Friday, November 23, 2007

Post-Turkey Mention

I forgot to add this one to my Kristine W post...

DJ's Are Alive is what happens when you get real isntruments into the hands of dance music artists. The group is comprised of The Scumfrog, DJ Skribble, Kristine W, D:Fuse and the Static Revenger. All of which have great music under their belt. All of them on one stage, all of them alternating behind the decks, and whoever is not spinning is playing live instruments. It is the ultimate hybrid of DJ Culture and Live Music; the collective that sounds like a DJ set and looks like a band!

I'm hoping the we will one day get more music from them, but till then, this is what we did get...

DJ's Are Alive - Gimme Some Love (JM's Original Radio Edit)

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CawfeeGuy said...

this blows your 1st edit OUT OF THE WATER.