Monday, July 21, 2008

Hex Hector (Part Two)

Hey everyone! I hate to say this but the Offer post is getting a little delayed this week. I had surgery over the weekend (minor--I'm ok!) and when I left NY to come to NJ for my recovery with my hubby, I left my Offer CD's at home like an idiot!! So I probably won't be able to get to that till either late this week or early next week.

Till then I have some Hex stuff, more Junior stuff and then some random stuff which I hope you'll all enjoy!!

These are some of my favorite Hex tracks! The productions really speak for themselves!

Amber - Yes (JM's HQ2 Radio Edit)
**I've posted this one before but this is probably my all time favorite Amber song! I've always loved the middle eastern sound and Hex does alot here what he later did for Sarah Brightman's "Harem" track. The drum loops are out of control and of course there's some amazing synth work done as well, this time all courtesy of Mac Quayle. Amber actually took pieces of a James Joyce novel for some of the lyrics which work incredibly well with the tone of the song. I love when this song comes on cause everyone on the dancefloor always clutches their boobs when Amber sings "I put my arms around him, yes. And drew him down to me so he could feel my breasts..." and it makes me giggle lol...Im just as guilty!**

Celeste Prince - Inside Your Secret (JM's Hex Hector Radio Mix)
**This is quite possibly one of the most beautiful productions to come out of Hex's camp. The vocal & lyrics from Celeste here are just gorgeous from start to finish and it all earned Celeste the #5 spot on the dance charts. I can't say enough about this song. Highly reccommended!**

Mandy Moore - In My Pocket (Hex Hector Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**Hex's take on the Mandy Moore smash which is widely different from the T-Puss one I've posted. Hex's is a little bit more chilled out with some nice acoustic guitar work from Mac Quayle once again.**

Mika - Relax (Take It Easy) (Hex Hector Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**While the Tony Moran mix of this is for me the definitive, Hex put together a great mix for this as well with a similar production style to that of the Celeste Prince mix. Tony's is really punchy and just comes right out for you and Hex's does what the title says "takes it easy" here with something a little smoother.**

Ricky Martin - She Bangs (JM's Hex Hector Radio Edit)
**I don't care what anyone says, this mix is amazing!! I would've never guessed that Hex would've produced such a slamming mix for a Ricky Martin song but the stabbing synths here are such a driving force here, you can't help but be wowed by it!**

Ricky Martin feat Loleatta Holloway - Relight My Fire (Hex Hector Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**Ok, so how exactly did this one happen? I'm not so sure. A promo vinyl labeled as "Martin feat Loleatta Holloway" started circulating and as soon as I heard it I knew it was my Ricky (sorry, he's SO hot tho!). And yes, this IS a cover of the disco song originally done by Dan Hartman and this is a heavy song to cover. The original is a classic, but I think that Ricky, Loleatta, Hex & Mac nailed it here! They kept with the original one and updated it in such a way that it makes it a new classic! This is definitely one of the gayest things to come from Ricky and Loleatta's wailing all over it just solidifies that! I say g'ahead Mary!!**

Thalia feat Marc Anthony - The Mexican (Dance Dance) (JM's Hex Hector Mixshow Edit)
**This was such a great idea here!! I've always been a sucker for songs that are about dancing and sampling Jellybean's "The Mexican" (which is one of my favorite freestyle songs) and having backup vocals from Marc Anthony, gave this song all the energy it needed! Add Hex to the mix and you have a latino dance anthem for the masses!**


built4house said...

This track cranks! I remember it tearing up the dancefloor, though most of my friends had no idea who was singing it and couldn't understand what Thalia was saying cuz of her accent -- hahahaha! Thanks for posting.

built4house said...

Oh, I guess I should have said the post was for Thalia's 'The Mexican.'

Also, 'She Bangs' might be total cheese, but the pace of the track moves feet and shakes the hips. =)