Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Songs That Got Away

I know I've said this before, but I don't understand why certain songs just don't 'do it', ya know? All these songs had the makings of something great but for whatever the reason, they just never got there!!

It's their time! :-)

John Kano - Together (Eddie Baez Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**Back when they were a trio, John Kano, Eddie Baez & Rich Luzzi went under the name Digital Allies feat Rich Luzzi which spawned the mega hits "Without You" and "Where Are You My Love?". Sometime after those two songs came and want and Rich Luzzi was just a memory, John Kano decided to step to the microphone, armed with a vocoder and a dream! lol...With Eddie Baez giving it his special touch, this is what we got! It's cheesy but I like it alot.**

Zelma Davis - Power (Junior Vasquez Twilite Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**C&C Music Factory watch out!! This song is what it's title says!!**

Irene Cara - All My Heart (Junior Vasquez Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**Irene gave us so much great 80's dance music that it's only natural that she would give it a go later on in life. Such was the case with All My Heart. Good effort by both Junior & Irene!! She should give it another go now!!**

Joi Cardwell - Last Chance For Love (Welcome Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**I. Love. This. Song. I love EVERYthing about it! Joi + Welcome = Magic. Come back to us Joi!!!**

Zhana - Take My Heart (Welcome Radio Edit #2) **Official Edit**
**Long before she was Zhana Saunders and belting out Alegria hits or going under Inda Matrix for a little S&M music she was just plain old Zhana and it's every bit as good as any of her music. Welcome did two radio edits for this one and the second one is just better lol that's why it says #2 on it)

Koda Kumi - Take Back (Junior Vasquez Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**This one is a total guilty pleasure. Dear sweet Koda Kumi trying to do some English music (to differentiate from all her normal Japanese singing) and I won't say that it fails, but it doesn't quite make it easily. Junior did a good mix to this but the vocals are at times are a little crazy and takes some getting used to.**

Deborah Gibson - Only In My Dreams 98 (Junior Vasquez Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**It's weird to see Junior Vasquez go through a very La Bouche phase but thus it was and it did spawn two great songs including this one. What more can I say? Deborah Gibson RAPS in this song!!**

Deborah Gibson - Only Words (Junior Vasquez Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**The other great mix by Junior! This song just makes me happy when I hear it!**

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