Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A Taste of Tel-Aviv

By now, it's no secret that some of the hottest music is coming out of Israel. They've taken dance music and made a sound they call their own with Offer Nissim as their front runner.
However, there are many a DJ over there that's producing some HOT music and I thought it would be nice to give them their day in the sun and showcase some of it! Some of these artists though are difficult to find information on so if I have it, I'll include it here, otherwise, just the song.
First up is is DJ Danny Tuval. As of today Danny is the resident at the all gay party Cruise @ Move in Tel-Aviv in addition to holding two monthly residencies at the FFF (Sirazi) party @ Powder and Freedom at Platinum Club , the biggest club in Eilat.
Danny has also been a special guest at Vox, TLV, Dome, Pacha Tel-Aviv and has been a part of such big productions in Israel like: The Love Parade (1999, 2000, 2002, 2005), Dance City 99, Cinerama Rave in The Millenium (which had 5,000 people), The Gay Parade 2001, 2003 & 2004 where he played on the main stage in front of 15,000 people!!

In Israel he's shared the decks with renouned DJj's such as: Junior Vasquez , Paul Oakenfold, Nick Warren , Satoshi Tomiie , Peace Division , Tom Stephan (Superchumbo) , Mike Cruz , Jo Mills, Tarantella, 'Space' Ibiza Crew and many, many more...
But here, he teams up with fellow producer Zigo with lovely vocals from Carmi to create a stunningly beautiful club thumper called "So Amazing"! Enjoy!
Danny Tuval & Zigo feat Carmi - So Amazing (JM's Original Radio Edit)
I first discovered Roie Yamin & Tal Kerman because of a beautiful piano intro mix they did for Offer Nissim/Maya's "Alone" and was very excited to find that they have been producing their own music as well!
Roie Yamin & Tal Kerman feat Lital - Stop (JM's Original Radio Edit)
Roie Yamin & Tal Kerman feat Lital - Say Goodbye (JM's Original Radio Edit)
Moshe Fain was born in 1982 and began his career at only 16, DJing in some of the major clubs and high class private parties in Israel. His big breakthrough was at the Sling Club where he supported his new line of music and his reputation only got bigger and bigger.
After completing his millitary service, he stopped DJing for a while in order to build his studio and he enrolled to BPM Musical College where he took professional sound & mastering courses.
Then he continued his career as a producer and while his reputation was growing, he was invited by Peter Rauhofer to work on Offer Nissim's "Be My Boyfriend Pt. 2" remix. The single was released on the ROXY 5 CD collection and was a huge success all over the world.
Today Fain is part of EXM Records, as the A&R of the electronic music division. His new production FM Project (Fain & Marcus Project) has garnered lots of amazing feedback from DJ's all over the world. While the project is heading onto a world tour, the crew of FM Project has released some of the finest remixes for hit singles like Perry Twins feat Jania - Activate My Body & Rihanna feat Jay Z - Umbrella. Both of which gained lots of plays in radio's & clubs over the world.
This is Moshe's take on Amuka's "Appreciate Me". While it doesn' stray far from the original version at all, this version is a little rougher around the edges which is nice and I tried to keep alot of the beautiful intro Moshe has provided.
Amuka - Appreciate Me 2007 (JM's Moshe Fain Radio Edit)
Amir M & Gal M are another duo who produce some slammin house music who I can't find info on except that Gal M stands for Gal Mustaki which is his full name. If anyone has info, please let me know! Till then...Here's some of the great stuff they've produced!! The first track sounds SO familiar to me...like an old freestyle song. If anyone knows for sure, please tell me! The two Dana International songs, in their original length only come to about 5 1/2 minutes each so I left them alone and just posted them here.
Whitelabel - I'll Never Let You Know (JM's Amir M & Gal M Radio Edit)
Amir M & Gal M feat Dana International - Kiss Your Money Bye Bye (Club Mix)
Amir M & Gal M feat Dana International - Sleeping With Me (Club Mix)
Asi Givati has been literally rocking my socks since I heard his guitar mix of Offer Nissim/Maya's "Alone". The guitar in that song completely gives it more depth and emotion and that's the only mix I play. Since then I've learned that not only is he very young...Somewhere in his early 20's I believe at present but that he plays the guitar live over most of his mixes, which is why these are a little bit longer than edits because I wanted to feature the live guitar solo's.
KMC feat Sandy - Get Better 2006 (JM's Asi Givati Radio Mix)
Knob - I'm Lost (JM's Asi Givati Radio Mix)
Tomer G seems to be the next Israeli DJ on the verge of making it big here in the states. While back in Israel he produced mega-hits over there with "Fuel 2 Fire" and "Supernatural" featuring vocalist Maxine, he's just recently started remixing some of todays top pop hits. Google him, he's also dead sexy! Haha!
First is an official edit from Tomer G for Liz McClarnon's (former member of pop group Atomic Kitten) version of Barbra Streisand's "Woman In Love" and then, even though I already posted it, my edit of Tomer's AMAZING mix of Kat DeLuna's "Whine Up"
Liz McClarnon - Woman In Love (Tomer G SuperNatural Radio Edit)
**Official Edit**
Kat DeLuna - Whine Up (JM's Tomer G English Radio Edit)


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