Sunday, August 3, 2008

Jonathan Peters (Part Two)

Ewan McGregor - Your Song (JM's Jonathan Peters Radio Edit)
**Was anyone else as obsessed with Moulin Rouge when it came out as I was?? I immediately fell in love with the movie and Ewan McGregor! Ewan was SO good in the movie and I had no idea he could sing!! Never did I think that it would get to the clubs so imagine my surprise hearing THIS out one night (I GAGGED!!)!! JP really made a great mix here using alot (but unfortunately not all) of the vocals Ewan gave us and this mix can be a little repetative sometimes as JP loops the "Hope you don't mind. I hope you don't mind that I put down in words how wonderful life is now you're in the world..." lyric over and over...But I fixed all that! Hah!**
Janet Jackson - Doesn't Really Matter (JM's Jonathan Peters Radio Edit)
**I love the versatility that DJ's have. That's one of the main reasons I love dance music. It really allows for any type of creativity to be expressed in so many different forms. It actually took me a long time to appreciate this mix. Janet gives a fun pop vocal but not a strong vocal in this one and I didn't think it would hold up under a heavy dance beat. Well, JP must've felt the same way because he definitely toned it down for this mix, lowering the BPM and giving us a wonderfully lush arrangement of conga drums, guitars, winds and strings which make this mix float by and kinda make me wanna just sit by a pool and drink margaritas all day! Haha!**
Jessica Folker - To Be Able To Love (Jonathan Peters Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**CLASSIC ALERT!!! Part Swedish part Sengalese, Jessica gives one of the most outstanding pop vocals to ever be remixed! Unfortunately, we here in America only gave her this one chance to show us what she's got but Jessica had a very successful career overseas and continued to release music till 2007. If you can track it down, I highly reccommend her CD "Dino". It's one of the most well produced Pop CD's I've ever heard and Jessica's voice is simply stunning! Did you know that Jessica's actual last name is "Folcker" but so many Americans were pronouncing it "fucker" that she dropped the "c" when it came time for the release of this song? So rediculous! lol**
Kim Sozzi - Feelin Me (JM's Jonathan Peters Radio Edit)
**We all know the Hex Hector mix of this huge mainstream club hit, but I was surprised to see that JP mixed this as well and I actually prefer his mix to Hex's. It's got much more of a rough around the edges feel and I love the build up he created for the bridge at 2:30.**
Luz Divina - I Just Want To Love You (JM's Jonathan Peters Radio Mix)
**This song makes me melt. Period. Luz has one of the most gorgeous voices to ever grace the dancefloor and this song, unfortunately, never saw a proper release when Luz released her CD "The Other Side" but managed to leak anyway. Easily one of the best Luz songs I've ever heard both lyrically and production wise. Luz gives us a very ethereal vocal here and JP's mix is very understated which pairs beautifully with the song. STUNNING!**
Luz Divina - In Your Eyes (JM's Jonathan Peters Mixshow Edit)
**Ok, I admit it, I just don't know how to get this mix ANY shorter than this, and this one clocks in at 7:10! I've heard many versions of this mix with many different vocals as Luz has recorded this song a few times, with different lyrics and different productions by JP. This, to my knowledge, is the most complete version produced, and the original comes in around 12 minutes so while this one is 7 minutes long, it is ALL vocal and I defy you to find me a more passionate dancefloor vocal than this on!!**
Nomad - I Wonder (JM's Jonathan Peters Maharishi Radio Mix)
**I posted the Junior Vasquez edit of this, and I love his mix, but this one is really just a take no prisoners kinda mix. It still has that middle eastern feel to it, but JP brings in some of the hardest and most distorted synths I've ever heard!! This mix is just sheer insanity!!**
Shannon - Give Me Tonight (JM's Jonathan Peters Radio Edit)
**Again, we all know the Hex/Dezrok mix of this, but JP once again flips the script and brings this 80's classic to a place it never intended to be. It's SO much harder and much more agressive than Hex's mix and I love that he uses the original whip noise in this one--This one MUST be played at loud volumes for maximum appreciation!!**
TRF - Bravestory (JM's Jonathan Peters Radio Edit)
**I always find it interesting when these DJ's remix non-English speaking artists because I've always wondered if the process is different. Like, how do they know which lyric sample to use? What should they be looping?? How do they know they're not just sampling the word "The" over and over again because it's in Japanese or whatever the language is?? Well, TRF (which actually stands for Tetsuya Komuro Rave Factory) is a Japanese band (made up of DJ Koo, Vocalist Yu-Ki and dancers Chiharu, Etsu & Sam), but they decided here to try their hand at English. Sometimes it works and sometimes, not so much lol. The vocal I've always enjoyed and TRF continues to enjoy success to this day in Japan. JP takes on this song originally released in 1996 but TRF has also been remixed by Thunderpuss, Soul Solution and Dezrok to name a few!**


Lucky777 said...

Another great JP set! Thanks JM!

Alot of people hated when he played Janet - Doesn't Really Matter at SF, because he would play it for like a half hour! But that was what was great about Jonathan...he could play that one song, with so much other stuf going on, and make it work.

Two of my favorite female vocals that he absolutely owned: Korrupt (which you posted in the last set), and Never Knew by Deborah all time favorite JP/female vocal may want to find that and squeeze it in here.
One other thing that Jonathan was well known for, and make up most of my JP faves, arew his dubs...most of which can only be describes as "evil". If you liked any of this, you may want to search for some of his dubs, too.

Thanks again JM!

DJ John Michael said...

Thanks Lucky! I remember those times at SF as well! Odds are good we were at the club at the same time hah!

I love I Never Knew and will try to get it in sometime soon...and as far as his dubs...Well they are just out of control. There's a vinyl of his I have for the Latin Headhunterz "Let Your Spirit Rise" I think it's called--So rediculous--It's only something JP could play...It actually makes me nervous! Haha!

Lucky777 said...

BTW...there was a Antonio Sabato Jr. sighting in NYC last week...check out Gawker!!!

Lucky777 said...

And if you like JP, try to find some Boris and Merritt...harder to find, not as well known (have their "hard core" audience), and "harder" than JP