Saturday, November 17, 2007

Do an old school dance! Do an old school dance!

What is there to say about Beyonce that hasn't already been said?
I will go on record as saying that I believe she's the best and most consummate performer we have today. Again, only my opinion and when I heard "Get Me Bodied" I was floored!
The original song (produced by Swizz Beats) is a masterpiece all on it's own and to have Hex Hector take it on is a house music wet dream for me!!
What's great about this is not only that he was able to translate this song to the dancefloor but that he used the FULL vocal, aka the 'extended mix' from the original! Amazing!!!
Being such a fan of the original, I laid the original intro over the intro to the radio edit. These are the things that make me happy haha!
Beyonce - Get Me Bodied (JM's Hex Hector Radio Edit)

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