Friday, August 22, 2008


I know it's been awhile everyone but I started a really crazy schedule after I got back from celebrating my anniversary and 3 days a week I do 12 hour days, so I'm gonna try to do what I can, but it may just take me some time to get stuff up! Thanks for understanding!!

The requests I've gotten will get worked on, but till then, I offer some random edits...

Oh and that pic? Yeah that's me from a LONG time ago when I was DJing at Heaven in NYC (2nd floor--Spinnin "X" by Junior Vasquez"--It's all about the vinyl baby!!) and I was probably like 22/23-ish! Ah the good ol days! Hah!!
Bob Sinclar presents Fireball - What I Want (Chris Cox Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**This is a slammin new track from both Bob Sinclar and Chris Cox and it's getting alot of play and I'm sure you're gonna it! This is a really fun, albeit a little strange, male vocal here and Chris' production amps it up--ALOT!!**
Charlotte Perrelli - Hero (JM's Club Radio Edit)
**She looks like Kristine W and sounds like a love child of Jenna Drey, Danielle Bollinger and Lara Fabian. In her home country of Sweden, this won the 2008 Melodifestivalen (which is the contest that Sweden has to determine who's representing them in the Eurovision song contest) and when she got to the Eurovision contest she placed 18th. In the charts though this went right to #1 in Sweden and was in the top 20 of a few other countries. The song is a great vocal with a very electro, yet Soundfactory type sound to it. I don't know who actually produced this as I got it labeled as "Extended Club Mix" (does anyone know??) but it's a great song all over and needs to be recognized!!**
Chris Brown - Forever (JM's Bobby Bass & J Remy Radio Edit)
**This is definitely one of my new obsession songs (especially after seeing it on So You Think You Can Dance). I have to say, I'm really happy with the direction that pop/R&B music is going these days. They've got great beats with awesome synth work and hooks for days! This song in it's original form was just begging to come to the dance floor and through the work of Bobby Bass & J Remy it got there. Who they are, I'm not sure, but from all the mixes I've heard thus far this is definitely the best. It's got some beat changes and a really uplifiting sound that keeps with the original. In the beginning I added the original intro synths and the "1,2,3,4" chant to give it a little extra UMPH!**
Coldplay - Viva La Vida (JM's Telemitry Radio Edit)
**I LOVE THIS SONG!!! Finally, me and the hubby have another song we meet on! He's always been a huge Coldplay fan and well, I couldn't really care less about them lol...that is...till I heard this song!! I instantly fell in love with it because of it's melody and string line that they use as well as the song having a pretty steady beat to it. I've found a few mixes of this song (including that AWFUL cover that Almighty did--Good mix, just terrible female vocals) and as it stands, this is the best. I'm looking for the accapella for this song so I too can make my own mix--If anyone out there has it, I'd be EVER so greatful!! This mix though has some great vocal stutters and whoever Telemitry is, they are to be commended for making such a great mix with the original track which usually doesn't work out so well for most!**
Duffy - Mercy (JM's Gareth Wyn Radio Edit)
**This was a song I was sleeping on for awhile and then (again) I saw this on So You Think You Can Dance and fell in love with it. In it's original form, it's very Amy Winehouse-esque minus the whole Meth addiction lol. Gareth Wyn (whoever he may be) did a fantastic job in bringing this to the dance floor and it sounds so natural, something I would've never expected this song to sound like with a beat. Highly reccommended here!!!**
Earth, Wind & Fire - Boogie Wonderland (Bimbo Jones Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**It was bound to happen right?? Well it's finally come to be and I have to say while the original is a disco classic and all, it was never one of my favorites. Bimbo Jones however does have that magic touch and they gave this such a fresh sound that if it wasn't for the backup singers doing their "Dance! Boogie Wonderland" chanting, this could easily have been recording and produced yesterday. I swear I'm gonna make a "I Heart Bimbo Jones" t-shirt one day!**
Jennifer Hudson - Spotlight (Hotwheel Fidelity Mix) **Official Mix**
**I got this mix the other day and since the mix was only 4 min and change, there was nothing to edit for me. This is a slightly faster version than the original and the beat is very Michael Jackson "Billie Jean" and it's awesome! I wish there was a longer version of this!! Enjoy!!**
Rihanna - Disturbia (Aaron Paetsch Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**I posted the Jody den Broeder even tho it wasn't my favorite and then I got this and I definitely like this one better. The production actually goes somewhere and Aaron really did a great job here with a really nice synth string line that runs through most of the mix.**
Sara Bareilles - Love Song (JM's Hommer Radio Edit)
**I have to admit, I really didn't care for this song when I first heard it--But glory be to Hommer (I still don't know who they are) for making this mix because I can definitely get sink my teeth into this now. It's a really cute song and I actually started this edit with the original version and then went into the Hommer mix. It's alot of fun so enjoy!!**
Tiffany - Just Another Day (Dave Aude Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**Yes, THAT Tiffany. This is an ok song. I'm not thrilled by it, even tho Dave Aude does put out a good mix here but Tiffany's vocals sound a little uninspired. I know she can do better than this, I don't know what she's waiting for.**
Velvet - Take My Body Close (Pitchline Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**Swedish singer Velvet (aka Jenny Marielle Pettersson) has been putting out some great music in her homeland since 2005 and this is her most recent effort and it's STUNNING!! Her voice is very solid and Pitcline's electro production is the perfect marriage of vocal and mix!! Another highly reccommended track!! If you enjoy September then I think you'll enjoy this as well!**

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