Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Mariah, Madonna...and of course, more edits!!

I would like to remind everyone (even tho most of you are so sweet to me!) that I do all this work and write this blog because it's a labor of love. As a fellow blogger wrote recently, I too have a life outside of here and it takes me time to get these done. Also, when it comes to requests, I don't mind taking them as long as they are ASKED for. Making shopping lists of edits is a sure fire way to NOT get them done.

I try my hardest to get to everyone's requests and emails and to respond with the pleasantries everyone shows me but to make a list of edits as if they were demands--No good. For those people this applies to, if this keeps up, your requests will be ignored. I don't want to have to be this way but I feel like asking nicely hasn't worked.

Now, before anyone gets dissappointed, This posting will not have any mixes by the two M's, but I had to take a minute to talk about some things and get it off my chest...

First - Madonna's new video with Justin Timberlake.

Ok, so I'll start off by admitting that I do love this song! It's everything you've come to expect from Justin Timberlake and Timbaland. It makes you sing along and you just can't help but move to it as well.

Now, here's my issue. Madonna, now in her 50's, looks great for her age. She really does. Her body is toned like the body of a 25 year old. However, her face is WAY too stoic. I feel like she's lost her ability to have facial expressions. She HAD to have had some kind of work done because she almost doesn't look like herself anymore.

There are some good moments here and there. A glance at the camera, a little bit of fancy footwork, but over all I feel that having her in that video, with that kind of song, next to Justin Timberlake, just makes her look older. Not only that but I feel like Justin didn't dance half as much as he normally does as to not upstage Madonna who's dances were "cute" but over all kinda boring.

Granted, she can still jump on cars and run around with him and not look tired--and bravo for her--but there are some moments when it looks like they're trying to have some sexual tension and for me thats just a no-go. So here's to you Mrs Robinson! I hope that she can age a little bit more gracefully than this...

Second - Mariah's "E=MC2" CD.

It's here! It leaked! THANK GOD!!! THIS. CD. IS. FLAWLESS!!!!! I just can't get enough!!! If you can find it, get it! If you can't buy it! Even if you've gotten the leak--Buy it anyway!! Mariah has really outdone herself this time and I dare to say that I enjoy this CD as much, if not more, than "Emancipation".

Fave Tracks: "Migrate", "Touch My Body", "Side Effects" (INCREDIBLE!!), "I Stay In Love", "That Chick", "Love Story", "Bye Bye", "Thankx 4 Nothin"... But they're ALL amazing!!

How can you argue with lyrics like "See I'm on my way home/Cause my jeans, yeah they fit/But it might benefit/Me to throw something on/To feature my hips/Accentuate my tits/And steal the show." in "Migrate"??

I love her. Always have always will. This will be another platinum record for sure!!

...And now for the edits!!

Tamia - Me (Soul Seekerz Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**I've always loved her! Even before she hit the mainstream with "Stranger In My House" and she had her R&B hit "So In Love" and then when JP mixed her song "Can't Go For That" I knew the dancefloor wasn't done with her. She's had a good string of remixes and this one is just one more for the catalog. The Rosabel mix seemed to be the one of choice for most people and while that one is a nice big room, I definitely prefer this mix. Soul Seekerz = Gold.**

Tamia - Me (Rosabel Radio Edit) **Official Edit**

Aubrey - Stand Still (JM's Dezrok Radio Edit)
**This is THE Aubrey song! Out of everything she's ever released, by far this is the best. This ruled the dancefloor for so long and it's easy to see why! The opening is amazing and the song has some great abstract lyrics like "I stepped outside myself today and took a walk around/ I wandered from path to path/Without making a sound...". Dezrok killed this one! Sick production!!**

Cher - Different Kind Of Love Song (JM's Johnny Rocks Radio Edit)
**There never is and never will be anyone quite like this woman. While the "Believe" album dominated the charts, I always favored her follow-up "Living Proof". Still sticking with the dance/pop feel this album had more emotion in it than "Believe" did and we got a great remix package for this song which included Johnny Rocks, Rosabel and Craig C among others. Rosabel's was great and Craig C's was cute as well but Johnny Rocks kept with most of the original formula of the song which I always preferred.**

Cher - The Music's No Good Without You (JM's Walter Taieb Radio Edit)
**This is quite possibly one of the strangest mixes I've ever heard but I find it to be so intriguing I had to include it. It's not a full vocal but it's got a great beat and some really interesting elements you don't hear very often. It's funky and abstract so check it out and tell me what you think!**

Donna Summer - Power Of Love (JM's Offer Nissim Radio Edit)
**This is some great Offer production here!! Donna took on the classic Luther Vandross song and of course, anything she sings is awaits the dancefloor transformation and it couldn't have been covered better than this. A gorgeous intro and a thumping beat here, Donna sounds as current now as she did in the 70's. Long Live Summer!!**

Loleatta Holloway - Love Sensation 2006 (JM's Hi-Tack Radio Edit)
**What can I say about this really? Loleatta's trademark wailing never gets old for me and while this song has been sampled umpteen times it still works with every treatment it gets. This by far is the best one out there. Hi-Tack/Beatfreakz have the knack (although formulaic) to make throw your hands in the air anthems like no one else does these days. This mix is a STOMPER from start to finish!! "YOU GET DOWN!!!!"**

Paula Abdul - Dance Like There's No Tomorrow (JM's Soul Seekerz Radio Edit)
**We all remember I was burnt and posted the full mix a few posts back, well here's the edit! Haha! Sorry!!**

ReAct - Let's Go All The Way (JM's Johnny Vicious Club Dub Radio Edit)
**When this song hit the NYC club scene it exploded! It was used in advertisements for clubs all over the area and even made it's way to 103.5 KTU. When KTU aired it they had an edit that used both Johnny Vicious' Vocal Mix as well as the Dub which was just as big if not bigger than the vocal. So in that spirit I tried to recreate that edit here.**

Superchumbo - Irresistable (JM's Junior Vasquez Earth Radio Edit)
**One of my top 10 favorite Junior mixes EVER!! This one tore through the dancefloor at Exit everytime he played it and even now it gives me chills. I promise you won't be dissappointed!**

The Cliks - Cry Me A River (JM's Tracy Young Radio Edit)
**I got sent this randomly and apparently this Toronto based band (who all look like they could be Zac Efrons body doubles) are known for their reworking of this Justin Timberlake song. And now Tracy Young has reworked their...uh...rework! Interesting but JT's still got the franchise on this. However, Tracy's mix with JT's vocals would be gold.**

Veronica - Someone To Hold (JM's Johnny Vicious Extended Radio Mix)
**I've tackled this song so many times and each time I do I get a little bit better with it lol! This is a monster anthem and it's hard to chop out things in it, but here's my latest effort. Hope you enjoy it!**


Briefs29 said...

First of all - thanks for all the hard work you put in to the blog. I'ts become one of my absolute favorites - one of the first places I visit when I get to work in the morning!!!

Second - thanks specifically for the Donna Summer track. Fantabulous!!!

Ryan said...

Thanks for all the edits, especially your own edit of "Someone to Hold." I've tried, and that mix is sooo amazing, I just can't cut certain parts out. You rock!