Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tony Moran (Part Three)

Is there anything sexier than a hot DJ? ::drool:: I heart Tony!!!

Ok, so I obviously can't help myself and I keep finding more and more CD's get the idea. I don't think you all mind! Haha!

Becky Baeling - Corrupt (Tony Moran Album Version) **Official Edit**

**Becky Baeling (born Rebecca Bahling) hails from Detroit, Michigan, and was a mini obsession of mine! Now, I say mini because there's been no new music from her for 4 years!!! WHYYYYYY?? That voice is phenomenal!! She had two big hits (one is posted below) and her CD "Becstacy" was incredible! It was everything a dance music CD should be! But then again--How could it not be when you've got Tony at the helm! The whole CD was produced by Tony as well as co-writing most of the tracks! Now, if THAT wasn't enough, you have this song which was a very dangerous venture. This is cover of the CLASSIC Karissa Noel song that got a very infamous remix by Jonathan Peters. I GAGGED when I realized it was the same song and for all intensive purposes, it might as well have been Becky's. Her version isn't as dark as Karissa's which is almost refreshing because I don't think it would've worked as well with her voice, but it is a definite close second!! Guaranteed to make you move!!**

Becky Baeling - Diva (Tony Moran Album Version) **Official Edit**

**Ok, now moving right along, if the last one didn't make you gag, this one surely will. If there's one thing us (gay) dance music fans like, it's a woman with a big voice being bitchy, cunty and fabulous and of course it helps if the love of her life has done her wrong! Well add Becky to the roster because this song is ALL of those things and more!! Lyrics like "You think you got me figured out. Negativity you bring about. Pointing fingers at my attitude cause I'm feeling myself and it's getting to you. Your insecurity exposed in every word you say. I see that you're not happy when I get my way" make me wanna do drag!! If they're not enough, wait till you hear the chorus!! Also, background vocals on this song by Tony Moran favorite Nicki Richards and Broadway star Shoshana Bean!**

Becky Baeling - If You Love Me (Tony Moran & Mac Quayle Radio Edit) **Official Edit**

**ANTHEM ALERT!!! This song was Becky's first single and earned her a #3 on the dance charts (her second single, "Getaway" made it all the way to #1) and you can see why! It's everything you would want in a vocal and a stunning production by Tony & Mac (who helped produce a bunch of the songs for Becky's CD as well. Her album is like a White Party pop cd with appearances throughought from Mac Quayle, Dave Saronsen, Nicki Richards, Zhana Saunders, Warren Rigg & Giuseppe D all pitching in. I highly reccommend this one to all of you!! Unfortunately there's been no talks of getting more music from Becky, but she can be seen regularly as a host on Direct TV's CD USA program "The 101" interviewing everyone from Rihanna & Kelly Clarkson to Jamie Foxx.**

CeCe Winans - Let Everything That Has Breath (Tony Moran Radio Edit) **Official Edit**

**What happens when Tony Moran works some gospel music? You guessed it: Magic!! This is hiiiiiiiiiiigh energy here and CeCe's voice just gets better and better with time!!**

Donna Summer - You're So Beautiful (Tony Moran Radio Edit) **Official Edit**

**Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but Im almost positive that this is an edit for a different Tony mix. I have to locate my mixes for this before I know for certain but I believe he did a regular mix, a White Party mix and another darker mix. This is the edit from the darker one I believe.**

Joey McIntyre - Stay The Same (Tony Moran Radio Edit) **Official Edit**

**We all know Joey from his time with super group New Kids On The Block, but back in 1999 he debuted his first solo CD named "Stay The Same" and the self titled lead single went to #10 here in the US and even got a remix by our man Tony. It's cheesy because it's a message song, but Tony definitely worked it out as usual.**

Kristine W - I'll Be Your Light (Tony Moran Radio Edit) **Official Edit**

**This song is a mystery. As it stands right now Kristine has 9 #1 songs (10 if you count "Walk Away" which is from Tony's album "The Event") and yet THIS is the song that broke the streak!! This song which is easily one of the best from her "Fly Again" CD only went to #2 (which is still fantastic btw!) but she still holds the record, beating out Madonna & Janet for the most consecutive #1 singles on the dance charts! This one is interesting because Tony's mix (the only big name remixer for this single) has some re-recorded vocals and ad-libs in it.**

Tina Arena - Burn (Tony Moran Radio Edit) **Official Edit**

**Tina is Australia's most notable diva, winning 5 ARIA awards (kinda like the Grammy's of Australia) and having an estimated worth of $25 million bucks and it's easy to see why! She's got a great voice that has control, depth and beauty all wrapped up in one! This song, the first single from her 3rd CD "In Deep", got to Tony's hands and here it is in all of it's 1997 glory!!**

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