Monday, July 21, 2008

Junior Vasquez (Part Four)

I think it's time to add another remixer to the fold here. It's been alot of Junior, TP & Hex and while there's more where all this came from, Im gonna throw someone else into this and see how it goes lol...

Who? I dunno yet...We'll see what I've got at my fingertips! :-)

Ace Of Base - Beautiful Life (JM's Junior Vasquez Radio Edit)
**We all loved Ace of Base. It's time to come clean and admit it. We all saw the sign and we wanted to live the beautiful life. Well, those swedes were so darn happy about everything, Junior couldn't resist and gives us alot more of the same!**

Alcazar - Don't You Want Me (JM's Junior Vasquez Earth Radio Edit)
**Another Swedish act gets the Junior treatment, but this time it's much darker. This is indeed a cover of 80's classic by Human League and it's never sounded better! Junior pulls the bottom out so to speak, and goes for a strong mix that keeps chugging along and the really uplifiting vocals paired with Junior's darker undertones works very well together.**

Angel Moraes - I Like It (JM's Junior Vasquez Earth Radio Edit)
**Firstly, does anyone know who the vocalist is here? I love this song!! I've always said that some of his most interesting work has come from the Earth era and this is a prime example. It's a big diva anthem that has a dark but sexy production here from Junior which is perfect for the clubs, or in front of your mirror at home.**

Christina Aguilera - Beautiful (JM's Junior Vasquez Radio Ripped Edit)
**If anyone has a better quality version of this, I would be thrilled! I ripped this one from one of Junior's mixshows and I must admit, I like this one (shockingly lol) better than Peter's. I do love Peter's alot, I thought it was a great mix and all, but this one really just blows it out of the water for me!**

Dynamix feat Nina Eve - Never Get Me (Junior Vasquez Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**I love the original of this and this is one of the few songs that I prefer a mix other than Junior's. I never really got into it and then I heard him play it one night and when you're there, at the club, this works very well. When I'm at home, in the shower, at the gym or in my car, it's the Dynamix one for me lol.**

Hypertrophy - Beautiful Day (JM's Junior Vasquez Radio Edit)
**This was a big Juniorverse song and one of my favorite non-vocals. It's very indicative of it's time (1998) and I've always loved this side of Junior. I wish there was more of this kinda stuff!!**

kd Lang - If I Were You (Junior Vasquez Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**kd relelased this as the lead single from her 1995 "All You Can Eat" CD and while the song got to #115 on the hot 100 (yikes!), on the dance charts it went straight to #1!! kd has such a smooth voice and Junior compliments her perfectly with an uplifting mix that isn't overpowering.**

Kristine W - Stronger (JM's Junior Vasquez Mixshow Edit)
**This is a masterpiece through and through which made it hard for me to cut at. Johnny Vicious did a cute mix too but this mix just grabs onto the emotion of the song and rides it till the wheels fall off!! Kristine + Junior = Perfect Together.**

Mary J Blige - Your Child (JM's Junior Vasquez Extended Radio Mix)
**Another classic Junior. I remember reading a magazine about how he only did a demo of this mix and it got leaked or picked up somehow and everyone loved it and started playing it. I wanna say I also remember him saying that this wasn't even a favorite of his! Can you imagine? This mix is sheer genius!!**

Nomad - I Wonder (Junior Vasquez Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**I loved Nomad's "With You" (Junior edit to follow) and then I was excited to hear this song and I find's almost identical to "With You" lol...So yes, this is a good that "If you loved "With You" then you'll ADORE "I Wonder" " kinda way lol**

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