Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Songs That Got Away: Part Four

Tima Reece - Crazy About You (JM's Almighty Radio Edit)
**I always want to love Almighty mixes but sometimes, with all the dance covers they do, it can be reeeeeeeeeeeally cheesy, even for me! However, when they nail a song they really nail a song (like their mix of Anastacia's "One Day In Your Life"), well this is no exception. They lyrics are beautiful and the production is awesome!! Why do we not get music like this here in America!!??**

Mandy Moore - Walk Me Home (JM's Matt & Vito Radio Mix)
**I've always loved Mandy and I still do...and while she does get remixes, they never seem to go anywhere. Such is the case here...And whatever happened to Matt & Vito? They had an interesting sound...**

Hannah Jones - You Only Have To Say You Love Me (Eddie Baez Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**I LOVE this song!!! Hannah had some great songs and this was the first of hers I had discovered. Eddie's mix is good but I prefer the Almighty mix.**

Hannah Jones - You Only Have To Say You Love Me (Almighty Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**Another great Almighty track!**

Casey Stratton - House Of Jupiter (Junior Vasquez Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**I wish Junior would do more Casey mixes! While when I first heard this I thought it was a woman, it turned me onto a great artist such as Casey. Junior really worked magic on this one!**

Lulu - Hurt Me So Bad (JM's Club 69 Radio Mix)
**Does this one ever get old??? Never! Who would've thought that such a great underground track would come from Lulu?? Im just glad that it did!! Peter Rauhofer really turns this one out!**

Samantha Mumba - Always Come Back To Your Love (JM's Almighty Radio Edit)
**Almighty did it again with this unknown track from Samantha's first CD. What was a mid-tempo pop song Almighty turned it into a great pop/trance anthem!**

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