Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Blah on Blogger!!

Ok so apparently my blog is under watch as posts keep getting deleted and I keep getting emails saying that Im infringing on the copyrights of...blah blah blah...

SO...Im gonna try to post again soon and keep it under the radar!

Wish me luck all!!! Sorry for the wait!!!

~ John Michael ~


DavidV said...

There is always the option of going private, or changing your Blog's address. A few of the other blogs seem to have been successful at doing this so far. Going private is a pain, but moving the blog may not be very difficult.

Anonymous said...

If you go private, please invite me. Your mixes are great!

If you find a way to keep it under the radar, that would be great, too.

Rodney said...

Have you thought about going to Wordpress? Its easier than Blogger and not as "on the radar"

Ro Ro said...

i don't see anything on your blog that would be testy with the labels. hell u offer edits of club mixes not full leaked cd's way before their time like most i see. I have heard Madonna is one of the artists that are getting blogs removed for posting her material. Ambers another one thats taking aim at bloggers. I hope you'll be safe i adore your blog.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I have my own blog to, I use and have wordpress installed on it.

It is not hard to do and there are alot of themes available for it. Its very simple to use.

Check it out

Rico said... I'm not going crazy. I thought I noticed 2 of my shares disappeared on me.