Thursday, January 10, 2008

Requests and Info

Hey everyone! I know it's been awhile and my posts have been less and less...

School is getting started and I just got over being really sick...Today is the first day in quite some time that I've even felt like leaving my bed! Thank God it's over!!!

As far as requests go, I'll try to do what I can but I don't see me getting to them anytime soon right now...They take alot of time from me and that's something I unfortunately don't have.

I do want to keep the blog going so I'll try to post stuff that I have that's already done, but for now, please try to hold off on the requests cause I dont want to let anyone down with thinking they'll get done soon.

I really appreciate your patience with all these changes in my life!! Here's some edits to hold you for a bit...Some I did, some are official...and I threw in a slew of classics cause Im in that kinda mood haha!

Thanks again!!

Amuka - Appreciate Me (Peter Rauhofer Radio Edit) **Official Edit**

Whitney Houston - I Learned From The Best (Junior Vasquez Radio Edit) **Official Edit**

Dee Robert - Get Ready For The Ride (NYC Greystone Radio Edit) **Official Edit**

Luz Divina - I Just Want To Love You (JM's Jonathan Peters Edit)
**This should've been on her CD but it wasn't. I don't think it was ever released and it's a shame cause it's a beautiful track. I was surprised to hear that this is a Jonathan Peters production cause it sounds more like Junior than Jonathan**

Niki Harris - Let Me Hear The Music (JM's LEX Radio Edit)
**Great track from one of Madonna's original back-up singers! Outstanding production by LEX!**

Culture Club - Miss Me Blind (JM's David Guetta & Joachim Gerraud Radio Edit)
**This is one of those times when I feel the remix is better than the original. Amazing update from David and Joachim!**

Mariah Carey - Don't Forget About Us (Tony Moran Radio Edit) **Official Edit**

Meleni Smith - Meet Me In The Bathroom (JM's LEX Radio Edit)
**Another great production by LEX! This is a really fun song that should've gotten more exposure than it did.**

Shirley Clamp - Mr Memory (JM's Soundfactory Radio Edit)
**This is without a doubt in my top 5 most favorite vocals ever!!! UNBELIEVABLE track!!! Shirley is an amazing singer and Soundfactory worked it the f**k out with this! A definite Hands-In-The-Air anthem!**

Peter Presta feat Bonse - Totally Hooked (Original Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**This is one of those feelgood songs and I love the sample of More Than A Feeling by Boston. Great song!**

Whitney Houston - It's Not Right But It's Ok (Thunderpuss Radio Edit)
**Official Edit**

**Need I say anything about this one? Classic classic classic. This one for me never gets old.**

Thunderpuss feat Latanza Waters - Stand Up (Original Radio Edit)
**Official Edit**

**An incredible high energy remake of the Magic Cucumbers classic!**

Lisa Stansfield - I'm Leavin (Hex Hector Radio Edit) **Official Edit**

Nicole J McCloud - One Good Reason (Dezrok Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**Great vocal track by an underrated artist. Did you know that Nicole was the original singer of what became Deborah Cox's smash hit "House Is Not Home"?**

Olive - Im Not In Love (DJ Skribble & Anthony Acid Radio Edit) **Official Edit**

Paula Cole - I Believe In Love (Jonathan Peters Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**Another song I'll never get sick of...ever. This was JP in his prime!! And what incredible vocals Paula did!!**

Tamia - Stranger In My House (Hex Hector Radio Edit)) **Official Edit**
**I fell out of love with this song for awhile because every club and radio station KILLED it. Back when I used to go to the Colosseeum in NJ (RIP) that
was the place where this song went to die lol. But since so much time has passed, it's time to let Hex's work shine again.**

Veronica - Release Me...Let Me Go (Johnny Vicious Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**Does anyone NOT know this song? LoL! From the OooooooOOOOOOOooooooh and so on, non stop fun!**

Whitney Houston feat Faith Evans & Kelly Price - Heartbreak Hotel (Hex Hector Radio Edit)
**Official Edit**
**Where oh where could my Whitney be?? Come back to us!!!!!**

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