Saturday, November 3, 2007

The artist formerly known as ______ ?

There isn't much known about this song except a few things:

- It was on Extreme Records and there was a single released limitedly.
- Iris, to my knowledge, has only released this song.
- Boris and Beck made a SICK mix to it.

I couldn't find a picture to go along with this but I HAD to put this up. This mix is simplistic but haunting. Iris sings lyrics like "Where did you come from? I have searched the world for you and now that I've found you there are no words that can explain. How my world feels so invisible. How your love feels so incredible. All the answers to my questions are now answered..." and it's a love song that doesn't sound like one.

You'll have to trust me and listen.

Iris - Now That I've Found You (JM's Boris and Beck Radio Edit)

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Eddie said...

Thanks so much for finding this song, I had this song 8 years ago and lost it. Have been searching for it and finally you were nice to put it up. How can i download this? Thanks