Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Songs That Got Away: Part Two

Diana Ross - Until We Meet Again (Love To Infinity Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**Back in 1998 when Cher came out with "Believe" it took the world by storm. It's only natural that other would follow in the steps of Cher with a similar formula. Listen to Tina Turner's "When The Heartache Is Over". Produced by the same team, sounds very similar to "Believe".
Well Diana Ross got the same treatment with "Until We Meet Again" which originally was a ballad from her "Every Day Is A New Day" cd but Love To Infinity turned it into a pop radio friendly dance track which mimic's the "Believe" formula.**

Diana Ross - Until We Meet Again (Hex Hector Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**Hex rocked it on this one! While Love To Infinity made the song 'cute', Hex kicked it up a notch and made a great vocal anthem!**

Jenna Drey - By The Way (Al B Rich Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**This is easily one of the most beautiful dance songs out there. Lyrically, the song is gorgeous and with Jenna's incredible vocals and Al B Rich's simple yet effective production, the combination makes a dance song that's 'wedding song' worthy. If you can, check out the ballad version of this one as well! Stunning!**

Gloria Estefan - I'm Not Giving You Up (Tony Moran Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**I've always been a fan of turning a ballad into a dance song and this is one of my favorites! For me, Gloria put out her best work when she was working with Tony Moran and before he produced her "Gloria" CD, there was this mix of this heartbreaking ballad.**

Information Society - Running (Victor Calderone Leather Radio Edit)
**Official Edit**
**Quite possibly one of the best updates of a song I've ever heard. Victor rips this one apart!! This was a Sunday night Limelight classic for me and this mix is as effective now as it ever was!**

Meja - It's All About The Money (Hector's Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**I was working in the mall at the time when this song came out and the store I was at had these awful videos that we had to play all day long with the same stuff on them...over and over and over... Every once in awhile we got good stuff on there (one even had Kristine W on it!) and such was the case with this one. I thought it was a mislabel for Hex Hector but it's not. And even though the BPM's are a little low in this and it's more of a pop song than anything else, I think it's adorable and worth sharing here!**

Shakira - Objection (Tango) (Eric Kupper Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**I loved the original of this song (the video is hysterical as well) and was surprised to see this translate well to the dancefloor. Eric Kupper gave it a very deep 'Donna-Summer-I-Feel-Love' vibe and it works very well!**

Bette Midler - In These Shoes (JM's Jonathan Peters Vox Radio Edit)
**I love Jonathan Peters but some of his mixes are not the type of mixes you could play at just any venue. This one for instance would sound a little over the top at your local gay club, but for Soundfactory Saturday nights, it's just old hat to them. Any mix that starts off with Bette Midler screaming "SHUT THE FUCK UP!" has to be great, right?? So here's my best shot and trimming down this massive thump-a-thump!**


CawfeeGuy said...

DJJM that Bette edit is the ABSOLUTE LIVING END! i think i need a cigarette, now...

Bowen said...

Hi... Can you also make an edit version of In These Shoes remixed by Mark Picchiotti? Thanks