Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Guido Osorio

Most of you know Guido Osorio from being one half of Razor N Guido, but what happened after they split?
I've always been a fan of RNG but I have to say that Guido's solo stuff is just as good if not better! The thing I love is that his sound is different than everyone elses. It's more industrial and dirtier. His precision is always on point and he knows how to hit the song hard where it needs it!

So here's some edits to keep you on your toes when it comes to the solo efforts of this amazing remixer!

Amber - The Need To Be Naked (JM's Guido Osorio Virgin Radio Edit)
**I loved Thunderpuss' mix for this song, but this is the one to beat. Guido did two mixes for this, a "Naughty" mix and a "Virgin" one. Both are excellent but I enjoy this one better. I love the mini build ups before each chorus and the vocal effects are top notch!**

Angie Stone - Bottles & Cans (JM's Guido Osorio Radio Edit)
**Most people know Angie from her #1 dance smash "I Wish I Didn't Miss You" which was the second single from her 2001 CD "Mahogany Soul" but this track, single number 4, was widely overlooked in my opinion. This one only hit #18 on the dance charts, which is still respectable and Guido's mix is really amazing! I love how he added all the recycling noises as well!**

Colton Ford - Everything (JM's Guido Osorio Radio Mix)
**I've just posted the Solar City edit of this which was the original production but this is way superior to that. On this one, we get some new ad libs and vocals from Colton (and from what sounds like a Speak N Spell lol) and in a way Guido made this song a little safer. The original one had some nastier elements which are nice in a novelty kinda way, reflecting on Colton's porn past, but this mix makes him sound more like a legitimate dance artist.**

Cyndi Lauper - Disco Inferno 2002 (JM's Guido Osorio Radio Mix)
**I was very surprised at this cover that Cyndi did for 1999's "A Night At The Roxbury" soundtrack and then having it pop up again in 2002 getting the Guido treatment which it obviously needed! Removing all the disco elements from it, Guido made this mix very current and Cyndi's vocals are awesome and funny at the same time. Check it out and you'll see what I mean!**

Deborah Cox - Stupid Like U (JM's Guido Osorio Radio Edit)
**Guido was one of the many DJ's who got ahold of this accapella and while I do prefer Junior's & Popstar's mixes more, this mix is definitely worth giving a spin. He kept it rough around the edges and had this have seen a proper release this would've been a smash for sure!**

DJ Disciple feat Mia Cox - Caught Up (JM's Guido Osorio Radio Edit)
**This song and this mix both put NJ singer/songwriter Mia Cox into the Queer As Folk legacy, being used both in the show and on their soundtrack CD. Not only that but this song went straight to #1 on the club charts as well. Listening to this mix it's easy to see why!**

Guido Osorio feat Alan T - Tweak It (JM's Maximum Radio Edit)
**This song ended up on Razor N Guido's only full length CD (which is incredible Btw if you can get it!) "Dancefloor" and I fell in love with it instantly. Once again Alan T is here to give you the bitchiness that he's known for and Guido really gets to shine here as the producer providing all kinds of this from stabbing synths, beat changes and much more!**

Guido Osorio Project feat Angelica De No - Runaway (JM's Radio Mix)
**Angelica de No broke into the scene when she teamed up with Guido and recorded two songs ("Wicked" and this one, "Runaway") which quickly became international hits in club land. This track also made its way onto the very popular White Party 2002 CD compilation mixed by circuit DJ Brett Henrichsen on Masterbeat Records. Again, left to his own devices, Guido pulls all the stops out for this one providing and incredible mix that could easily be thrown into any set today!**

Shania Twain - It's Alright (JM's Guido Osorio Radio Mix)
**I know I've posted this one before, but again, this is my all time favorite Guido mix. He took Shania completely out of her element here and gave us a high energy diva vocal anthem!! The album it comes from, T
he Complete Limelight Sessions, was released 2001 and is a collection of songs recorded before she signed a record deal with her label in 1993. The album was released following the massive success of her chart topping CD "Come on Over". The album was promoted by this remix and it has the distinction of being Shania's only song to chart on the dance charts (reaching #25).**

Taylor Dayne - How Many (JM's Guido Osorio Radio Edit)
**Another Tony Moran song I have postd previously, but again--This is defintely the best mix! Taylor's voice and this mix work perfectly and while I do believe she can sing anything, I believe he can remix anything as well! That must be why this earned Taylor another top 10 song on the dance charts when this one went to #6!**

Bonus Edit: I had to put this one on here! This mix is incredible from start to stop! He took a classic song by this artist and made his own Secret mix for it. I'm sure it's just Human Nature for him to do so, but he should Take A Bow because he deserves to be commended for his amazing work! The breakdown to the hip hop beat in this one makes me gag!

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Julio, Laurent & Louie said...

JM, your site is ah-mah-zing! You're first on my affiliates list. Thanks for the heads up on the mix, the comment and ALL the selections on your blog! Talk about all-encompassing. I sat here and revisited my early days out in the dance floors with these mega vocal mixes, and that's what our visitors are still asking for as well. I'll be using you as reference (giving you credit). Thank you! Louie from MusicBoxMix ;o)