Saturday, November 8, 2008

You always love me more...Miles Away...

Just a small posting for now to keep everyone going. I'm also going to try something a little different. I love editing mixes and all but I also love mashing things up and trying to create some of my own...

This is the newest one Im working on and while it still needs to have things tweaked (the track needs to be transposed still to make the chords the same key as the vocals) Im really happy with the structure of the mix itself.

So here's the first 3 minutes of it or so...Tell me what you all think!!

Suzanne Palmer - Luv 2 Luv 2009 (JM's Demo Clip)

Kristine W - Never (JM's Love To Infinity Radio Edit)
**I've been reading mixed reviews of this song and I don't know why! I love the vocal for this and while Love To Infinity hasn't changed their sound in quite sometime, I find it no more dated than anything Moto Blanco (or dare I even say The Freemasons with a few exceptions) has done recently. I can't wait for the other mixes of this to surface and if ANYONE can tell me why the hell we don't have Kristine's "Power Of Music" CD yet, I'd LOVE to know!!**

Two Secret Edits:

Everyone knows how I feel about posting this artists music, only because I don't want my blog to be shut down, so here you go...One's an exclusive and one's an old favorite of mine.

Hint: She's both Sticky and Sweet.


PaJa said...

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Edward said...

Definitely like the first three minutes! Can't wait to hear where you're taking that build-up.