Thursday, July 24, 2008

Chris Cox

Hey everyone! I'm very excited about this post! I actually had the VERY great honor to be the opening DJ for Chris Cox (that's me and him!) when he played in NYC at Spirit and let me tell you--Aside from being one of the best nights of my life, he was the NICEST person ever!! The minute he walked into the booth I started sweating lol. I was playing Inaya Day's cover of "Nasty Girl" when he walked in and he was like "Oooh! I hear a Vanity 6 sample!" and I said "Oh, this is Inaya Day's cover of Nasty Girl" and he just went "Oh nice! I like it!"...and it kinda blew my mind he hadn't heard it but I guess that's what happens when you're so involved in the industry!

There's really not much more to say about him! After Thunderpuss split he continued to be amazing...That's all I got! Hah!

Anna Vissi - Call Me (Chris Cox Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**This was SUCH an amazing vocal. I've posted an edit I did for this song because I didn't have the official handy so here you go!**

Beat Hustlerz feat Thea Austin - Just About Had Enough (Hustlerz Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**I included this one because this is the team work of Chris, Jody Den Broeder and Ellis Miah. Jody & Ellis wrote it and Chris mixed it all together and gave us one of the best diva vocals ever!! This song never gets old for me!!**

Christina Aguilera - Hurt (Chris Cox Radio Edit with Intro) **Official Edit**
**This was a juggernaut on the dancefloor and while I loved Jonathan Peters version a little bit more, Chris' mix was a thunderous runner up. I love that he offered an edit with the intro from the original version of the song! Stunning!!**

Danielle Bollinger - When The Broken Hearted Love Again (Chris Cox Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**This was Danielle's first song and did you know that it's a Christian inspired song? Released on EsNtion records (Ascention--Get the biblical reference? lol) this was a fantastic package! Two CD's of remixes, dubs and edits from Chris Cox, Davidson Ospina, Phenix, Thick Dick (which is weird to read that on a God fearing record label lol) and Josh Harris so there's definitely something for everyone! Chris' is definitely the mix to beat and listening to her sing makes me sad that she's no longer making music.**

Debby Holliday - Dive (Chris Cox Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**So Debby walked into the Perfect Beat offices and said "I wanna be a dance music diva" and they made her one! True story!! If I had only known it was THAT easy! Did you know that she's actually the daughter of singer/songwriter Jimmy Holliday and that she toured as a backup singer for people like Rod Stewart and Kiss? Craziness!! ALSO she even sang the theme song "Dig Deep" for Courtney Cox' sitcome "Dirt"! This girls been busy!! Well this is one of my fave songs by her and I believe this was the first single as well.**

Donna Summer - I Will Live For Love (JM's Chris Cox Radio Mix)
**Easily one of Donna's best! It's dramatic (cause it was written for a musical Donna's been writing forever about her life) and full of energy!! Chris really takes it home here in an anthemic way that has Donna on a tour de force!! Highly reccommended!!**

Gioia Bruno - Wreckin My Nerves (JM's Chris Cox Radio Edit)
**I've been such a huge fan of Gioia's from her days with freestyle super group Expose and all through her solo career. Her CD "Expose This" is an excellent piece of dance pop music which everyone should own! This however is one of my favorite songs by her! It went all the way to #3 on the charts and it's easy to see why! Chris actually put together a funkier mix here and it's perfect over lyrics like "You're wreckin my nerves/Was that your intention?/Cause baby it worked/You're like an infection/You're wreckin my nerves/It's 24-7/You drive me insane/Why you always stressing me out?!". And there's more great lyrics all throughout the track as well.**

GTS feat Norman Jean & Luci M - Le Freak (JM's Chris Cox Radio Edit)
**Well we know that Chris and Barry used the sample for this in their song with Jocelyn Enriquez which is a few posts back but now, featuring two of the original members of Chic, it gets it's own proper remix! Chris did a brilliant job updating it with a modern sound that still has retro elements.**

Kelly Clarkson - Walk Away (Chris Cox Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**This has to be one of Kelly's best remixes! Chris definitely turned this into a feel good song that makes me wanna snap my fingers and my neck and tell someone to piss off! Haha!**

SK8 - Amnesty (Chris Cox Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**SK8's latest offering with boyfriend Chris Cox is STELLAR!! SOOOOOO good! I believe that SK8 finally found her element. While I've loved almost all her stuff, some of it is a but now, that's all changed. This is a beautiful anthem by both of them and unlike some of her other tracks, this one has direction and energy! Bravo!!**

Walker - So Deep (Chris Cox Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**This may be one of my all time favorite male vocals! Chris does an outstanding job with this one (as usual lol) and all I know about Walker is that he's from Hollywood CA and that this song got to #29 on the dance charts. I wish he's do more stuff! I love his voice!!**

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