Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Offer Nissim

I love this man! I had known about him for awhile behind the scenes as the producer for the majority of Dana International's records but when I started looking more into his own projects I was blown away!!

FINALLY someone had come along with a new sound in dance music and gave the front runners something to be worried about! Chock full of Israeli and Middle Eastern influences, he truly brought the gorgeousness back to dance music. His music is as theatrical as he is (go see him live if you ever get the chance--it's surreal!) and he conducts his orchestra as such. He needs no further introduction...

Some of these have been posted before and so I'll just put up the links.

Deborah Cox - Everybody Dance (Offer Nissim Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**Offer takes on another Deborah and Tony Moran production and while he simplifies it by only using a portion of the vocals, he makes this summer jam very atmospheric and very Offer. A wonderfully different feel than Tony's and great for peak hour!**

Donna Summer - Power Of Love (JM's Offer Nissim Radio Edit)

Kristine W - The Wonder Of It All (JM's Offer Nissim Black Intro Radio Mix)

Offer Nissim feat Maya - Be My Boyfriend (JM's Radio Edit)
**Quite possibly one of my favorite Offer/Maya songs (I say that about almost every Offer/Maya song btw lol) because after their CD "First Time", this was the first song I had heard that sounded different than all those tracks. I love the vocal stutter right at the beginning. Genius!**

Offer Nissim feat Maya - For Your Love (JM's Radio Edit)
**I have to say, I do like this song alot, but as far as the grand scheme of Offer/Maya songs, this is my least favorite. Good mixes but always felt like a filler song and not as anthemic as most of their others. This song I felt was very under the Peter Rauhofer influence of the one verse-one chorus structure which I'm not a huge fan of. Think Amuka's "Appreciate Me"**

Offer Nissim feat Maya - Heartbreaking (JM's Radio Mix)
**This has a beautiful vocal from Maya and very dreamy synth work by Offer. Definitely one of the standout tracks from the "First Time" CD for me. I was going through a breakup when I got the "First Time" CD and between "Alone" and this song, I felt that Offer and Maya knew just what I was going through! Haha! Especially when you have lyrics like "You promised that you wouldn't leave me when I need you/But you just kept on running away/You promised that you would be there if I'm with you/But you were not there anyway...". **

Offer Nissim feat Maya - On My Own (JM's Radio Edit)
**Following in the trend of "Heartbreaking" we have another breakup song but this time Maya's pissed and she's not having ANY of it!! Lemme put it this way:"I don't need you to tell me what I can do/Where I can go/And I don't need you to tell me what I can know/What I can not know/I don't need you to tell me who I can see/Who I cannot see/I don't need you to tell me who I can be with/Who I can be not/I don't need you to tell me who I can be with tonight/And if it feels right/That is only my right". WORK!**

Offer Nissim feat Maya - Perfect Love (JM's Full Vocal Radio Mix)
**When I first heard this song I had VERY high hopes because I was huge fan of the original House Of Prince version of it. Well I have to say that this mix is just as good as the original without actually being any better because it has some different elements (I gag over his vocal stutters in this one) that work perfectly with the song structure. I love them both equally and the update Offer gave to this song is perfect and Maya sounds amazing as usual. There's another mix, the "Perfect Club Mix" and I don't like it at all. It's the full vocal all the way!**

Offer Nissim feat Maya - Why (JM's Radio Edit)

Offer Nissim feat Maya - Wish U Were Here (JM's Radio Mix)


CawfeeGuy said...

christ on a cracker could you have found a WORSE picture of him? he looks like Marilyn Manson after being hit in the face with a bag of quarters.

The current exModians said...

Offer Nissim is our Queen. We bow and praise like muslims. We just face toward Club TLV.

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