Saturday, July 19, 2008

Junior Vasquez (Part Three)

The Offer Nissim post is on the way everyone!!
But meanwhile back at the Junior ranch...
Alicia Keys - Girlfriend (Junior Vasquez Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**When Alicia released her debut CD "Songs In A Minor", it was an immediate success and remixers had a new voice to add to the dancefloor. The 4th single from Alicia here didn't really do that well on the US charts, stalling at #82 on the R&B chart and failing to even make it to the hot 100. However, Junior took charge and made a fun dance version with a really solid production. Not exactly an anthem, but great in it's own right.**
Amber - This Is Your Night (JM's Junior Vasquez Extended Radio Mix)
**Back in 1996 when Amber released her debut CD of the same name, it seemed she could do no wrong. This Euro-NRG CD was wildly successful, selling an estimated 4 million copies. Amber also became the first Euro-NRG artist to be signed to a label as a solo artist. While only peaking at #24 on the US charts, it became an instant classic throughout the world. Having Junior take this song on was brilliant and the mix he put together is stunning! It's got a great energy and some stellar keyboarding work. This one is sure to take you back! I can't believe this song came out 12 years ago!!!! God, I'm old! lol**
Annie Lennox - No More I Love You's (Junior Vasquez Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**I'm sorry, but there is nothing better than the lyric "Dubba dubba dub dub dub...AHHH!"! This lead single from Annie's 2x platinum CD "Medusa" peaked only at #23 on the US charts, but the remix hit #1! Junior's idea here was genius, taking 3 songs (No More I Love You's, Downtown Lights & Take Me To The River) from Annie's CD and making a medley of them for one remix. The result is, of course, fabulous!**
Blu Cantrell - (Oops!) Hit Em Up Style (Junior Vasquez Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**Blu Cantrell has such an incredible voice and while there's been talks for more music from her (including a leaked cover version of One Republic's "Apologize"), I'm still holding out. This smash debut single earned Blu the #2 spot on the US charts and I had never really entertained the idea for a remix on this one. The phrasing and timing seemed like it would be too difficult, but alas, Junior said--Fuck that! Hah! With a low BPM and some really interesting synth work, he kept the original punch of the song as Blu tells her man to piss off!!**
Charlotte - Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark (Junior Vasquez Soular Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**This is another great example of what a remixer really can do with a song. If you know the original Junior mix (which was brilliant) then this one will definitely make for a nice change. This one really blends Junior's style with the Moto Blanco style mixes you hear now. I'll post the original one soon cause that one is incredible but for now, something funkier.**
Information Society - What's On Your Mind (JM's Junior Vasquez Mixshow Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**The 80's classic gets a sick update from the master and it's completely irresistable! What I love about this (which I had to include in here) is the breakdown where he actually goes back into the original and then back to the remix again! So brilliant!!**
Irene Cara - All My Heart (Junior Vasquez Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**We all know Miss Cara from her 80's classics "Fame" and "Flashdance...What A Feeling!" but what happened after?? Well, she never really stopped performing throughout Europe and Asia and in the 90's had several successful non-US charts. This song, from 1997 was from a little known CD of Euro dance songs called "Precarious 90's", and it made it's way here into Junior's lap! He made the song a really uplifiting anthem, perfect for any summer party! Definitely worth checking out! In 2006, Cara also contributed a song called "Forever My Love" to the CD "Gay Happening Vol 12".**
Kim English - Higher Things (Junior Vasquez House Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**This was the other half of the duel CD single "Diva 2 Diva" which paired this song with the aforementioned Charlotte "Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark". This time, Junior turns it out with Kim's soaring vocals and makes an incredible diva anthem! Another one not to be missed!**
Kumi Koda - Take Back (Junior Vasquez Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**This is a very strange one. Now, I love this mix, I really do and the vocal if it were done by an english singer would've been awesome! But Japanese diva Kumi Koda debuted here and did her best by trying to sing the english version of this song. The results aren't TERRIBLE but to be honest, there's alot of it I just don't understand. Im sure that the original english vocal as it was intended (to be an R&B/Pop song) was much easier to understand, but most of the remixes offered here by Junior, Hex Hector and Jonathan Peters make it a little bit tougher to get. There is some incredibly synth work here, especially in the bridge where Kumi sings "Your kind of pleasure took me away to a place I've never been..." (and then the next line I dont know lol). If only for the production, give this one a try!**
Le Click - Call Me (JM's Junior Vasquez Radio Edit)
**This one is really interesting to me. We've seen Junior hit his "La Bouche" phase but then when he takes this song on, he goes the completely different route. Granted, the vocal, even though the original is euro cheese, is a really great vocal by Kayo Shekoni and Junior tried making it a reputable dance track. Did it work? Well, yes it did, but I have to admit, the mix is a little strange. The vocal stands on it's own and Junior's production is good, but you get the full vocal in this mix at the very beginning of the mix and then the last 4 minutes are all vocal loops, samples, buildups and breakdowns and the mix even fades out at the end. Very odd to me! If there is another one out there that doesn't fade out, please send it my way!**
Sabrina Johnston - Tonight (JM's Junior Vasquez Radio Edit)
**Junior favorite Sabrina takes center stage here with this mix that came as a bonus track off her 1998 solo CD "Yum Yum". Sabrina has such incredible power and it really shows here. A much lesser known song by her but really good just the same!**
Whitney Houston - I Learned From The Best (JM's Junior Vasquez Disco Radio Edit)
**I have to admit, I really didn't do much to this at all, except that I took the beginning and end of the full mix and added them to the beginning and the end of the offered radio edit. The only reason why I did it is because there's some clips of Whitney talking and I love stuff like that! Haha! But Junior really gave a great alternative to all the other mixes out there with this one. He even went back into the studio with Whitney for a new vocal to fit this mix!**
Whitney Houston - I Learned From The Best (Junior Vasquez Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**This mix is FLAWLESS (which by the way, is rumored to be the title of Whitney's forthcoming CD)!! Hex's was great, don't get me wrong, but THIS one has DRAMA all over it!! I especially love in the full mix where the breakdown uses a vocal loop from Whitney's "Step By Step".**

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