Monday, November 19, 2007


Hey everyone! I'm kinda confused and I dunno what's goin on right now cause apparently none of my Mediafile links are working.

For that matter, when I go to log into my Mediafire account like always, it says that I no longer have one. I know that some people were having problems with Mediafire and I wonder if this is an extension of it.

The idea of having to re-upload EVERYTHING scares me a little bit lol but as of right now, I'm gonna hope that they get their shit together and everything goes back to normal.

Until further notice, if there's something I've posted on the blog, send me an email with the songs you'd like and I'll try to get to them as I get time!!!

I apologize but bear with me till I can figure everything out....

Till then, I'm going to start doing as many re-ups (AGAIN!!! GRRRR!!!) as I can!

~ John Michael ~

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