Wednesday, July 23, 2008

So I just let the speakers speak to me. Vibrations movin' on the floor all around ...

Basshunter - All I Ever Wanted (JM's Wideboys Radio Edit)
**I feel like Basshunter just popped up and is now all over the place. Up until very recently, I had never heard of him and now I see his music on blogs everywhere. I have to admit, I do have a love for the faster, harder trance type songs as well, but I have to be in the mood. His CD all in all is pretty fabulous tho! This is the second single from his "Now You're Gone" CD and the Wideboys made this song alot more accessible to the mainstream who's hearts cant handle beats over 145 lol. The Wideboys might be one of the best remixers of 2008. Brilliant and so much fun here!**

Carillo & Amador feat Ronnie Sumrall - Save Me (Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**I found this song randomly on a blog and I'm guessing that the Amador in this team is Eddie Amador? Does anyone know for sure? Either way, this is a slick male vocal with a nice electro production by Carillo & Amador. Good for early evening music or early morning...depending on how you're looking at it lol...**

Erin Hamilton - Control Yourself (JM's Lenny B Radio Edit)
**Diva Erin Hamilton is BACK! After a hiatus, Solar City's golden girl who gave us the classics "The Flame" (which just saw 2008 mixes) and her cover of "Dreamweaver", returns with an awesome vocal anthem! There's been oodles of mixes of this but this is the one I've gravitated towards the most so far. Is it just be or does she Like she picked up some serious soul in her voice. It was great before but she sounds amazing now!!**

Jim Verraros - You're Getting Crazy (L.E.X. Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**I posted an edit I did for the Mike Cruz mix and then I stumbled across this official edit from LEX who's productions never dissappoint. Dark and progressive, they take this song on with awesome results!**

Jody Watley - I Want Your Love (JM's Wideboys Edit)
**Jody Watley??!! Yeah, I can't believe it either! I know she's been recording still but I haven't really gotten into some of her stuff (I didn't enjoy her Madonna "Borderline" cover that much) but NOW? Well clutch the pearls because Miss Jody is back with a stunning cover of this 70's classic, originally done by Chic! This is sure to not dissappoint! Incredible vocals from Jody and a really fun mix from The Wideboys once again!**

Kurtis Mantronik feat Kelly Marie Smith - I Can't Wait (JM's Radio Mix)
**Speaking of covers, let me introduce you to my new favorite cover of 2008. This was one of my favorite 45's (I'm dating myself here! lol) growing up and I still have it! I looooooooooved this song when originally done by Nu Shooz in the 80's and now? Well, this one will speak for itself. The production is to die for!! We also have a great vocal here from Kelly Marie Smith (former vocalist with The Shapeshifters) who hits this remake dead on! MUST HAVE!!!**

Maroon 5 & Rihanna - If I Never See Your Face Again (Expensive People Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**Holy electro Batman!! Hah! I was only eh about the original song, even though I do enjoy both artists alot. Maroon 5 has alot of soul and great pop sensibilities which is why alot of their songs do well on the dancefloor and this one is no different. NOW I'm loving this song! I don't know who the Expensive People are but they did an excellent electro-rock mix here that just screams fun!**

Michelle Williams - We Break The Dawn (JM's Wideboys Radio Edit)
**Michelle always seemed like the forgotten one in Destiny's Child. She only sang the bridges of the songs mosts times and when she went solo and did the gospel thing, it was only so-so. Well, that's all changed!! I can't wait for her CD as every song I've heard that's leaked is fantastic including this sleeper hit. Currently, it's #1 on the dance charts but hasn't charted anywhere else. I expect very big things from her and The Wideboys, AGAIN, do magic to this track. They are HOT!!**

Rob Mirage - Forever (JM's Midnight Society Radio Edit)
**This song is EXPLOSIVE!! A very dark and progressive male vocal with BIG beats and almost ALL synths! This song is MADE of synths and it works SOOOO well! This song definitely grows on you, if for no other reason then for the production.**

Shannon - Something About You (JM's Eddie Baez Radio Edit)
**When 80's diva Shannon had her mini-resurgence back in 2000 with the Hex Hector remix of "Give Me Tonight", I figured we were welcoming back a dance diva to the floor. Where did we go wrong?? After the #1 success of "Give Me Tonight", she released 2008 mixes of "Let The Music Play" which only hit #32 which is interesting cause originally in the 80's "Let The Music Play was a #8 song for her whereas "Give Me Tonight" stalled at #46. At any rate, Shannon released her 4th studio CD "The Best Is Yet To Come" and her original producer, Chris Barbosa was asked to rejoin her as was Tony Moran. Aside from her two classics, two more songs from the CD were remixed, this one by Eddie Baez who did a fantastic job and "Intimate" which was taken on by Plasmic Honey. She sounds just as god as she did then and needs to come!!!**

Supanova - No Secrets (JM's Escape & Dom Capello Radio Edit)
**This is another random song I found in my surfing and while it's different, I do like it. It's a little more minimal and darker than what you'd expect from Escape & Capello, but it works very well as an afterhours track. Another good male vocal here!**

The Ting Tings - Great DJ (Soul Seekerz Radio Edit) **Official Edit**
**Wow, the Soul Seekerz finally produced a good mix?! Hard to believe huh! Ok, I'm obviously being sarcastic here lol...Can they do any wrong?? The Ting Ting's first single here gets a good working over by my other favorite remixing team of 2008 and it's fabu! Naturally!**

Whitney Houston - Fine (JM's Rob Girellini Radio Mix)
**This song, the fourth single from her "Whitney: The Greatest Hits" CD only found Whit at #51 on the charts, but there were two very good remixes that popped up along the way, one by Junior Vasquez and this one by Rob Girellini. I don't know much about Rob but that the few mixes of his I've heard I've liked. This one is a really high energy mix which results in Whitney losing it around 2:45 and throughout to the rest of the song. How many times do you think she says the word "Fine" in this song? lol**

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