Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Pop Post Part Two!!

This is a continuing post from the last bunch of pop remix edits I posted not too long ago. Again, most of these are official and will be noted as such and are once again broken down by remixer. Enjoy!!!


La Bouche - In Your Life (Dezrok Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**We all know them from their hits like "Be My Lover" and "Sweet Dreams" but this song was released in 2002 which was a B-side from Melanie Thorton's solo career but since her death (due to a plane crash in 2001) the song was re-worked with vocals from Le Click's Kayo Shekoni to complete it. Dezrok really took this to the next level. The vocals are stunning as is his production and it would've been nice to see La Bouche go down the vocal house route with an updated sound.**

Richie Santana:

Mandy Moore - Candy (Richie Santana Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**Even though Richie Santana has kinda gone down the dark tribal route with Victor Calderone, there was a time when he was making a living from tearing up cheesy pop records which is what he did here. Mandy Moore, even at her youngest, was given a great treatment from Richie here and is my favorite mix of this song. And btw, Mr. Santana is hot as hell as well! Haha!**

Cynthia & Sa-Fire - Can You Stand The Rain (JM's Richie Santana Radio Edit)
**Back in 2001 Sa-Fire tried to get a jump back on her career by releasing a Best Of CD produced by her old friend Tony Moran. Tony did an ANTHEMIC mix of her classic "Don't Break My Heart" as well as redoing some old school beats with new vocals from Sa-Fire as well. The cd also included a new duet with fellow freestyle diva Cynthia. To be honest, I wasn't a huge fan of it, but Richie did turn out a solid production which deserves to be heard.**

LeAnn Rimes - I Need You (JM's Richie Santana Radio Edit)

**I. Love. This. Song. LeAnn ALWAYS sounds great on the dancefloor and this is no exception. Richie gaves us a hands in the air vocal anthem here which to me is where he really shines! This song is actually from a religious movie called "Jesus" which means it's actually a love song about God but that's fine. I'll take it sweet and sentimental in my mind instead lol**


Wild Orchid - Stuttering (JM's Richie Santana Radio Mix)

**This song just doesn't stop!!! SUPERB mix by Richie here!! It's completely loaded with some great synths and it's interesting to hear Fergie before Fergie was Fergie lol She was one of the members of this girl group. Hint: The big note in the buildup? That's her! And this time, she isn't spelling it out.**



Enrique Iglasias - Be With You (Thunderpuss Radio Edit) **Official Edit**

**Alright. This is a guilty pleasure. This was one of those mixes where I felt like Thunderpuss was going for something a little more trancey. Different sound for The Puss but I liked it!**


Jennifer Lopez - Feelin So Good (Thunderpuss Radio Edit) **Official Edit**

**There's always room for J-Lo and TP always did her well.**


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