Tuesday, November 20, 2007

It's Murk! It's The Funky Green Dogs! Stop! You're both right!!

If you know one, you know the other.
The core of the Funky Green Dogs (whose full name is The Funky Green Dogs From Outerspace) is the DJ team Murk (Ralph Falcon & Oscar Gaetan).
Murk has produced such memorable hits as "Dark Beat" and "Believe" but it's their work as the Funky Green Dogs that we're talking about right now.
While Murk got together in 1991, in 1996 they added vocalist Pamala Williams and created what would be their first of many great vocal hits, "Fired Up!" off their first CD "Get Fired Up" which became an instant club classic!!
Here, I offer an edit for Junior Vasquez' mix which originally clocked in at 14 minutes!! I was able to get it down to about 5 1/2 minutes which was necessary cause there's some drama in this mix I just HAD to leave in!
Funky Green Dogs - Fired Up (JM's Junior Vasquez Twilo Radio Mix)
However, after the success of the first CD, Pamala Williams left the group and was replaced by Tamara Wallace (pictured above) who's been the groups vocalist ever since.
Tamara's vocal classic with the group comes in the form of 1999's "Body" which Club 69 (read: Peter Rauhofer) produced THEE definitive mix for and I've edited it here as well.
Funky Green Dogs - Body (JM's Club 69 Radio Edit)
And later in 2002, we get another great track from the trio called "Rise Up" which is actually a gospel house song and got a great treatment once again from La Vasquez! :-)
Funky Green Dogs - Rise Up (JM's Junior Vasquez Earth Radio Edit)

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