy to get them!!**

Squeeze Up feat Rob Fame & Teishan - La Isla Bonita (Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**In the past week I've found two different covers of this song. This one and another one in the R&B/Reggaeton vein by Christina Antigua feat Don Omar & Rell. Both of them have the girl in it doing the Madonna part while the men in both versions rap around it. Sometimes in spanish and sometimes in english. This version has the english raps with Teishan recreating Madonna's song over some very fun and funky beats. A good time song all around.**

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Bowen said...

Paula Cole's remix is one of the best EVER!!! I was fortunate enough to get hold of the complete 2CD-set of the remixes. (my friend told me it's leaked from the record company.) one CD is full of JP's remixes and the other one is done by another remixes which I cant recall his name. Unfortunately the CD quality is not really good. I think it's ripped from vinyl. Anyway... your post really brings back my loving for this song! Thanks!