Thursday, April 17, 2008

Just a little bit more for now

So since I've been busting my ass in school (cause I'm such a good student! lol) I haven't gotten to post in awhile nor have I been able to get to requests, but they are all duly noted and will be done SOMEtime!!

For now, I offer these...

Debbie Holliday - Bring It On (JM's Joe Bermudez Radio Edit)
**ANTHEM!!! Gotta love Debbie, especially when she sings "Does anybody want it? Does anybody need it tonight? I do! I do! I do! I do!" and lemme tell ya--You will too!! Great thumper here from Joe Bermudez who I actually had the pleasure of opening for at Boulevard in NYC a few years back! A great remixer, cute and such a nice guy as well!!**

Ivry Lider - Beautiful Eyes (JM's Offer Nissim Oriental Radio Reconstruction)
**DOES ANYONE HAVE THE FULL LENGTH OF THIS!!??? I heard this a number of years and became obsessed. Granted, it's not in English (it's in Hebrew) but the beats are HOT!! Unfortunately I only have this song that I ripped from a compilation released by Offer over in Israel. And Ivry's voice is hot as hell...It doesn't really matter what language it's in.**

Laszlo Panaflex - Dance To The Music (JM's Luis Erre Babylon Radio Edit)
**Can Luis Erre do any wrong? I've yet to find a mix of his I don't like. His sound is tough enough and rugged around the edges that it could easily be worked into any Saturday night in NYC. And I know that this was a Star 69 record originally, but sorry, this mix easily blows all the others away.**

Offer Nissim feat Maya - Alone (JM's Roie-Asi Mixshow Edit)
**This is easily the best song these two have ever collaborated on. The vocals, the lyrics, Offer's production all add up to pure gold. Roie Yamin made a gorgeous intro for the mix and Asi Givati added some SICK electric guitar over Offer's original mix which takes it all to the next level. I can't listen to the original without the guitar. I combined Asi's mix with Roie's intro to make this. It's a hard song to edit, especially with the guitar in it so I left alot of it alone which is why I labeled this as a mixshow.**

Offer Nissim feat Maya - On My Own (JM's Tony Moran Radio Mix)
**Another stunner by Offer & Maya--And btw I urge you all to get your hands on the new Offer compilation "Happy People" if for no other reason than the Offer/Maya tracks as well as Offer's INCREDIBLE take on Shirley Bassey's "La Passione". However, this mix got a great treatment by Tony Moran and while it's not amazingly different than the original, Tony's beat does give it a little something special.**

Rich Luzzi - It's Over (JM's Eddie Baez Radio Edit)
**This is a GREAT song by Rich (who gave us the anthem "Without You") and this was intended for a full release which never saw the light of day. All I have is this so-so quality version. If anyone has a better copy, it would be greatly appreciated! But till then, enjoy this one. I gag when Rich (who's hot as hell!) says "You've run out of time/You're just fucking with my mind/Well just walk right out that door/Cause our love don't live here no more" ::drool::**

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